elisabeth hasselbeck return the view

There is clearly no love lost between Elisabeth Hasselbeck and The View.

Despite spending a decade on the chat show, and her arch-enemy Rosie O'Donnell leaving, The Fox & Friends host wouldn't even consider returning.

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"No. I've done my time. I did my time, I was outta there," she told Rachael Ray.

Elisabeth went on to say she has no regrets about leaving the show in 2013, and her Fox & Friends co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade "are so funny and interesting and wise and smart. And they take such good care of me!"

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"You know when you're so happy where you are you can't think of being anywhere else?" she went on. "That time is passed; I was thankful to have the decade that I did there [at The View]…"

Girl, Barbara Walters is going to GET you now!

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife...

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