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What is Apple trying to say? -- People are guessing what the logo on the invite means.

People have lost their minds over the variation of Apple's classic logo

What's with the logo on the invite from Apple?

Apple recently released the invite for their annual event that will this year take place at the new Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California. The event traditionally is a gathering of tech professionals and media where Apple announces the coming year's innovations. Though there is typically a ton of excitement in anticipation for this event from the Apple consumer community, this year's buzz seems to be through the roof all because of this year's different take on the classic Apple logo.

Some skeptics tried to decode the symbolism in the invitation. Twitter user Tyler Schnabel, pondered if the faint white shadow over the Apple was the start to the shape of the new iPhone 8. He also speculated that the red vs. blue colored apple could symbolize the innovation of wireless charging.

Other Twitter users used the hype as a means for satire. Alberto Bagnoli joked that the logo only symbolized the new iPhone and it drawing your credit card in. Megan Morrone joked that she thinks she got a fake invitation.

After all of the hype on Twitter, news of a new iOS update has been leaked. Though until event there's no way to know what exactly will be included, the following has been rumored.

Face ID

Instead of the touch lock, it's rumored that Apple has innovated the security feature once more, this time with Face ID. Allegedly, you'll be able to unlock your iPhone just by looking at the camera.


It appears that the Notes application will get a major face lift as well. In addition to the pre-existing formatting features, it seems you will soon be able to change the type face, scan documents, create graphs, and more in the new and improved notes app. You'll even be able to fill in scanned documents using the Apple Pencil.


Siri is now a translator

Evidently you'll also be able to use Siri as a translator. The iOS 11 update will allow you to type in a phrase or sentence and Siri will be able to dictate the translation. This feature is long awaited for frequent travelers excited to use it for directions when in a foreign country.

Animated Emojis

Along with all of the other nifty features, it's also been leaked that the new update and iPhone will feature your favorite emojis now 3D and animated.

iPhone 8 and iPhone X

The new iPhone models names could have also possibly been leaked. We all anticipated the iPhone 8 to be announced, but what came as a bigger shock is the leak of another model titled "iPhone X." iPhone fanatics has speculated the cost of the iPhone X being as much as $1,000 and the model appearing to be a full touch screen almost like the smart phone rival, the Samsung Edge.

What do you think about these possible innovations? Let me know @anie_delgado.

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