Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars is back! And this season is arguably the most insane season yet because Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett are airing their dirty laundry (and we do mean DIRTY) out for all to see...again. And we, along with Kendra, are all waiting to hear from Hank's mouth exactly what happened between him and the transexual model that he allegedly had an affair with.

But before we get to Kendra and Hank, let's take a look at the other minions of this season...which is basically everyone else because really, who cares?

First we have Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino of Jersey Shore fame and his girlfriend Lauren. They used to date in college and now they're back together. Their problem is basically Mika and his addiction problems, along with the fact that he's facing some pretty serious jail time for something that they'd rather not speak about. *Cough* Tax evasion.

Next is Tami and Reggie. Tami was on Basketball Wives and is apparently cray cray, but she's also a big ol' cougar because she's at bootcamp with her boytoy who is 17 years her junior. Their problem is that she's already done the marriage and the kid thing with another dude and she think she's too old to do it all over again.

Then there's Aubrey O'day and her boyfriend Travis. Their major problem is Aubrey and her selfish ways, but she also argues that Travis is jealous and possessive.

"He's jealous and he creates conflict hour after hour," Aubrey said.

"It's not attractive when a woman tells you she's going to fuck someone else," he shot back. Touché.

Lastly there's Jordan and Jeff who met on Big Brother and are now engaged. They're pretty damn near perfect and it's kind of dumb that they're on this show, but hopefully there will be some deep seated issues that spring up for our entertainment.

Ok, back to Kendra and Hank. So the first exercise that the couples were faced with was a mock wedding. This was especially interesting considering only one of the five couples is married. When each couple went up to the altar in front of therapists Jim and Elizabeth Carroll, someone in the crowd objected to the marriage essentially giving them a dose of reality. For some people it was a friend, for others it was a concerned fan, but for Kendra and Hank it was Kendra's mom Patti! What a lunatic this woman is!

Kendra was shocked to see her mother standing there ready to give her objections and she immediately grabbed Hank's hands to show that they were putting up a united from against crazy Patti.

"She has written me off my whole life,"Kendra said. "I can't catch my breath. I feel like I'm about to have a panic attack. It's the same feeling as if you were being approached by a shark. A great white shark."

And Patti smelled blood.

"I get the impression that you hate me," Patti said condescendingly.

"She's said it from the start. She said the day she lost her daughter was the day he proposed to me," Kendra yelled. "You sell us out to the tabloids! The devil has eaten yout soul!!!"

"Awwwww, poor Kendra," Patti replied.

WHAT the actual fuck is going on here? Is this real life? All the other couples were witnessing all this go down with their jaws literally on the floor. Eventually Jim and Elizabeth separated Kendra, Hank, and her mother and the other couples all gathered to talk about the shit storm that just took place.

We are in for quite the season, and you don't want to miss any of it. So check back with Popdust every Friday night for a recap of the drama!

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5 Facts About The Kendra Wilkinson And Hank Baskett Marriage

Is it on or off?

Kendra Wilkinson And Hank Baskett Marriage—5 facts about their troubled relationship

Ex-Playboy Bunny Kendra Wilkinson and her husband ex-pro football player Hank Baskett got married on June 27, 2009.

They'll be celebrating their seventh wedding anniversary on Monday, but as has been extremely well documented, their union hit the 7 Year Itch a long time ago.

1. The couple actually met at a Playboy Golf Scramble. Kendra was one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends at the time (she alleges she didn't realize she had to sleep with him until she'd moved into the mansion), and she kept her relationship with Hank a secret from Hef until she was sure it was going somewhere.

2. There was some speculation that Hef would walk Kendra down the aisle which wouldn't have been weird at all.

In the end her brother did the honors, with the ceremony actually taking place on the front lawn of the Playboy Mansion.


3. Kendra has been back and forth on sticking with her marriage since her husband's alleged infidelity with transsexual model Ava London in 2014.

They have undergone therapy, including appearing on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.

Hank struggled to be honest with Kendra on all the details of his transgression, and Kendra has said as time and again that she doesn't know if she can get over it.

She's fought off her own cheating rumors too, but most recently she's been saying the marriage is back on track.

4. The couple's income is derived from their reality profile (which goes some way to explaining them sticking together when others would have split).

Kendra is definitely the main breadwinner in the family now. Hank's net worth is around $6.5 million but that is mainly built up from his playing days.

Kendra has fast caught up and is now worth a cool $6 million herself.

5. The couple are both supporters of the Griffin Gives Foundation, with Hank being the Honorary Chairman.

The foundation is a philanthropic, not for profit foundation dedicated to supporting the military, those affected by debilitating disease and the health and wellness of children.

Happy anniversary!

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Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars is winding down, but all the campers still have some serious work to do.

So Jim and Elizabeth Carroll make them dig deep to talk about the biggest issue that’s impacted their lives to help them come out of it with power.

All the campers have major issues from Mike Sorrentino’s dad selling him out by writing a tell-all book.... to his girlfriend Lauren losing her brother to a drug over dose.

Kendra Wilkinson Made HOW MUCH, During Just Six Months Of Stripping?!!!

Kendra Wilkinson realizes that her biggest issue isn’t even with her lying, cheating husband Hank Baskett, but with her lunatic mother. If Kendra is going to heal her relationship with Hank, she first has to heal her relationship with her mom.

Hank is still annoying everybody by talking about his struggle with childhood asthma instead of his cheating scandal. Womp, womp, womp!

Seriously dude? Go sell your lame ass on another show, because if you think people want to hear you talk about asthma rather than your sexual encounter with a transsexual, you are seriously delusional.

“Maybe asthma is like a code word for transsexual,” Aubrey O’Day joked.

Tyga Denies Sending Dick Pick To Porn Star

The couples are then tasked with writing a eulogy as a final goodbye letter to the people or events that have affected them the most.

Later that night, Jim and Elizabeth brought all of them out to a creepy coffin on the lawn with fog and candles to read their eulogy letters, confront their demons and hopefully forgive them.

Kendra confronts her mother, awkwardly played by Elizabeth.

Jennifer Lopez And Casper Smart Put On United Front During Cheating Scandal

“You’ve hurt me by loving me only when I’m in pain,” Kendra told her mom. “I’ve given you trips around the world, left you money under your pillow and you loved me then.”

Kendra quickly realizes that she’s not able to forgive her mother yet and still has some major work to do.

Then Hank comes out with his bullshit letter to asthma, but Jim was like, “Nope!”

Bruce Jenner Comes Out As Trans—Rocks Our Mother Fucking World

He wants Hank to talk about the transsexual cheating scandal, so he roll plays as the model who tried to frame Hank. Awkwarrrrd.

“Unless he can forgive the transsexual model who made his private life very public, his and Kendra’s relationship will not heal,” Jim says.

“I forgive you for this pain that you have put my family through,” Hank cries. “My kids who have no idea what’s going on in the world and have to see this one day. I forgive myself for the pain I’ve put myself through and the people I love.”

Goodbye Bruce, Hello Caitlyn! Jenner's Transformation Through The Years

That was NOT what Kendra wants to hear, and when Hank is done with his exercise she lays into him about being weak and spineless.


“Can’t sit here and make you the victim cuz I’m a fucking victim too Hank,” she said. “I’m the one who’s damaged here!”

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars airs Friday nights on We TV. Check back with Popdust for more recaps!

This week, Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars once again began with our resident train wreck couple, Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett.

Hank had finally admitted to Jim Carroll exactly what happened with the whole cheating scandal, but naturally it was all said behind closed doors and we, along with Kendra, were left in the dark. This shit is getting old, Hank!

“The truth will set y’all free,” Elizabeth Carroll told them. “And I want to make sure that you, Kendra, have heard every dirty detail that has been out there in the public. Hank, I want to hold you accountable.”

Hank revealed that the main reason he’s afraid to tell Kendra what happened, leading us to believe that something potentially marriage ending did in fact happen.

“The hardest thing about telling you the full truth is that I honestly feel like you’re going to leave me,” he admitted.

Kendra wanted to know the truth from Hank but she also expressed concern about wanting to protect him from the outside world and protect any legal action that they are going to take regarding the alleged affair. Hank said he needed to get answers from his lawyer before he told the world the truth about what happened. How convenient. Somebody hit the snooze button.

The first exercise that the couples had was to appear before the Divorce Court judge herself, Judge Lynn Toler. Be afraid, be very afraid.

All the couples discussed their same old problems, and it wasn’t until Aubrey O’Day and her boyfriend Travis stepped forward that things got interesting.

Travis went on and on about how flirty and slutty Aubrey can be, and Judge Toler had had enough. She called Travis out on his constant criticism of his girlfriend and finally Aubrey came right out and said that she doesn’t think Travis is the right person for her.

“She’s hurt and she’s vulnerable,” Judge Toler said. “The person that you love shouldn’t be the one person in your life that you make feel horrible. Be a better person!”

Later when some of the couples were sitting at the table eating, Tami Roman thought is was time to call Kendra and Hank out on their lack of sharing.

“Kendra, the story is out. The information is out,” Tami said. “There’s no need to be sensitive, it’s just a desire to get the information. The question is was there transgender involvement? Because you know I would be okay with that, honey.”

“Excuse me, be very careful what the fuck you say to him right now! Stop fucking judging him!” Kendra yelled.

“I would advise that you rethink that because I’m not that bitch that you do that to!” Tami replied.

Uh oh.

Kendra’s feisty, but Tami would take her down hard if it came to hand to hand combat!

At that point, Hank and Reggie had to physically separate the two women so round one was a draw.


What do you think about this season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars so far? Sound off in comments and check back in with Popdust every Friday to get your weekly fix.

This week on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, the couples started off with the most perfect exercise in the world for them, called “It’s not me, it’s you.”

This is going to be so fucking good.

Not surprisingly, Aubrey O’Day and her boyfriend Travis both find this drill hilariously appropriate for them.

“Me an’ Aubrey got this,” Travis said. “I could sit here all day and point out flaws about my girl and she could sit here all day and point out flaws about me.” #RelationshipGoals

It didn’t take long for them to rip into each other over what they hate about one another, basically boiling down to the fact that Aubrey is a crazy lunatic who doesn’t respect Travis in the least.

Up next is our favorite dysfunctional couple Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson. They both come up with bullshit issues like Hank wanting to be too perfect and Kendra not accepting love. Umm, these are not the issues we’re tuning in to hear about you guys!

Even therapists Jim and Elizabeth are annoyed with their reluctance to open up about the cheating scandal and begin to devise a plan of attack.

After the first exercise Travis and Aubrey were both still revved up and clearly not done discussing what they hate about each other, and Aubrey goes after Travis for being a dick to her best friend.

“I’ve in the past said some unkind things about Aubrey’s best friend,” Travis admitted. “She’s always going to want to be number on in your life because she’s in love with you. I feel like I have to compete like I’m in a love triangle. Do you want me to bring up the situation where you were asleep and she was staring at your vagina naked?”

Say what?!

According to Aubrey, Travis is taking this all out of context. It was just a foot rub and her best friend is not in love with her. In fact, her friend is more like her mom. Okay, shit just got weird.

Later, all the couples were called to the boot camp room and split up. Half of them were taken and made up with bruises and cuts and put in a fake hospital bed on life support so their partner could experience the feeling of loss. Then the surviving partner have to read the last words they said to them in the previous “It’s not me, it’s you” exercise. As one might imagine, these were not kind words.

Kendra had a hard time seeing Hank on his death bed and it made her want to be kinder to her cheater, cheater pumpkin eater husband.

“I don’t want you going with the worst things I’ve said to you,” she said. “I want you to go with the best things I can say to you. And that opened my eyes so much and my heart because that could happen any minute.”

Then Kendra got smart and quickly changed her tune.

“I could be [in the hospital bed] tomorrow,” she cried. “You have to let me go knowing that I know everything about you! Don’t let me go with questions Hank!”

We could ALL die tomorrow not knowing the truth, Hank! Do the right thing, dude. That’s no way for us to go.

Check back in with Popdust next Friday when Kendra learns about an audio recording that Hank’s transsexual model released. Hank is going to REALLY need some life support!

From Playboy Playmate to televangelist?

Kendra Wilkinson was practically speaking in tongues in a sneak preview of the new season of Marriage Boot Camp—Reality Stars—you can watch it here on Popdust.

Wilkinson opened up a can of Baptist whoop ass on her mom Patti in what was perhaps reality TV’s answer to The Exorcist.

The mom/daughter duo have enjoyed an acrimonious relationship and often butted heads on Wilkinson's own reality show, Kendra on Top, and it appears time has not healed this wound.

Things reached a boiling point during an exercise called "To Knot or Not," where Patti reveals why she doesn't believe her daughter and Hank Baskett should be married.

"I get the impression and feeling that you hate me," Patti says, before Kendra all but admits that that is the case.

"The devil has eaten your soul. You sell us out to the tabloids, what the hell is your problem?!" She screams. "You take our problems and put them out there. Right after I thought my husband cheated on me, you sell my tears to the damn tabloids!"

Her mom feigns shock at these accusations but then later threatens to release Kendra's text messages to the public!

Understandably, Wilkinson further loses her shit!

Meanwhile, Hank and Kendra are on the series in the hopes of salvaging what’s left of their marriage.

Baskett still hasn't confirmed or denied reports he cheated on his wife with model Ava Sabrina London but you know that shit is gonna come up on the show.

As Popdust previously reported, the couple is joined this season by Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, Tami Roman, Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd from Big Brother, and Aubrey O'Day.

Marriage Boot Camp—Reality Stars kicks off on WeTV, Friday, May 29 at 9.