As expected, Taeyang has totally taken over the charts with his second solo album, Rise. Lead single 'Eyes, Nose, Lips' takes the top spot this week, giving the BIGBANG star the sixth solo No. 1 of his career. Further down, "Stay With Me" featuring G-Dragon debuts at No. 7, while the majority of the album's other tracks debuted somewhere in the top 25.

The other big new entry of the week goes to Davichi, whose new Brave Brothers' ballad "Again" arrives at No. 5. Unfortunately, by Davichi standards, No. 5 isn't all that great -- in fact, it's the vocal duo's lowest-position for a single since 2010's "Separating Twice."

Elsewhere, R&B singer Crush debuts at No. 16 with the Gaeko-assisted "Hug Me," while VIXX's "Eternity" slips ten spots to No. 17. One spot lower is SECRET's Hyosung, who remains in the top twenty for another week with "Good-night Kiss."

B.A.P's new digital single "Where Are You? What Are You Doing?" comes in at No. 27, while struggling boy band ZE:A continue to flop as their comeback single "Breathe" limps in at No. 34.

G.NA and T-ara's Jiyeon continue to struggle with their latest singles, with Jiyeon's "1min1sec" falling to No. 39, followed by G.NA's "Pretty Lingerie" at No. 46.

Speaking of struggling, 15&'s "Sugar" slips 36 spots to No. 53 in just its second week, cementing "Sugar" as a certified flop for the JYP vocal duo.

Check out this week's new K-pop hits below.

No. 1. Taeyang - Eyes, Nose, Lips

No. 5. Davichi - Again

No. 16. Crush - Hug Me

No. 27. B.A.P - Where Are You? What Are You Doing?

No. 34. ZE:A - Breathe

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K-pop princess IU has taken over the top five of the Gaon singles chart for another week, but for once she wasn't able to nab the No. 1 spot. That honour goes to recently reformed R&B duo Fly To The Sky, who top the charts with their first new single in five years, "You You You."

IU fills the next three spots, with "My Old Story" at No. 2, "The Meaning of You" at No. 3, and "When Love Passes" at No. 4.

Meanwhile, INFINITE's new single "Last Romeo" debuts at the lucky No. 7, becoming the seventh top ten hit of the boy band's career.

SECRET hottie Hyosung slips five spots to No. 14 with the catchy "Good-night Kiss," while her current chart rival G.NA suffers a much harsher fate, falling 18 places to No. 29 with "Pretty Lingerie."

Speaking of female soloists, T-ara's Jiyeon debuts at a so-so No. 17 with her first single, "1min1sec," but manages to beat INFINITE to No. 1 on the official Social Chart.

One spot lower, Orange Caramel enter at No. 18 with their Baskin-Robbins promotional single "Abing Abing."

And way down the bottom, Humming Urban Stereo's collaboration with Brown Eyed Girls diva Narsha "Bullshit" debuts at No. 70, despite not actually being promoted as an official single.

Check out this week's key K-pop hits below!

No. 1. Fly To The Sky - You You You

No. 2. IU - My Old Story

No. 7. INFINITE - Last Romeo

No. 17. Jiyeon - 1min1sec

No. 18. Orange Caramel - Abing Abing

No. 70. Humming Urban Stereo feat. Narsha - Bullshit