As a veteran adult actress it’s pretty much a given that Jenna Jameson has faked a thing or two on camera over the years.

And, it seems the 40-year-old is continuing to hone her acting skills, this time for the benefit of Couples Therapy viewers—as a source tells Popdust exclusively that Jameson is totally feigning her “troubled relationship” with John Wood, 34.

According to the source, who has known Jameson for twenty plus years, not only are the retired porn star and the MMA coach pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes—including VH1 executives—when it comes to their supposed relationship woes…in reality, they’re not even in a relationship….

“Jenna and John are totally faking it,” the source says. “They’re not even dating each other, let alone fighting, or concerned about their future together—pure and simple, it is all for the money.

“Jenna was bragging that she got $250,000 to be on the show, and although that’s probably an exaggeration, it’s likely she did actually get somewhere around the $200,000 range.

“John and Jenna did have a couple of drunken hook-ups back in the day, after she found out Tito was cheating on her with John’s ex, Amber Nichole, but the only reason that happened was because she thought it would fuck off Tito—and that plan didn’t pan out well at all. Tito couldn’t have given less of a shit if he tried—in fact, he was relieved to have Jenna off his back, albeit for a brief time.

“Jenna made the decision to fake a relationship with John for monetary and publicity reasons, she’s absolutely desperate for cash and publicity. It’s crazy when you consider how much she was worth back in the day, but she’s totally hurting for money right now—her life is spiraling out of control and she will do pretty much anything if the price is right.”

As Popdust previously reported, Jameson has been struggling to keep it together since losing custody of her twin sons to Ortiz last year, following her arrest on DUI charges—fast forward a year, and she’s not finding it any easier.

“Jenna’s an absolute mess right now,” the source says. “Each time I’ve seen her recently she’s been totally wasted—she’s really not coping. I would put money on Tito’s accusation that she’s hopped up on Oxycontin, she’s certainly displaying all the signs, and she’s eating Xanax like candy.

“It’s a truly sad state of affairs, and she’s doing a really good job of isolating and pushing away all and everyone who has ever genuinely cared about her. I don’t know how this is going to end for Jenna, but I have a sinking feeling that it’s not going to be good.”

Meanwhile, according to a well placed VH1 source, Jameson and Wood aren’t the only faux couple currently undergoing therapy courtesy reality TV doc Jen BermanTodd “Too Short” Shaw is also allegedly faking it for the cameras, pretending he wants to rekindle his romance with ex-girlfriend, Monica Payne.

The source claims show producers flipped a lid recently after it became apparent they had been duped by the rapper, who was paid a whopping $200,000 for his appearance.

Trashy reality TV is back with a vengeance, thanks to the new season of Couples Therapy—which, three episodes in, already promises to be one of the best/worst/same same no difference.

This week, Dr. Jenn Berman, got all up in Jenna Jameson’s grill after she advised Nikki Ferrell (The Bachelor star, Juan Pablo Galavis’ “fiancee”) to tell show producers to “suck a cock”—thereby setting herself up for an ironic boomerang. Right in the facial…. I mean face.

How anyone could be shocked by the veteran adult actress doling out such advice is mind-boggling, but the esteemed doctor put on her very best show of righteous indignation and anger.

“You Jenna, I think you are sabotaging Juan Pablo and Nikki,” Berman railed, pointing a manicured nail in the direction of Jameson, before continuing, “When you sit there and you tell her to tell the producers to suck a cock, when you tell the producers, when you tell her to tell a producer to suck a cock, it’s the same as telling ME to suck a cock, and it’s the same as telling the therapeutic process to suck a cock.”

The therapeutic process? Hahahahaha!! “Sabotaging Juan Pablo and Nikki”? Hahahahaha!!

OK, here’s the back story to Cock-sucking-gate:

The episode had kicked off with Ferrell getting all agro with camera operators for like, trying to film her while she was on set. HOW DARE THEY! SHE’S NOT ON A REALITY TV SHOW TO BE FILMED!!

The acrimony escalated further after Nikki complained about Juan Pablo filming an interview for the show in their bedroom, for, like two hours.

Dr. Jenn, in a Machiavellian moment of PR wizardry, explained that the cameras are necessary to the therapy process, as they force the couples to stay "accountable" for their actions. Right, because the goal here is to help people. Not to score ratings and….oh, maybe make some money.

Dr. Jenn eventually wrangled all the couples together for a sit-down, during which she scolded Nikki for hurling a number of profanity-laced tirades at producers.

Nikki seemed suitably contrite, so Dr. Jenn attempted to re-focus Nikki's attention off of the production crew and onto her relationship woes.

However, sister-supporting team player that she is, Jenna—who appears to have thrown an arm around all the ladies in the house—quickly butted in, rallying to Nikki’s defense, and insisting that she was within her rights to be pissed off at show producers if they intruded on her privacy.

That’s when the aforementioned cock-sucking boomerang flew right back into the porn star’s face—and a fistfight broke out, which culminated in a three-way lesbian kiss. Sadly, that footage has been lost. Or never existed cuz I just made it up.

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Part 1 of VH1’s Couples Therapy Reunion graced our television screens tonight. You know, that show no one watches, with the people no one likes, on the network that hasn’t been cool since 1997 when K-Ci & JoJo were popular.

First of all, they brought back people from a million different seasons who weren’t necessarily in therapy together. So you can imagine the intelligent, respectful commentary coming from the different couples. And by intelligent and respectful, of course we mean nothing but complete and total bullshit. Secondly, half of the air time was literally spent recapping what happened when the people were actually in therapy years ago. Hmmm, possibly because the producers figured no one would remember a damn thing about these D-listers?

Farrah Abraham Says She’s Better Than Kim Kardashian!

Dr. Jenn Berman starts off checking in with Nik Richie and Shayne Lamas, who despite their past problems, are probably the most stable couple in the bunch. Nik opens up about the tragic miscarriage Shayne suffered that almost took her life. Doctors were unable to save their son who was delivered extremely prematurely, and Nik brings everyone to tears describing himself talking to his tiny baby for the first and last time.

That event seems to have brought the couple closer together and showed them what is truly important in life. Shayne shares that even though she had a hysterectomy, with the help of miracle IVF specialist, Dr. David Smotrich of La Jolla, CA they were able to save her eggs and the couple is expecting another child via a surrogate.

Ok, buckle in kids, because every single thing that happens after Nik and Shayne is a trainwreck of epic proportions.

Next Dr. Jenn moves to JoJo (of K-Ci & JoJo) and Tiny Hailey. It becomes very apparent that JoJo’s R&B boy band days are long gone and he’s now a mean, chubby drunk. According to Tiny, he’s been hospitalized several times due to alcohol. Now JoJo claims to have “slowed his roll” and that he only drinks on appropriate occasions. Apparently Doug Hutchison thinks that this reunion is one such occasion and asks JoJo if he’s drunk. That sets JoJo off big time and he starts trashing Doug and his teen bride Courtney Stodden saying, “Y’all don’t know my life!” Dr. Jenn tells him that he clearly hasn’t hit rock bottom if he’s not willing to change his ways. Very observant, TV doctor. PS, are shrinks allowed to cuss at their patients?!

Now let’s jump over to Doug and Courtney's couch, shall we? Well shit, after the “I’m raising my wife” comment and getting kicked out of the therapy house because of Courtney’s lack of clothing, where can this couple go? To Celebrity Big Brother UK, that’s where! Courtney confesses that when she spent nine months in England doing the show, she basically lived as a single woman and dated other people while Doug was stateside. Everyone starts asking about their current relationship status, except for JoJo who doesn’t want to hear about that “f*cking pervert” and his “nasty ass shit.”

It’s at this point we hear from the Backdoor Teen Mom herself, Farrah Abraham, who chimes in with such nonsense it’s laughable. Basically she hasn’t had any screen time yet so she spouts out some bullshit about how everyone needs to be respectful of one another. Stick a dick in it, Farrah.

Anyway, Doug confesses that it was he who suggested the separation, but nobody’s buying it. Courtney starts her [sniff, sniff] revelation [sniff, sniff] about how much she loves Doug [cue tears] and how they’ll be together for the rest of his life. Bah! Doug then compares the “painful” life events that they went through to what Nik and Shayne went through, and their heads almost spun off their bodies. Really Doug?! You’re comparing your teenage bride cheating on you to a near-death miscarriage?! Keep it classy, Dourtney.

Tune in next week if you want to see Farrah get slammed some more…or just go watch her porno.

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