Kim Richards has checked herself into rehab according to TMZ.

As previously reported by Popdust, the Real Housewife of Beverly Hills was arrested on April 16th at the Beverly Hills Hotel and charged with, amongst other things, being drunk in public and resisting arrest.

Dr Phil then tried to stage an intervention (on TV of course) which all ended in tears when Kim stormed out

Fast forward a week or so and she apparently realized a few days ago that she really does need help (the past five seasons of RHOBH haven't shown her that??) and made the decision, by herself, to check into rehab.

Sources close to the situation say that she has gone to a live in facility in Malibu and will stay there "as long as it takes".

Think it may be a while, Kim has a long history of substance abuse and this is not her first visit to rehab to try to overcome her addictions.

Still she'll have the support of her frenemy co-stars, following her arrest, castmate Eileen Davidson tweeted: "I feel badly for Kim Richards and her family my thoughts and prayers are with them during this difficult time."


We’re back with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the drama rages on!

We are thrown back into the very redundant storyline of Kim Richards maybe, or maybe not, being sober anymore. She’s a hot a mess whether she’s back on the booze or not, and these woman are taking every opportunity to let her know that.

Brandi Glanville took a trip to Yolanda Foster’s house in Malibu. Just an FYI—when I die, bury me in this amazeballs house.

Anyhoo, I was quite confused by this visit because, as Popdust previously reported, last episode Brandi accused Yolanda’s 17-year-old daughter of being an alcoholic, which was so strange and super aggressive. Brandi is your typical coward. She gets backed in a corner, gets afraid, and spits fire. Yolanda should have slapped the bitch last week and sent her ass walking down Pacific Coast Highway.

Regardless, it seemed she forgot about it, or just knows that Brandi is batshit crazy. Yolanda asked Brandi to go on a 21 day cleanse, which means no alcohol. Brandi’s calling card is being a drunk lunatic. This cleanse will last for 12 hours max, peeps.

Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump discussed the current situation with Kim. The ladies sipped tea and both agreed that Brandi plays a big role in Kim’s current situation—whatever it may be. Lisa still hates Brandi, so she happily takes any opportunity to blame something on her. In Brandi’s defense, she truly is all these bitches talk about. If Brandi didn’t get hammered and act a fool I’m afraid the show would be a bunch of middle aged woman discussing their latest trip to Bed Bath and Beyond.

Eileen Davidson was having dinner with her husband, Eddie. These two have been married for like 100 years, but they’re still pretty awkward. I definitely took a walk to the kitchen during this snooze fest scene. Eddie wrote a screenplay and wanted all of Eileen’s actress friends to come do a table read. Actress is a very loose term in LA…

Lisa Rinna and Queen Vanderpump rode together to Eileen’s house for the table read. Rinna is still hell bent that Kim is back on the booze train. She thinks it might be a good idea to stage an intervention. It’s honestly cute that these loonies think their interventions ever A) go well and B) come from a good place.

Despite her slight obsession with Kim’s past addict ways, I do genuinely think Lisa Rinna is concerned for her. Vanderpump wants no parts in said intervention however—and I can’t blame her. These bitches are cray cray.

Brandi was at the beach with her gorgeous BFF, Jennifer Gimenez. She is a recovering addict and has been sober for many years, so she was the perfect person to discuss Kim’s current situation with. Ironically enough, Ken called Brandi to invite her to Lisa’s upcoming birthday party. He seemed SO thrilled about it. If he had the choice between willingly spending an evening with Brandi or playing in oncoming traffic, homeboy would be front and center on Sunset Blvd.

Cut to Eileen’s house for the table read. All the ladies are there, minus Brandi and Yolanda. Yolanda was at home taking her 65 vitamins and planning a scavenger hunt. Another day in the life. Back at the table read and it’s a beautiful fucking train wreck. These women truly believe that they are all Oscar winning actresses. Kim was playing with a puppet. God bless her.

Brandi and Kim were en route to Lisa’s birthday party. They brought along Paris Hilton's mom, Kathy, who looked like she would have rather spent her evening in an electric chair. The party looked pretty odd because other than Mohammed, Queen Vanderpump’s bestie, there were only Real Housewives in attendance. Ken and Lisa were on their way to the party. Lisa thought they were headed to Chateau Marmont, but Ken insisted there was an issue at Pump that they needed to deal with before. Much to her surprise, she walked into a surprise party full of Botoxed plastic surgeried psychopaths.

Lisa gave a speech thanking everyone but Brandi for coming—but, when she got back from the ladies room, Lisa asked her to sing a song because she knows she hates doing so. Brandi sang and it sounded like a dying animal. Then, the rest of the women got up for a stab at a potential American Idol audition. Now all of the women were singing and I wanted to hurt myself. Brandi called them the “Menopause Mamas”. Spot fucking on.

Next week - looks like more Kim drama!

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After last week’s shit show, the new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills started with the aftermath of Kyle Richards' disastrous gay mixer.

It’s no surprise that Kyle and her sister Kim Richards have a roller coaster relationship—Kim brought Brandi Glanville, who was completely uninvited might we add, to her party. Kyle rightfully had a bitch fit and all hell broke loose. While we don’t want to accuse Kim of using drugs or alcohol again, she has seemed a bit off the past few episodes.

Shock Announcement? David And Yolanda Foster Divorce

Kyle and Kim got into a screaming match at the mixer because Kim consistently keeps defending Brandi. It is clear as day that Brandi is simply trying to drive a wedge between the two sisters, but no one can seem to figure out why.

Lisa Rinna is hell-bent that she cracked the code on why Kim is acting strange. She is determined to let the world know Kim is an addict and that it is the root of the problem between her and Kyle. While everyone with a few functioning brain cells could figure that out, she has decided to be a bit more vocal about it.

Meanwhile, Eileen Davidson invited some of the bitches to the Burbank Film Festival for the premiere of a film she did. I cannot. I just cannot. This festival could have been held in my back yard. Eileen walked the “red carpet”—and by red carpet I mean a small red bathroom rug. Mind you, Rinna, Lisa Vanderpump, and Kyle were eating hot dogs while this was going down. It was nothing short of a train wreck.

Yolanda Foster invited Brandi over to do yoga. Perhaps she thought this would mellow Brandi out or something. Xanax is always an option too, Mrs. Foster. After they perfected their downward dog and all that bullshit, Yolanda basically told Brandi that she is a drunk asshole. Spot on analysis, champ.

Naturally, Brandi swore she doesn’t have a drinking problem, but did the classic “I’m a grown ass woman and I can drink if I want to” speech. True, but if you act like an uncaged zoo animal when you drink, perhaps you should refrain from doing so.

Yolanda tried to inform Brandi that the girls have been saying how aggressive and angry she is. As we saw a few episodes back, Yolanda’s 17-year-old daughter, Bella, was arrested for a DUI. Brandi decided to say that people have been saying that she is also an alcoholic. I’m telling you peeps—this chick is fit for a strait jacket. Yolanda nearly shit herself. I would have tossed her ass right over that infinity pool into the good ol’ Pacific. Brandi said she doesn’t give a fuck if people start to not like her anymore. Well, baby doll, it’s happening. And quickly.

As if Queen Vanderpump doesn’t already have more money than God, she decided to venture into the alcohol business. She, along with daughter Pandora, have created a line of signature sangria and they were out promoting it. Lisa told Pandora that her son, Max, was interested in finding her biological parents. They both cried in the middle of a grocery store while holding roses and it was bizarre.

Eileen met up with Kim and Kyle for lunch, which should go super well, right? Eileen recently lost her sister, so she truly wanted to help them mend fences. Long story short, they yelled at one another the whole time. Kim truly is off her rocker and Brandi is, without a doubt, the problem.

Meanwhile, Lisa Rinna had coffee with Brandi. Lisa has been Inspector Gadget recently and feels she is cracking the code on all the bullshit antics going down in the 90210. She treads lightly while trying to tell Brandi that she may or may not be an alcoholic. Ballsy, Rinna. If I went to lunch with Brandi I would tape my mouth shut and wear a metal shield.

In a pretty ironic turn of events, Brandi suggested doing an intervention on Kim… I cannot. The great thing about this hot mess of a show is that each woman truly gets more insane than the next.

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This week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the ladies of the 90210 took the saying “wined and dined” a little too literally. There were make-ups, break-ups, tears, tantrums, and wine throwing.

Money can’t buy you class, folks.

Lisa Vanderpump finally agreed to sit down with Brandi Glanville. There is no denying how awkward it has been between the two of them all season. Brandi was kissing Queen V’s ass like a pathetic peasant because she finally realized how badly she had fucked up. Lisa, on the other hand, was SO over their friendship. However, she decided to meet for lunch to clear some things up.

Long story short, they both apologized.

Brandi admitted she felt like a scumbag for having spread rumors that Queen V lived “deep in the Valley”…..oh, the horror! Lisa, in turn, apologized for bringing Scheana Marie around. In case you were blissfully unaware—Scheana is the former-mistress of Eddie Cibrian, Brandi’s douchebag ex-husband. Brandi graciously accepted and said she’s ready to have fun with Lisa again—Lisa, however, looked like she would rather play in oncoming traffic.

Meanwhile, Yolanda Foster was busy making another one of her children America’s Next Top Model—all while still dealing with the aftermath of Bella’s DUI. In order to hold her accountable for her actions, Yolanda decided to make Bella pay her own legal fees. I support that 100%. She’s in college making more money than I’ve ever seen. She also took away Bella’s phone and social media privileges. Any parent of a teenager knows the deal—take away their cell phone and suddenly they need to enter a psych ward.

Lisa Rinna, Eileen Davidson, Yolanda, and Brandi met for dinner. They were having what appeared to be a great time, until it became apparent that Brandi forgot to take her crazy meds again. A self-proclaimed soap opera super fan, Brandi, begged Eileen to act out a scene from Days of Our Lives. Eileen said no several times. So, Brandi decided to toss a glass of wine on her.

I think we can all collectively agree that she is a fucking lunatic. On what planet does she live? Eileen handled it rather gracefully. I, on the other hand, would have drowned that crazy bitch in the Pacific Ocean with a smile on my face. All the women looked shocked, while Brandi sat there and giggled. This lady is cray cray to the CRAY.

Kyle Richards was preparing for her daughter Alexia to leave for college. So, it only made sense for her to teach her how to do the laundry. Cause, ya know, Alexia’s only friggin' 18-years old, so of COURSE she doesn’t know how to wash her own clothes. Kyle cried as she told the teen that if she doesn’t like school she can always leave. Alexia looked at her like she had 11 spinning heads.

The next night, Yolanda and “my love” AKA hubby, David Foster, hosted a fab dinner party. I wish I was friends with Yolanda—she could make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich look chic. Anywho, all the women were invited. Even wine tossin’ Glanville.

Upon her arrival, Brandi pulled Eileen aside to apologize. It was a half-ass apology at most though—she handed Eileen some necklace as a gift and said she got caught up in the moment. Eileen accepted the apology.....probably because she knows Brandi is truly off her mother fucking rocker.

Yolanda played the piano and it was time for dinner. The gang was seated around a table that included Babyface. Lisa Vanderpump got confused and called him “Papaface." Yolanda gave a speech thanking “my love”, as well as congratulating Lisa on her restaurant and Eileen on her Emmy. Brandi was chatting with Babyface’s wife, Nikki, and asked to see her engagement ring. Brandi informed her that it is too small. She needs a muzzle.

After dinner, they all gathered around the piano while David and Babyface sang for them. Lisa Rinna pulled Eileen aside to discuss Brandi. Lisa R thinks Brandi is batshit crazy—Eileen thinks Brandi is just needy and craving attention.

Hmmmm, ya fucking think?

Ending on a truly heartwarming note, Babyface asked the ladies to pick a random subject for him to sing about. Brandi, being the class act she is, suggested “finger banging”.... So.....a perfectly civilized evening at the Fosters was drawn to a close with Babyface singing a tune about finger banging your wife.

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