Will Doreen Taylor take over Broadway?

We talk to the adult contemporary star and she tells us all about her latest music videos, her move to Broadway and why Emma Watson can't sing

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Doreen Taylor is a believer in the old-fashioned entertainments. With a studied background in opera--she has a master's degree from Temple on the subject--she started out between that world and its affiliations in musical theater. One of her earliest roles included playing Christine in a touring production of Phantom of the Opera. Later she revealed that "the 'playing a character thing' isn't me," and became a figure on the country music scene. Country Music Television, a division of Viacom, called her an "award winning country/rock singer-songwriter" and she was named a "Celeb Crush" on a website called

But, old-fashioned or not, Taylor might have more in common with a contemporary face like Chance the Rapper. She is unsigned and, has told me, refused repeated opportunities to put her name to paper. Over time, her press material emphasized her experience in acting less and her radio demographic became something called adult contemporary, which suited her: one of her singles, "Toy" reached #31 on the Adult Contemporary Chart.

Yet, she's back to playing characters. A month ago, I had swung by a premiere of "Over" at a lounge in midtown. The song is from her fourth album, Happily Ever After, and, in it, she plays a domestic abuse victim. When I called her a few weeks later, she had just come from shooting another video for another single, "Unstoppable." In her latest visual effort, she sings from the corner of a boxing ring and knocks a few punches back; a tribute to Joe Frasier. "I love acting," she tells me now. "People [are] so surprised at how decent of an actress I [am]."

At that event, she revealed details to take Happily Ever After to the Broadway stage which, calling her a few weeks later, I was interested in learning more about. So long after renouncing the mask, was Doreen Taylor taking back to the stage?

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Summer Walker loves creating music but despises the music industry.

She regularly considers retirement and ended her 2019 tour early because of social anxiety. "I hope that people understand and respect that at the end of the day I'm a person, I have feelings, I get tired, I get sad," she said in a video post. "I don't want to lose myself for someone else." She was relentlessly vilified for her decision. Fans cited stiff meet-and-greets and chalked up Walker's cancellations to a sense of entitlement.

Then she was presented with the "Best New Artist" award at the 2019 Soul Train Awards, and her hurried acceptance speech was dissected by tasteless memes all across the country. Walker's candid cries for understanding remained completely ignored by years end. The truth of the matter is that Walker suffers from anxiety and stage fright that is all but totally crippling. So she did what any misunderstood artist does, she disappeared and stopped saying anything at all.

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