Farrah Abraham Million Dollar Matchmaker—everyone’s favorite bat shit crazy teen mom-turned-porn star is back—girlfriend is looking for love and she’s as gloriously insane as ever

The Farrah Abraham Million Dollar Matchmaker teaser clip shows the world girlfriend's back.

And, she’s as cray cray as ever.

Abraham is one of the subjects of Patti Stanger’s new show, Million Dollar Matchmaker.

In the teaser, Stanger vows to turn a bunch of mentally unstable losers in love into viable date material.

Good luck with that love.

There’s Abraham doing what she does best—flapping her fake-nailed hands in the air and crying.

"I don't know why it's so hard to find someone else to love me,” the 25-year-old whines.

Yeah, that’s a really tough one Farrah.

We’re gonna have to have a really long, hard think about that.

There’s also that plastic-surgery addicted, Human Ken doll guy, Justin Jedlica.

Stanger sends him on a date with a dude in a blindfold.

So he can learn to rely on his conversation skills and personality, rather than his looks alone.


Oh, and there’s some schlubby chick, who vows she’s “a 10.”

Stranger soon shoots her down though—reassuring her, no, no you’re not.

Way to go Patti!

It’s all tied together with the usual, tears, drama and insane screaming—mainly from Stanger.

But we’re confident Abraham will add to it with a quota of her own unique cray cray.

Stanger warns she’s going to have to “break down” the mentally unstable losers in love.

Shouldn’t be too hard given the mentally unstable circumstances.

Stanger vows she’s going to “Build them back up!”

About as much chance of that happening as the Mexican government paying for Trump’s wall.

Stanger screams:

If I can't fix you up, who the fuck can?!!!

Indeed Ms. Stanger….indeed.

Scroll down to watch the Farrah Abraham Million Dollar Matchmaker teaser clip

And tune into WE TV, tonight at 10pm ET to catch the entire train wreck in all it’s screamingly insane glory.

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Farrah Abraham Million Dollar Matchmaker

Justin Jedlica, aka “The Human Ken” has some choice words for his female counterpart, Miss Valeria Lukyanova, otherwise known as “The Human Barbie.

In this unofficial Mattel doll look-alike contest, Valeria is kicking Justin's silicone ass and he is so mad he would make an angry face if only the Botox would allow for it.

As Popdust previously reported, Lukyanova has become a web celeb because of her uncanny transformation into a Barbie Doll through plastic surgery and incredible makeup skill.

On the other hand, despite dropping more than $150,000 dollars on 140 plastic surgeries to look like a living doll, Jedlica doesn’t really look all that much like Ken. He's probs a bit jealy, so he talked some shit to GQ magazine.

“I don’t really get her. I don’t get why people think she’s so interesting. She has extensions. She wears stage makeup. She’s an illusionist,” he bitched.

And in the doll transformation world using makeup is like corking your bat. It's a totally bogus move. Man up and slice your shit open like a pro.

When asked what his favorite surgery is, Jedlica's glass eye lit up as he dished:

“My baby is my shoulders, because nobody has anything like them. I divided these so there’s six pieces — front, middle, and back. Just like the actual anatomy…

“I’m working with a silicone-fabrication company to do an artistic muscle-augmentation-implant line. So all the implants I’m paying custom for myself right now, like my shoulders, my quads, my abs, the lats… they’ll hopefully be available to plastic surgeons.”

I don't know about y'all, but I have a boner.