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Janee Releases 'Cinderella, ft. Idyl

The infectious tones and colors of "orchestrap."

Last week, producer Janee released a new single, entitled "Cinderella."

The song features Idyl, finalist on The Voice Belgium, and provides listeners with a foretaste of Janee's soon-to-drop pop-flavored EP, which includes both Casey Breves and more from Idyl. Janee calls his sound "orchestrap."

Prior to his new project, Janee wrote and produced for international talents such as Bob Sinclair, Robbie Williams, Joachim Garraud, and Akon, with his releases accumulating millions of streams.

Idyl, aka Barbara Hermans, appeared on season 4 of The Voice, followed by entering ARE Music's studio to lay down her first tracks.

Janee feat. Idyl - Cinderella (Official Lyrics Video)

"Cinderella" starts off on coruscating synths, shimmering and sparkling with bright colors. Idyl's mellow, distinctive tones enter, infusing the music with cashmere tones accompanied by a deep rasp. The verses exude an orchestral-pop ambience that takes on a compelling trap sensibility in the chorus, but rather than feeling like hip-hop, the song takes on the best elements of pop atop a pulsing trap beat.

The lyrics exude a charming, happy-go-lucky attitude toward love and romantic entanglement and an intent on remaining unfettered by emotional baggage.

"I like to dress up like a princess / But I'm waiting for nobody / Up on my heels I'll make the distance / Got my swag on, look at me / I'm a Cinderella / Even after midnight / I don't want to need you / May somebody set me free / I don't wanna need you / I'm a Cinderella."


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