Terry and Heather Dubrow sued by former business partner

Reality stars Terry Dubrow and his wife Heather Dubrow are being sued by an attorney friend of their accountant over a business venture gone bad.

The history behind the lawsuit is that Botched star Dr Dubrow and Real Housewives of Orange County regular Heather, claim a few years ago their long term friend and accountant, Gary Hoffman came to them with an attorney pal of his, Steve Czik, proposing a deal that was going to make them a whole heap more cash.

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An associate of both men named Jennifer Lindsay Bell planned to make a killing renting property in Brazil and then subletting it for sky high rents during the 2014 World Cup. The couple say Hoffman and Czik encouraged them to invest an initial $1.5 million, and that the two men were so convinced it was a sure thing that Hoffman even signed a personal guarantee, promising to reimburse the Dubrows if the deal didn't pan out.

Well it didn't pan out. As the World Cup got closer, they were asked for a further $250,000 which Terry Dubrow coughed up without consulting Heather (we don't even want to imagine her reaction when she found that little nugget out).

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With their exposure now at a cool $1.75 million they sat and waited for the cash to roll in—which it didn't. Apparently Bell's first check bounced so they went to Hoffman to make good on his guarantee. Caught out not doing their due diligence, they found out he actually had no money, and that the whole deal was more than a little shady.

The reality stars sued all three, and Heather has used her podcast to broadcast their side of the row, as well as putting out a Wanted For Reward call on Jennifer Lindsay Bell who is believed to be hiding out in London.

Don't piss off Heather Dubrow!

They managed to serve a subpoena on her before she fled and are dealing with their former accountant's insurance company to try to recover some of their investment. Heather says Hoffman has admitted to not knowing Jennifer Bell, making a faulty personal guarantee and fraud.

Steve Czick, the attorney, is fighting back at the lawsuit against him with his own action that sees Terry and Heather Dubrow sued for alleged extortion. He has this week filed a counter-suit claiming they threatened to ruin him if he didn't make good their losses.

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According to TMZ, he says he got an email threatening him;

"Your photo will be published in every magazine and all over Instagram if you don't pay us, how fucking stupid are you?"

The email went on to call him a "lying scum sucking asshole" and boasted that TMZ Live would cover the story.

The Dubrows haven't responded to the claims of harassment and defamation yet, but you can bet the atmosphere at Dubrow Towers is a tad tense today.

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Heather has not let hubby Terry off the hook.  She now says she had misgivings from the beginning but that she went along with the scheme because Terry was so convinced it was a good deal.  She says;

"Terry and I are relatively smart people...we fucked up.  We didn't do this appropriately.

Our accountant knew that we had all this money sitting around [after the sale of their $16.45 million house] so we were ripe for the picking.

Terry failed because he did not find out what the collateral was on this personal guarantee and he didn't show it to our attorney."

Ever heard the phrase "if it seems too good to be true, it probably is"?

Terry's going to be paying for his mistake in more ways than one!




Terry And Heather Dubrow Sued

Season nine of The Real Housewives of Orange County has come to an end!

Following their drama-filled Bali getaway, the RHOC broads got together for yet another bitchy, boozy, fight-fueled scream fest… Hey to the yay...to the absolute cray cray!

The women are back on home soil following their trip from hell. Despite all the screaming and shouting that went down in Bali, most of the ladies seemed ready to just put things behind them. However, Tamra Judge wasn’t one of them. She revealed she hopped on an early flight home because she couldn’t handle the drama. If ya can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen, right? Well, Heather Dubrow called her as soon as she arrived back in the OC, and, Vicki Gunvalson informed the girls she wanted to throw a post-Bali shindig—but Tamra was apprehensive about going.

Heather told Tamra about some of the things Shannon Beador had said on their flight home from Bali. She claimed Shannon was chirping in Vicki’s ear and saying she should not contact Tamra. Essentially, Heather made it seem as though Shannon was drawing a line in the sand to create a bigger divide in the group.

Shannon awkwardly recapped the trip with her husband David. They were sitting oddly close, trying to be affectionate, and yet, no one was buying it. However, she claimed they are now sleeping in the same bed together every night. Yeah, and pigs can fly. She informed David that he needed to apologize to the Dubrows about the “spread your legs” comment he made 2,000 episodes ago. According to Heather, poor old Terry hasn’t slept since.

Vicki’s spacious Coto de Caza mansion was decorated to the nines for the Bali-themed dinner party. Creepy Brooks Ayers was in attendance, despite the ongoing drama with Tamra. Vicki and Tamra had sat down a few days prior to hash out the nonsense that went down on vacation. Vicki made it clear that Tamra should never open her mouth about her relationship—and being typical Tamra, she made up some bullshit excuse as to why she did In Tamra’s defense though, there are a total of 0 people that care about Vicki’s love tank or how good Creepy Brooks is in bed.

The rest of the squad arrived and were escorted to the back yard. Shannon and David arrived after the Dubrows, so David immediately apologized as he greeted Heather. Terry and Heather both nodded their heads and seemed about enthused as they would be if they were watching paint dry.

They sat down for dinner and it took roughly 4 minutes until all hell broke loose. Of course, Tamra felt the need to bring up the infamous “Shag, Marry, Kill” game from the Valentine’s Day party. She put Lizzie Rovsek on the spot in front of the entire table and demanded to know if she is ever going to admit she claimed Tamra’s hubby Eddie wants to have sex with her. Lizzie’s husband Christian, who has been the ONLY levelheaded human this season, stepped in and tried to shut the morons up. Good luck with that hon.

According to Tamra, Lizzie also said she wanted to have Mexican/Italian babies with Eddie. Tamra was pissed about that because as we know she has been playing the “woe is me card” all season regarding her ongoing custody battle with ex-husband Simon Barney.

But, then, Shannon reminded Tamra how betrayed she still feels by her. Naturally, Queen Heather jumped right in and told the whole table what Shannon said on the plane about Tamra. Regardless, Shannon was 100% right for being pissed at Tamra. She ran her mouth, lied, and now she has to deal with it. For the sake of ending this avenue of ridiculousness, Shannon eventually chose to take the high ground, claiming she has found personal peace and doesn’t want to fight with anyone anymore. Wow, what a refreshing statement from one of these bimbos.

However, the drama was soon back with a vengeance—and this time the spotlight fell on David and Terry—dredging up all their old issues. You may remember, a while back Terry infamously branded David a “penis” and “one of those construction guys” after he was unimpressed by what he deemed to be an insincere apology. David took it like a champ though, shaking his head and refusing to take the bait, because he may be the only one who gets just how truly crazy this group is.

Meanwhile, Vicki’s daughter, Briana, finally moved to Oklahoma, while Tamra’s son, Ryan, also moved in with his new girlfriend (who looks just like his mom...EEEWWW!!!). In addition, they are having a baby! Grandma Tamra has a ring to it, right?

In other news, Shannon and David decided to sell their Newport Coast estate and Lizzie decided to try for a third baby after her 35th birthday. Finally, Heather will be starring on a new series.

There is no denying how crazy and petty this season has been, but the drama is far from over still as we still have the upcoming 3-part finale to get through.

Oh boy!

The crazy old broads of Real Housewives of Orange County are still in Bali!

No matter how calm and peaceful Bali is, rest assured these ladies will make it anything but that.

Last week, Lizzie Rovsek decided to keep the drama about her pathetic birthday party going. She confronted Tamra Judge about not attending the shindig, in addition to making fun of her outfit the next day. Lizzie also informed Shannon Beador of all the BS that Tamra has said behind her back. Naturally, Shannon was pissed (what else is new?) and told the ladies to be prepared for a war.

The following morning, Tamra made it very clear that she was pissed at Heather Dubrow from the night before. During last week’s episode, Tamra denied that she made fun of Lizzie’s outfit. Yes, this is really what these women are fighting about. Heather confirmed that she did, in fact, make a sly remark about Lizzie’s ensemble. Of course, Tamra didn’t like it. Heather asked her why she was being standoffish the next morning, to which she replied that Heather was “stirring shit”. Kettle, meet pot.

Tamra, all of the sudden, is furious at Lizzie because of a comment she made at Heather’s Valentines Day dinner. According to Tamra, Lizzie turned to her after a game of “Shag, Marry, Kill” and said “you’re just mad because your husband wants to fuck me”. Lizzie claims she never said that.

Regardless of the nonsense drama, the ladies continued to explore Bali together. They visited a famous temple, which flew right over Tamra and Vicki Gunvalson’s heads. Spirituality and peace clearly is not made for the Housewives of Orange County.

Shannon and Vicki decided to have a spa day, while the rest of the ladies hung by the pool or went bike riding. Shannon spilled the dirt on her conversation with Lizzie about Tamra not being a good friend to everyone. Lizzie and Danielle (the random chick that keeps popping up all over) joined in on the conversation to tell Vicki about all the stuff she has been saying about her boyfriend, Creepy Brooks.

Vicki truly believed that Tamra was in support of her relationship with Creepy Brooks. She seemed blindsided by the news and, of course, the tears came flying. She thinks that Tamra is a dark person that just can’t seem to find peace. You are hitting the nail on the head, Vicki G. The girls continued to fuel Vicki’s fire by telling her how shitty of a friend Tamra is. Meanwhile, Heather and Tamra went for a bike ride through the fields of Bali. These two seemed carefree and had no clue what was going on back at the hotel. To give you an idea of how carefree they were, the two idiots tried to help a local woman pick rice.

Later, the ladies joined up for dinner.


Shannon and Lizzie both planned to confront Tamra in front of everyone, while Vicki was choosing to go the silent route. Tamra noticed very quickly that Vicki was acting odd. In a strange turn of events, Shannon thanked Heather for inviting her on the trip. In return, Heather apologized for publicly discussing Shannon and David’s marriage. Is hell freezing over? Nope. Right after the apology, Heather brings it right back to her by saying that her husband is pissed at David for making a crude comment 9000 years ago about “spreading her legs”. Dear God, these women need hobbies. Shannon apologized on behalf of David.

Tamra excused herself to go to the restroom, so Vicki divulged to Heather what happened earlier in the day. She told her how upset she is that Tamra has been talking poorly about Brooks. Shannon confronted Tamra about all the stuff that she has said about her to Lizzie. Tamra, of course, tried to spin it on to Lizzie by saying that she was just trying to take the heat off of herself. They are still fighting about the dumb comment made at the Valentines Day dinner. Lizzie denies it and Tamra swears it was said. You decide.

Shannon continued to give it to Tamra. She said that she believes Tamra made up that the Dubrows said they wanted to take the Beadors down. She thinks that she was just stirring the pot. Uhhhh, ya think?! Tamra then flies away from the table and does the most dramatic run down the hotel lobby screaming, “you will never see my face again”. Gosh, if we were only so lucky.

Shannon told Heather that Tamra said she does not consider her a true friend and that having her in her wedding was just for show. Lizzie added that she called her “anorexic”. Thank you, beauty queen. Heather seemed upset, but went to Tamra’s room to speak to her. Heather asked her about what was said at dinner, but Tamra swears their friendship is genuine and that she never said that.

So, we can recap this episode in one sentence: Everyone hates Tamra.

This week’s episode of the The Real Housewives of Orange County picks up with the aftermath from the dinner party from hell. Lizzie Rovsek has a birthday party that no one comes to, Heather Dubrow throws a soiree where no one fought, and the ladies plan a getaway to Bali!

Vicki Gunvalson and her sometimes friend Tamra Barney met for a walk so they could chat about everything that has been going on recently. Of course, Tamra plays the “poor me” card and doesn’t really own up to anything that went down with Shannon Beador at Lizzie’s party last week. Vicki, who all the sudden is the voice of reason in this group of wackos, reminds Tamra that everyone has their moment. If I remember correctly, Tamra was in a bad marriage four years ago and throwing wine on people at parties. Hmm, sounds familiar. Vicki called Tamra out on her nonsense and rightfully so. It’s clear that Shannon is going through a difficult time and needs the support of her “friends”, not to be ridiculed.

It’s Lizzie’s 34th birthday and she planned for all the ladies to have a night out on the town in LA. Why these women want to hang out with one another is BEYOND me. However, she invited the whole gang. Shannon declined early on because she was sick. Heather couldn’t attend because she was in Vegas. The night of the party arrived and Lizzie and her husband boarded the party bus that was going to pick up all the ladies - except they all bailed one by one. Tamra all of a sudden said she couldn’t go because her daughter was sick. Sure, coming from the girl who gotten caught in more lies than she can count this season. But, who saved the day and arrived? Vicki and creepy Brooks Ayers.

Instead of being bummed about the lack of people at her party, Lizzie decided to make the best of it. The four went to dinner in LA, where they sat at an empty table set for eight. Vicki warned Lizzie about Tamra. Pretty interesting that Tamra’s once upon a time best friend is warning Lizzie about her, huh? Vicki reminded the world for the 786th time that Tamra is the reason that Brooks and her daughter Brianna don’t see eye to eye. Anyway, the group seemed to have a good time and spent the night laughing (and shit talking). Although Lizzie said it was her “worst birthday ever”, she rolled with the punches.

Meanwhile, the resident “mean girls” of Orange County got together to discuss the idea of taking a trip together. Tamra whined that she still hasn't had a honeymoon; while Heather bitched that her husband Terry has no time to go on an anniversary trip with her. So, they decided it was the perfect opportunity to go on an all-girls trip to Bali. They called to inform Vicki of the plans and she immediately insisted that Shannon must be invited. In addition, Lizzie and that random chick Danielle will be going too.

Heather planned a Valentine's Day dinner party for all the ladies and their husbands. Shannon wasn’t there, which is probably the biggest blessing in disguise. Our hearts can’t handle another dinner party gone ghetto. After they played some sex games, it was clear that the women were actually have a good time and enjoying one another’s company. Who knew all it takes is to talk about oral sex to get along?

They discussed the upcoming Bali trip with entire table and whether or not Shannon should be invited. Lizzie seemed to believe that Shannon might find peace on this trip because of its spiritual natural. Sorry, honey, ain’t gonna happen! There is nothing spiritual, calm, or peaceful about 5 lunatic housewives in a foreign country.

After the party, Tamra, Heather, Vicki, and Shannon met for dinner. There was no screaming or fighting. Surprising? We know. Shannon agrees to go on the trip. How long til she regrets that one?

Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays on Bravo 9 pm ET/PT

We’re back at the dinner party from hell!

This week’s Real Housewives of Orange County highlighted Shannon Beador’s meltdown at Lizzie Rovsek’s beachfront dinner party.

Shannon screamed like a wild animal, but rightfully so. Tamra Judge and her Heather Dubrow have appointed themselves as the bitchiest girls in the OC this season. Tamra, who lied to Shannon from the get-go about how Heather found out about her marriage, claims she never told Shannon that Terry Dubrow had plans to “take the Beador’s down”.

Shannon excused herself from the party and Vicki Gunvalson quickly followed. Shannon was visibly distraught and explained that she cannot handle it when people accuse her of something she didn’t do. Vicki made it extremely clear that she was on Team Shannon.

Then, Heather asked her doctor hubby if they should call an ambulance for Shannon. Yes, you read that correctly. Heather believed she was having a psychotic break. What a moron. Heather, do us all a favor and get off your high horse for just a few minutes. Tamra and Heather are nothing more than mean girls who got caught red handed in a pool of lies.

Meanwhile, as the plastic surgeried wives ran around screaming at one another, Lizzie’s husband desperately wanted some Fireball shots. Smart, smart man. He put the breaks on the idiotic ambulance idea.

The next day, Heather, Tamra, and random chick Danielle met for lunch. Tamra revealed that she was wasted for half the night so she didn’t really remember much. Classic. However, she still swore she never said that Terry told her he was going to “take the Beador’s down”. She then went on to say that Shannon drinks vodka straight a lot. Keep in mind that statement came from a 40-something-year-old woman who blacked out at a dinner party.

Vicki had lunch with the super creepy Brooks Ayers. They discussed the idea of moving in together, however Vicki claimed to be very concerned how her daughter Briana would take the news. So, she decided to have a therapy session with her. Briana is a smart girl and knows whats up. She’s aware that as soon as she moves to Oklahoma Brooks will be swooping in on Vicki’s home. Briana cried and discussed how she could never make her own decisions and Vicki makes everything about herself. Well, that sounds about right….

Meanwhile, Tamra’s son Ryan stopped by her house to inform her that he would be moving to Northern California with some chick that he met on Instagram. Oh, and this chick also has three children. Naturally, Tamra had a fit and was not happy with the news. She asked if she could meet her, so Ryan brought her over for dinner.

The chick, Sarah, is a dead ringer for Tamra. Yeah, that’s not creepy… AT ALL…Tamra even said she felt she was being replaced because the similarities were so striking. Basically, the dinner was a hot mess. Then, Ryan and Sarah dropped the bomb that they were getting married and already set a date. Tamra wailed like a dying animal. The best line of the entire night was by Eddie when, instead of being sympathetic, he just told her to “go to bed”.

Karma is a beautiful thing, Mrs. Judge.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays at 9pm on Bravo.

The ladies of the Real Housewives of Orange County are back after the Heather Dubrow/ Shannon Beador show down last week!

Fresh off of being kicked out of Heather’s home, Shannon decided to get her “WooHoo” on with Vicki Gunvalson and her insanely creepy boyfriend in Mexico.

Nothing solves marital problems like a little vacation and advice from a two-time divorcee.

Heather, who is concerned that the addition of Shannon to their inner circle is running her friendships, is in the midst of handling her very difficult life struggle—hiring a personal chef. It is quite a stressful life this woman leads, but someone has to build palatial homes filled with staff to do whatever Queen Dubrow needs. Heather believes that whenever Shannon is around Tamra Judge or Vicki, they do not act like her genuine friend. So, she isn’t the biggest proponent of the Shannon/Vicki/David Beador/Creepy Brooks Ayers upcoming vacay.

Vicki, the self-appointed “Mayor of Puerta Vallarta”, arrived in Mexico with her gang and awaited the arrival of the Beadors. She feels it will be really beneficial for Shannon and David to be around other healthy couples. We hope to the sweet Lord above she truly does not believe the words that come out of her own mouth. One freakin’ word: BROOKS. I mean, who wouldn’t pick those two as the picture of health and happiness, right? Answer: the world.

Vicki invited the Beadors to stay at her condo, however Shannon wasn’t really feeling the size of her room. She and David tried to flee the scene to a hotel and give their room to Vicki’s son, but the WooHoo Mayor wasn’t having it. Nothing screams “romance” quite like a troubled marriage and a twin size bed!

Meanwhile, back in the OC, Tamra and Eddie Judge are busy with their robot baby. Yes, a robot baby. Tamra thought having Eddie take care of this baby would give him a proper feel for fatherhood. Given his commentary throughout the whole episode, as well as the look of sheer pain on his face every time the robot cried, we’re going to assume a baby is not in their near future.

Vicki and Shannon left the boys behind to have some girl time to discuss Heather and Shannon’s argument. Vicki revealed that Tamra told her about the email also. However, Vicki made it known she fully supports Shannon on this one.

The crew went out for dinner and, of course, Shannon and David started fighting 30 seconds into the meal. What was the argument about you ask? Tequila. They were bickering about tequila.

Shannon left the table and Vicki quickly followed. Shannon got emotional in the bathroom because she felt like all eyes are on her and David’s relationship. Although she knows that her marriage is a hot ass mess, she reassured Vicki that “everything is fine” in the Beador household.

And so, the saga continues…..

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays at 9pm on Bravo.