caitlyn jenner fake orgasm

Caitlyn Jenner continues her transformation.

Next on the agenda is faking it like a woman—because, as anyone who’s watched When Harry Met Sally knows, that’s a real thing apparently.

Caitlyn Jenner Still In Deep Denial About Republican Beliefs

New milestone caitlyn jenner fake orgasm

Luckily for us, the I Am Cait camera crew was there with Jenner to capture the new womanhood milestone for the world to see.

You can watch the super awkward video right here on Popdust.

Cait and crew stopped by a gender-free orgasm workshop in San Francisco, hosted by sex educator, Barbara Carrellas.

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Carrellas explains her sexuality and spirituality workshops on her website:

All my workshops are intended and designed for people of all genders and all sexual preferences, however, workshops can certainly be customized to meet the needs of your community, group, conference or gathering.

Workshops can also be designed for varying durations: from ninety minutes, to one day, to a weekend, to a week.

Workshops caitlyn jenner fake orgasm

And lists the various workshops she runs:

• The Art of Open Relationships: Non-monogamy, Polyamory and More

• The Busy Person’s Guide to Tantric Ritual

• Crafting Scenes as Sex Magic Rituals
• D/S Tantra: The Tao of Power Exchange

• Ecstatic Breath with Intense Sensation: Oh My!

• Energy Play 101

• Erotic Breathwork

• Erotic Awakening Massage for People With Pussies

• Erotic Awakening Massage for People With Penises

• The Erotic Awakening Weekend

• Erotic Meditations on Touch

• Flames of Desire

• Heart of the Fire: Fire as Ritual

• How To Create Unforgettable Erotic Workshops & Presentations
• How To Have a Gender-Free Orgasm

• How To Throw a Great Ritual/Sex Party

• Introduction to Ecstasy

• Kinky Twisted Tantra

• Orgasm: The Totality of Possibilities

• Queer Sacred Sex

• Sacred Sex Technologies

• Sex Magic

• Sex Magic for Couples

• Sex & The Tao of Power Exchange

• Take It To The Limit

• Tantric BDSM

• The Tao of Pain

• Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really, Want

• Urban Tantra: Queer Sacred Sex

• Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the 21st Century

• Urban Tantra: Tantric Connections for Couples

• When Things Fall Apart

• Women, Sex and Power

• Adventures in Sex and Gender: Beyond Mars and Venus

• Queer Tantra: Transgressive, Transformative, Transgender

Shy of their bodies caitlyn jenner fake orgasm

Caitlyn Jenner Mans Up To Charges Of Transphobic Comments

In the sneak peek video from this week’s upcoming episode of I am Cait, one of the attendees explains why Carrellas’ workshop is so important for trans people.

“Trans people are shy of their bodies,” she says. “Nobody takes our hand and says, ‘look, here’s a good way to have fun, with the body you’ve got, until Barbara came along.”

"Welcome to how to have a gender free orgasm,” Barbara kicks off. "It can also be called how to have a breath and energy gasam. Or, thinking off.

Rose McGowan Slams Caitlyn Jenner For Showing Off Her ‘Male Privilege’

"The way people look at sex and orgasm, it’s very genitally focused, it’s like, ‘what kind of junk do you have?’ Well, today, gender free orgasm is going to mean, orgasm without genitals.

"So you can just, mentally check your genitals at the door, but when you leave, remember to just be careful and pick up your own…otherwise, things can get confusing later."

Nervous, anyone? caitlyn jenner fake orgasm

“I have one quick question,” Cait's hairdresser, Courtney Nanson says. “Is anyone nervous about having an orgasm in a room full of people?!!”

Kris Jenner ‘Confused’ That Caitlyn Wants To Date Men Now

Just one quick look at Jenner’s face answers that question.

This is definitely NOT in Cait’s comfort zone.

“We’re learning, we’re not doing, right?” asks Candis Cayne.

Not that scary caitlyn jenner fake orgasm

“Oh, we’re doing!” Carrellas clarifies. "Really, I assure you, it’s not that scary. And, it’s not even that weird, even though it sounds really weird at this moment, OK?

"Let’s take a breath and begin. And I want you to imagine an orgy in your mind. Orgy in my rule book, is four people or more.

We Are Cait—The Caitlyn Jenner Effect™ Continues!

"There can be people of any shape, size, gender…. you can have martians in your orgy, it’s your orgy! Whatever works for you, just get a bunch of folks together and imagine them doing some really hot stuff.

"One, two, three, rolling sound..."

And, let the fun begin caitlyn jenner fake orgasm

Judging by Cait’s lukewarm participation we’re gonna hazard a guess that Kris Jenner may have made an unexpected appearance at her orgy.

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caitlyn jenner republican beliefs Caitlyn Jenner Still In Deep Denial About Republican Beliefs

When it comes to the subject of personal growth, Caitlyn Jenner has made leaps and bounds over the past year.

She’s come out of the transgender closet, revealing her “authentic self” to the world, and she’s admitted she is interested in dating men in the future.

Money Monday – How Much Is Caitlyn Jenner Really Worth?

However, there’s one big issue that she’s not budging on, and is not open to changing—her political beliefs.

Card carrying conservative caitlyn jenner republican beliefs

Jenner is an age old card carrying Republican—and, not surprisingly given the correlation between Conservative beliefs and homo-trans-phobia, it’s causing more than a little tension among her circle of trans friends.

Rose McGowan Slams Caitlyn Jenner For Showing Off Her ‘Male Privilege’

In a clip from the upcoming season 2 premiere of her reality show, I am Cait, Jenner goes head to head with her pals over her unapologetic GOP support—you can watch a clip right here on Popdust.

Road trip turns political warfare caitlyn jenner republican beliefs

Jenner and the girls were on a private bus enjoying a road trip, discussing transgender rights, when the touchy subject of politics rose its ugly head—and things inevitably soon became heated.

Caitlyn Jenner Confronted By Protesters —Do They Have A Point?

Jenner was quick to jump in and defend the Republican party and her conservative views—despite both being in opposition to her newly embraced transgender lifestyle.

Don't blame it on the GOP caitlyn jenner republican beliefs

“I don't know anything about what they said down there but I am not blaming it on Republicans or the conservatives,” Jenner states.

We Are Cait—The Caitlyn Jenner Effect™ Continues!

“Well, I think you need to take a look at that,” one of her friends snaps back.

“Please,” a clearly irritated Jenner replies.

“No, you please,” the friend says, refusing to back down.

“That's why you all need to go with me,” Jenner says.

“You need to look at it Cait,” her friend Jenny Boyla pleads.

Ellen Is Confused By Caitlyn Jenner’s Same Sex Marriage Judgement

“Nah, no, I am not going to identify that. I am not going there,” Caitlyn insists, clearly losing her cool.

Not everything changes caitlyn jenner republican beliefs

She hammers the point home yet further in a later on camera monologue.

“Sometimes these girls think that now that I've transitioned that everything has to change,” she bitches.

“You can't be conservative anymore. You have to be a liberal. No, I don't believe that.

“I think I can keep all of my views the same cause I feel in my heart that's the best way to go.”

Caitlyn Jenner Is The New Face Of MAC In Landmark Deal

Contradiction, much? caitlyn jenner republican beliefs

Well, OK, but surely she can see the glaring contradiction here?

The GOP has worked tirelessly to try and push through a number of legal measures that attack transgender rights in the past year, in addition to being pretty much united against gay marriage.

Just days after Jenner “came out” as trans in an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, Republicans in Minnesota were gathering to push through HF 1546, a provision to ban students from using bathrooms, showers and changing rooms other than those for the gender into which they were assigned at birth.

Kris Jenner ‘Confused’ That Caitlyn Wants To Date Men Now

Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada and Texas have since all debated adopting similar measures, thanks to the Republican party.

Season 2 of I Am Cait premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. on E!

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I Am Cait this week gave us (briefly) what we have all been waiting for�—a first meeting between Caitlyn Jenner and her former wife Kris Jenner.

The meet up was instigated by Caitlyn, who called Kris to invite her over to her new house and revealed that they hadn't seen each other in over a year—something Caitlyn felt needed to be rectified for the sake of their shared children, Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

Tyga Raps About Sex With Kylie Jenner In Revolting New Mixtape

Rewind to earlier in the episode (for the preachy/teachy bit like at the end of the Jerry Springer Show), and we saw Caitlyn struggling with what name she should use on an application form at her ultra conservative golf club.  Her instinct was to go with Bruce as it was easier, however her friends pointed out that as a spokesperson for the LGBT community, she has to think very carefully before hiding any part of who she is.  The result of this advice was that Caitlyn applied for a court order gender change, to make her legally a woman.

The LGBT-Friendly Countries That Put USA To Shame—Some May Surprise You

Ever present friend Candis Cayne helped Caitlyn prepare for her big upcoming speech at the ESPY's (controversially accepting the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage).  She went to Angelina Jolie's stylist for help with a head to toe glamorous look as Angie epitomizes the classic, understated style that Cait loves.

After the triumph of the awards, where Caitlyn was surrounded by friends and family, she shared her sadness with us that Kris had not been present for her big speech.  This was not Kris' fault, Caitlyn didn't actually invite her, but it did strike a chord that for the last 25 years, Kris has been present at every one of Caitlyn's successes or big life moments.

Kris Jenner Cries Over Bruce’s Transition—Makes It All About Her

So she reached out to her ex-wife and they set up a meeting.  Kris showed up at the Malibu house with a box of cookies and complimented Caitlyn on her shoes, just like girly friends do.  This pair are never going to be having sleepovers and braiding each others hair—there's just too much hurt and emotion involved.

We didn't get to find out what went down though—the scene cut to black and the episode be continued.

Come back to Popdust to find out!

This episode of  I Am Cait was called The Dating Game and was another opportunity for the show to hint about the possible romance between Caitlyn Jenner and Candis Cayne.

The trouble is, it's getting a bit cringy and awkward now.  The two are friends and clearly enjoy each other's company.  Caitlyn is constantly prodded about being attracted to Candis and the show has been structured so that they spend as much time together as possible.

We watched the pair filling out questionnaires from a matchmaking service, and then surprise surprise, it is suggested to Caitlyn that she is the type who should date her best friend.  No!  Really?  And there just happens to be a sexy best friend right there available.  The producers really want us to think there's potential for romance there and it's feeling more than a little contrived.

Following the pattern of the rest of the series, there is also the section from others in the transgender community discussing their experiences of dating.  The women shared their stories—trans women are told to be grateful for any conditional affection they receive as the pool of people willing to openly date a trans woman is so small, and as always, these stories are incredibly poignant and moving.

Continuing on her mission to become a beacon of light to others struggling in the LGBT world, Jenner visited the kids at Camp Aranu'tiq which counsels and supports transgender youth.  She said;

"One of the big problems of being trans, especially as a youth, is you feel really isolated—you feel like you are the only person in the world that is trans.  To find people that they can identify with, that they an be friends with, it is so very important."

The trip served as a reminder to Jenner that her journey is only just beginning and that it would be great to share her journey with someone.

"Going through life with a partner is always more fun.  It's probably a little bit more complicated now that I've been out, but it's possible.  I never want to give up on love and partnership.  That would be sad."

She added;

"I have no idea what the future holds when it comes to dating and relationships and all that kind of stuff, but I certainly wouldn't say no to anything."

Watch this space!


I Am Cait continued last night with an episode called Take Pride.

Caitlyn Jenner's good friend Candis Cayne had invited her to the 2015 New York Gay Pride.  This made Caitlyn nervous—it kinda seems like now she's out as a transgendered woman, her friends want her to decide on her place in the LGBT community as soon as possible.  Caitlyn clearly struggles with this, at times referring to the LGBT community as 'them' instead of 'us' (which was pointed out to her).

Candis is very supportive about helping Caitlyn through the transition, but Caitlyn was still nervous about the trip as she very much understands what an important part of the LGBT culture Pride events are, and she is aware it could become something of a circus for her to be involved.  She wants her role in the community to be effective and long lasting—not a 5 minute wonder.

Caitlyn Jenner Helps Trans Homeless Pals

Caitlyn was especially tentative about launching herself into the LGBT community as she hadn't even finished coming out to everyone from her Bruce days yet—especially her old straight, male friends

With this in mind she invited good old Scott Disick over.  Now Scott may not be many things (reliable partner, present father), but one thing he is, is accepting of others.  He greeted Jenner "Hello, sexy lady" which definitely earned him some good guy stripes.  He was honest and supportive of her transition—he admitted it will take some time to adjust to seeing Caitlyn instead of Bruce, but the bottom line is he felt, Caitlyn must be happy.  He told Caitlyn not to be nervous of 'Bruce's' guy friends.  If they are real friends they'll still be there for her now.

Scott Disick Rumored To Appear On UK Celebrity Big Brother!

Scott's little pep talk gave Caitlyn the confidence to reach out to one of those old friends—Sergio.  They arranged to meet but he stood her up.  Realizing that first meeting can be hard for people, she didn't loose her shit, but rearranged the meet on his turf.  They had the talk—it was a little awkward, but eventually all was well.  Caitlyn was relieved that Sergio accepted her, and that gave her just the boost she needed to get her ass to New York.

So Caitlyn and Candis land in NYC and we got to see their friendship in action, hanging out, shopping—just doing girly stuff together.  Cait was a hit at Pride—she got a nice shout out from Candis and a thank you from LGBT legend Kate Bornstein for opening doors.  She got to find out a bit more about the struggles some people go through inside the LGBT community as well as outside—she's very aware that it's all a learning curve for her and that 'Caitlyn' is a work in progress.

The Caitlyn Jenner Effect™

What is really interesting is that Bruce was more than a bit of a loner, whereas Caitlyn is embracing the world and thriving on her relationships.  She realizes that this journey is a whole lot easier if she's not doing it alone.

Come back to Popdust next week for the season finale!


This week's episode of I Am Cait was all about family, and as previously reported by Popdust, we know that some of the Kardashian/Jenner klan aren't over the moon about the way Caitlyn Jenner has handled her transition.

Kim came over for a chat about the family divide.  She called Caitlyn out on some of the comments in the Vanity Fair article, explaining that Kris Jenner had to divorce Bruce;

"If you're a woman now, she is not a lesbian.  She does not want to be with a woman.  That is not fair to ask."

Fair point.

Finally, Lesbian Emojis!

Caitlyn then went on to lament the fact that neither Kourtney nor Khloe have been to visit her and that she feels isolated.  She doesn't seem to understand that just because she is feeling bitterness toward Kris it doesn't mean that everyone is going to feel the same—it is going to have an effect on Caitlyn's relationship with the kids if she voices her bitterness in public.

At a transgender event, Caitlyn had the chance to meet and have a chat with Chaz Bono and they bonded immediately over the complicated family dynamics after transitioning.  Bono was inspiring and Cait came away saying;

"The love and acceptance of your family is extraordinarily important."

She needed to remember that thought later in the episode, when Khloe got to say her piece.  Not only was she defensive of her mom, she also felt Caitlyn had been insensitive to Kendall and Kylie Jenner.  Caitlyn claims her statement that her family was a distraction to her embracing her true identity was misinterpreted.  They eventually agreed to disagree—Caitlyn is going to continue to blame Kris for not being OK to remain in that marriage and Kris' kids are naturally going to defend and protect their mom.  Khloe said;

"We want to support you and be there for you.  We don't think that entails you speaking negatively about our mom.  In our opinion you don't even need to mention our mom.  Let's focus on the actual cause here and let's not drag our mom through the mud."

On a lighter note to the episode, Candis Cayne, Caitlyn's alleged love interest continued to keep the rumors alive by inviting Cait for a girls-only sleepover, before kicking the cameras out of the room so they could enjoy some alone time!

Surely Caitlyn's first kiss as a woman will be the season finale?

Keep coming back to Popdust to find out!