It seems like only yesterday that The Little Couple brought their son Will home from China.

But, in this week’s episode of the hit TLC show, we see Bill Klein and Dr. Jen Arnold get ready to celebrate Will’s 5th birthday—and Popdust has video.

In true Little Couple style, Bill and Jen make it all about the family, enlisting daughter Zoey to help make Will’s big day super special.

The family re-decorates Will’s room with a transportation scheme—and, as Jen says, the arts and crafts foray is all about “controlled chaos.”

However, a little sibling rivalry flares up after Zoey takes a nap in her big brother’s bed!

Meanwhile, as Jen becomes even more swamped at work, SuperDad Bill steps in to take over the party organization—deciding on a Mad Scientist theme, complete with ‘scientists’ in lab coats who run colorful science experiments.

However, Jen is soon horrified to discover that she messed up on the one birthday planning task she was allocated—by sending out the party invites, with the wrong address on them!

Oh boy!

Will the party guests arrive in time to celebrate with Will?

Tune into The Little Couple tonight at 9/8c on TLC to find out!

In the meantime, watch sneak peek video below—and check out Popdust’s gallery of Will through the ages!

The Little Couple is back for the second half of their hit TLC show's seventh season—and, don't know about you, but we can't wait!

Dr. Jen Arnold is now entering her second cancer free year (yay!) and hubby Bill Klein is firmly on the mend after his recent back surgery, so the two are now able to focus fully on their utterly adorable kids, son Will, 4, and daughter, Zoey, 3.

The new season promises tons of family fun, adventure and memory making experiences, in addition to all the usual laughter, awwwww worthy moments and oodles of love that we’ve come to expect from our very favorite reality TV family—Popdust has a sneak peek at the premiere episode that you can watch below.

This year is also a year of firsts for the family, with Will taking his first karate lesson (could he be any darn cuter in his little karategi?!!!), Zoey starting ballet classes (could she look any more precious?!!) and the family adopting again—this time round it’s a little less stressful though than the past two adoptions, as these new additions are some pet fish!

Meanwhile, Will and Zoey continue to make great strides at school, with steady progress in both their speech and language skills—and Bill does his best to maintain his “super dad” status despite his medical limitations.

And, after having successfully battled through all the stress of the whirlwind past year, Bill and Jen take a little time out for some much deserved R&R, and get to spend some quality time together in the Big Apple.

However, in true Little Couple style, things are about to get hectic once again, as Bill and Jen get ready for the release of their new book, Life Is Short (No Pun Intended), which goes on sale the same day as the season seven B premiere.

In the book, the couple gives an insider’s account on how they met, fell in love and overcame life’s toughest challenges to get to where they are now – happy and successful parents and professionals.

Watch the sneak peek video below—check out Popdust’s gallery of photos—and tune into TLC at 9/8c to catch the season premiere of The Little Couple.

It’s hard to believe, let alone handle, that the “season finale” of The Little Couple is already here—so, we’re going to follow Dr. Jen Arnold’s lead, and call it the “mid-season finale” instead!

That sounds soooooo much better doesn’t it? As, it implies there will be yet more Little Couple wonderfulness just right around the corner…..

Well, TLC has yet to announce a date for new episodes, which is made all the more unbearable considering the dramatic note we are ending on right now—as, in tonight’s episode, we see Dr. Jen go into “survival mode” —putting her very best brave (but beautiful as ever) face on as hubby Bill Klein heads to surgery—Popdust has sneak peek video.

Surgery is a daunting enough prospect for anybody, any day of the week—but, when you factor in that it’s spine surgery, and you are a person who has already undergone more surgeries than anybody should be forced to endure, many of them unsuccessful—and you get a bit clearer an idea of the emotional turmoil Jen and Bill are experiencing.

“I’m concerned things could not go the right way, I’ve had more surgeries that have not worked than that have…and it’s spine surgery,” Bill explains. “It’s possible that I become paralyzed, but you can never tell, it’s surgery,….it’s the practice of’s not perfect and I get that.”

Ever the amazing father and husband that he is though, Bill, as usual, is thinking first and foremost of his adorable kids, Will, 4, and Zoey, 3, and wife Jen, over his own personal needs.

“If I were to have something bad happen during the surgery that incapacitated me, or worse, then I would hate to not be there for my kids,” he says.

“I have so much more to be there for….and not just the responsibility, but all the wonderful things that come along with being a parent…. and being a husband, and all these wonderful moments that I would hate to miss, or to have change…. because of my circumstances.”


Meanwhile, Dr. Jen—who has just gone through her own grueling medical ordeal, battling a rare form of cancer and kicking its damn ass to touch—opens up about her emotional state, and worries.

“The loss of control is very frustrating, and I think for me, right now, I’m just going to go into my survival mode,” Jen says. “The last time Bill had surgery, I cried, I lost my cool for a minute…. they wheeled him away and I just started falling…..

“I don’t know why I didn’t do that this time. I mean, I felt like that inside….. I felt like just losing my mind… it’s almost like it’s too hard to cry anymore….maybe that’s where I’m at right now… this year has been so much, it’s almost like I can’t even allow myself to break down. All you can do is keep going until you can’t go anymore. And you have to stay tough and you have to stay focused. I can’t cry… I’ve just got to be as strong as i can…..until I know it’s all better.”

Stay strong beautiful Dr. Jen! And, Bill, we will see you on the other side!

Watch the sneak peek video below, click through Popdust’s gallery of our favorite Little Couple moments so far—and tune into TLC tonight at 10 PM (ET/PT) to watch the dramatic (MID!!!!!!!) season finale.

The Little Couple’s adorable daughter, Zoey Klein is turning three!

Dr. Jen Arnold and hubby, Bill Klein, have a lot to celebrate and it’s all fun and games as they get ready to throw a very special birthday party for their very special little girl—Popdust has sneak peek video.

Bill is waiting to undergo back surgery, but that doesn’t stop him from being an awesome dad and engaging in a little “anwich” with Zoey and her super cute big brother, Will Klein.

For those not in the know, “anwich” is Will’s play-speak for a Klein family sandwich—which, involves Bill laying on the floor pretending to be a piece of bread, Will climbing on top as the meat and Zoey piling on top of Will for the final bread slice.

It’s no wonder both kids love their daddy!

Meanwhile, Bill’s back problems mean Jen has to call in a couple of beefy dudes to help her organize the garage—but, don’t feel sorry for the mom-of-two, what we may see as a pain in the ass chore, is Jen’s Kryptonite!

“I do love to organize,” Jen admits, flashing her beautiful, trademark, toothy grin. “I have to say it definitely is a passion…. and, at some times, it might be an obsession. I could stay up all night and organize a closet. It’s pretty much as much fun as going out and having a glass of wine.”

Dr. Jen, you can come over to my place anytime—my over stuffed closets and packed full cupboards will make it like a trip to the wine country for you!

Watch the sneak peek video below and then check out Popdust's gallery Little Couple, Big Hearts: Look Back At Our Favorite Family’s Best Moments

The Little Couple airs Tuesdays at 9pm ET/PT on TLC

Hurrah! The Little Couple is BAAACKKK!!!!

Our very favorite reality TV family has returned for a seventh season of their hugely successful TLC show—and Popdust has sneak peek video of tonight’s episode.

Being the hands on—and totally awesome—parents they are, despite their busy working schedules, Jen Arnold and Bill Klein always manage to find lots of quality time to spend with their adorable kids, son, Will, 4, and daughter, Zoey, 3.

To ensure maximum engagement, Jen and Bill decree a Device Free Day—leaving all the gadgets, phones, computers, iPads etc at home, and heading to their favorite beach in Galveston.

Jen and Zoey get to spend some mommy and daughter time, relaxing on the sand and paddling in the sea—while Bill takes Will to the pier, fishing rods in hand, in the hope of catching some dinner for the family.

Meanwhile, after all the fun and relaxation, Dr. Jen undergoes a health check, visiting the hospital for her six-month oncology check-up.

As Popdust previously reported, the 39-year-old, who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2013, shared the happy news—on World Cancer Day last year—that she is in remission.

Check out the clip below, take a look through Popdust’s gallery of our very favorite Little Couple moments, and tune into TLC Tuesday nights at 9PM (ET/PT) to watch all new episodes.

They first met when they were 10-years old and got married more than two decades later.

But despite infertility struggles and a cancer battle, The Little Couple Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein are still going strong.

Overcoming obstacles that would torpedo the most solid of relationships the parents-of-two recently renewed their wedding vows on a Galveston, Texas beach.

In a touching moment filmed for their TLC series, Klein tells his wife – who recently beat a rare form of cancer, “I was afraid I would lose you…

“We’re here to celebrate you for being you every day for a long time to come.”

When Arnold and Klein first met, they were little children both undergoing surgery and physical therapy in relation to their dwarfism at St. Joseph’s Medical Center, in Baltimore, Maryland.

Arnold says she doesn’t remember the meeting but it clearly made an impression on her future husband.

She says, “One day, he was creeping in the halls in his little chair and came into my room – so he tells me – and tries to strike up a conversation.

“Apparently I was cranky and ignored him and said ‘go away’, which doesn’t surprise me.”

When they reconnected in 2008 it was a different story. They met on the website, which is a dating service geared towards little people.

They exchanged emails, went on a date and, after a whirlwind romance, were married in April 2008.

Remembering his romantic proposal Klein says, “Jennifer’s landlord helped me sneak into her apartment so that I could get the surprise ready.”

The “surprise” included a romantic CD, a hundred lit candles and rose petals dotted around – a perfect setting.

Their fairy tale romance hasn’t been smooth sailing. Their infertility woes culminated in a surrogate having a miscarriage after being pregnant with their child in 2011.

But with the successful adoption of their son Will, four, from China and their daughter Zoey, two, from India, their life seemed complete.

Then in 2013 Arnold announced the shocking news that she had a rare form of cancer, gestational trophoblastic neoplasm, and a tumor rapidly growing in her uterus.

Now cancer free, after successful – but brutal – chemotherapy treatment, the Little Couple are looking forward to the future.

Ironically, it is a future we would know nothing about if Arnold and Klein followed their first instincts and turned down the offer to do a reality TV show.

On her TLC blog, Arnold says, “As you can see we eventually said yes…”

And we’re so glad they did.

Talk a walk down memory lane with Popdust's Little Couple through the ages gallery...