The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills concluded last night with an episode full of tears and triumphs!

Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville went at it once again. Although Lisa claims to still not know what exactly she did wrong to end the friendship, Brandi remains firm that Lisa’s relationship with Scheana Marie, the mistress that ruined her marriage, is a major factor.

Don’t get me wrong; Brandi has every reason to despise Scheana. However, Scheana is a longtime employee of Lisa’s and has done nothing to her. If Brandi continues to be that upset about Scheana being at certain events, then she shouldn’t go. Plain and simple. The best part of the episode was hands down when Brandi asked whom Lisa would save in a burning fire: her or Scheana. Lisa didn’t answer, so naturally Brandi flipped.

Aside from being “strategic” as Brandi calls her, Lisa was told she only likes people when they are on top. Kyle Richards was quick to chime in and agree with Ms. Glanville. She believes Lisa also turned on her when viewers weren’t on Team Kyle last season. Brandi claims Lisa told her “she was losing her audience”. To back up her “strategic” accusation, she said Lisa would call her every day to discuss how they would act on the show. Long story short, Brandi has found every possible reason to be pissed at Lisa.

Kyle believes that Lisa had planned to "take her down" when she brought up on camera the rumors about Maurcio Umansky cheating, even after she asked her not to speak about it from the beginning of the season. Lisa said the only reason she brought it up on camera was to help get rid of the story. Lisa eventually apologized to Kyle, so lets stop beating a dead horse. Put it to rest, ladies.

All of the husbands were in attendance. And by all of the husbands I mean Mauricio, Michael, and Ken. Tough subject with this crew, yeah? (Side note: is David Foster alive? Cc: Yolanda) Lisa’s husband, Ken Todd, made an appearance in the hot seat. Ken admitted that he and Lisa disagreed with of the things Brandi has done in the past year, so they took a step back from their friendship with her. In turn, Brandi lashed out like a crazy person, which we witnessed this entire season. Ken said he doesn’t believe that he will ever be able to forgive her. However, after witnessing Brandi crying, the chance of reconciliation looks promising.

So, after a ridiculous season, which ladies will be coming back next year? Well, we can think of a few who shouldn’t. Joyce Giraud is a sweet girl, but has zero storyline and seems dumber than dirt. Kim Richards is finally living a sober life, however she also has nothing interesting going on other than her obsession with her dog (which is like watching paint dry). I also see no need for Carlton Gebbia to come back. Aside from her “friendships” with Lisa and Brandi, she doesn’t really have any close pals from the cast. She hates Kyle with a burning passion and the feeling is definitely mutual. Carlton has been rather abrasive from day one, but there is no doubt in my mind that she’d kick anyone’s ass.

Bravo needs to bring some new bat shit crazy women on board!

Yet another eventful season full of bizarre antics and crazy middle aged women is in the books for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hill’s finest were back for round two in last night’s second installment of the three-part reunion.

The evening kicked of with a very dishonest conversation about plastic surgery. A blind person could tell you the faces of these women are nipped and tucked beyond words, yet they continue to remain coy about the work they’ve done. Brandi Glanville, whose face hasn’t moved in two weeks, admitted to overdoing it on the filler. However, they all denied any actual surgery. Yeah, okay.

Andy Cohen took a stab at Carlton Gebbia’ s practice of witchcraft. She made it known that she needs to explain her choice of faith to no one. Am I the only person who finds this woman terrifying? Anywho, the British spitfire quickly turned the spotlight on Ms. Kyle Richards. Carlton has made it extremely clear all season that she would rather light herself on fire than be around Kyle, and last night was no exception.

Kyle believes that Carlton had an agenda and made a point to hate her before she even met her. The two brunettes immediately started going at it over Carlton’s faith before Brandi jumped in to defend Kyle. Side note: where the hell did THAT sudden friendship spring from?!

Yolanda Foster stood up for Carlton as soon as the infamous anti-Semitic comment was brought up. The ladies bickered and basically agreed that they are never going to like each other. Lets be real, what else is new in Housewives land?

Then, for roughly the 987th time this season, we had to discuss their children going off to college. For the love of God, they are away at school. Stop crying. Stop whining.

The best part of it all is Joyce Giraud’s sympathy tears. I guess she’s preparing herself to have her own painting party in the lemon garden for her kid when he leaves for college in 15 years. Kyle also cried thinking about her daughter leaving for college. I’m sorry ladies, if I was one of your children, I’d be in school across the country faster than you can say….you...are...all....lunatics…..

Kim Richards and Lisa Vanderpump yet again discuss Lisa’s absence from Kim’s daughter’s graduation party. This argument continues to be ridiculous because Lisa not only let Kim know she could not attend, but also sent her a gift. It’s stupid and at this point these women would argue about friggin’ breakfast cereals. They just want to fight. They’ve all been beating a dead horse that has been dead now for an entire season.

Kim expressed her thoughts about Lisa’s husband Ken Todd and how he is aggressive and mean. Sure, he probably shouldn’t have made some of the comments he did, but he was defending his wife, and that’s that. Moving on!

It has been no shocker that Brandi has been nothing short of a hot mess this season. She revealed she went through a stage of depression, which caused her to need medication.

Brandi was not shy about her drinking lately, which stirred talk that she has an alcohol problem. Joyce tried to say Brandi needs to go to rehab. Also, Joyce dropped the bomb that Brandi calls the paparazzi to photograph her. Whether this is true or not—Joyce, please pipe down.

Another memorable night with Beverly Hill’s craziest ladies.

Tune in next week for the final installment of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion!

The fierce ladies of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills gathered together last night for the first segment of a 3-part reunion that is guaranteed to be nothing short of insanity.

In typical Real Housewives fashion, the women came with guns a blazing! Andy Cohen deserves some sort of medal for dealing with these nut jobs….

To kick things off, Brandi Glanville and Joyce Giraud decided to add more fuel to their fire—the fire being their never ending feud.

As you may recall, these two were never one another’s biggest fans. However, their animosity seemed to be water under the bridge after the  recent Puerto Rico trip. The two mamas tore into each other last night though over the infamous “Jacqueline Laurita” name calling, the alleged racist comment in Palm Springs, and countless other bullshit moments this season. Joyce attempted to piss Brandi off but—perhaps due to the amount of Botox in her face—Glanville didn’t appear to be the least bit phased.

It became increasingly clear that most of the women’s motive this season was to bring Lisa Vanderpump down. Yolanda Foster had her moment on the couch to voice her opinion on how Lisa “hurt” her. She can’t seem to decide if Lisa is her true friend or her Hollywood frenemy. For roughly the 100th time in the past two weeks, Yolanda brought up Lisa’s absence from her now infamous painting party. I’m still not totally sure why she is so heartbroken that Lisa couldn’t make it. Get over it already and go paint something, lady.

Brandi also took a stab at Lisa’s inability to be a good friend. Brandi claimed that Lisa is a completely different person on camera than she is off. Brandi said she wished that Lisa would confront her supposed drinking problem both on and off camera. Then, she said she often drinks until 4am with Lisa at her West Hollywood hotspot, SUR. Brandi, please get a freakin’ hobby.

Kim Richards discussed her sobriety and reassured viewers that she really has no story line other than teaching her dog to play dead on command. Carlton Gebbia also brought a whole lot of nothing to the table.

Meanwhile, Kyle Richards sat rather quiet, but that won’t last for long when she gets in the hot seat next week!

It was a relatively calm first part of their emotional reunion, but something tells us that won’t last for long.

Part 2 airs next Monday on Bravo.

Fans of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills are fully aware there is no love lost between Brandi Glanville and her arch-nemesis Joyce Giraud.

With accusations of racism, bullying and manipulation being flung back and forth, there doesn't seem to be an end in sight to the feuding.

In the latest shot across the bow, Brandi recently referred to Joyce as a "chihuahua" on the  Bethenny show.

Popdust reached out to Joyce for a response, and here is what she has to say:

"Brandi has the mind of a 12-year-old mean girl in the body of a 45-year-old woman.

"Her attacks are extremely childish and she has zero limits as long as she's in the press. She hates that people were calling her a racist but she continues her racial remarks.

"Calling a Latina a chihuahua isn't less racial than saying black people can't swim. She thinks she is funny but she fails to realize that she has zero comedic timing.

"I guess I shouldn't take it personal because this is a woman who has no limits. She will go as low as publicly  talking about her STDs, hanging tampons out of her private parts, trash talking every woman and backstabbing her 'BFFs'."

Based on that statement alone, we think it's safe to say the RHOBH reunion shows are going to be EPIC.




Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards decided to be friends on this week's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills  and throw a joint birthday party for their husbands, Ken and Mauricio.

Lisa enlisted the help of the extremely over the top and animated Kevin Lee, who is the mastermind behind all of Lisa’s stunning events at her Beverly Hills estate.

In classic Housewives/Vanderpump Rules crossover fashion, Ms. Scheana Marie made an appearance at the shindig. She, along with her costars Stassi Shroeder and Jax Taylor, were at the party to work as servers.

BUT we all know her presence NEVER flies well with Brandi Glanville—let’s remember that Scheana is somewhat infamous for copping off with Brandi’s ex Eddie Cibrian (pre Leann Rimes days).

Lisa encouraged Brandi to congratulate Scheana on her recent engagement, which easily made for one of the most awkward moments in all of Real Housewives history.  Brandi, being her incredibly endearing self, told Scheana she no longer believes in marriage……….so, we think that means congrats.

Meanwhile, there was plenty of mother/daughter bonding to go around.

Yolanda Foster was busy helping her model daughter Gigi Hadid pack for college in New York.

Kim Richards and her daughter Kimberly decided it would be a swell idea to get matching butterfly tattoos. Apparently the world “bonding” means different things to different people. Whatever floats your boats, ladies.

Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia sat down for lunch following last week’s supposed spell casting. Carlton, who hates just about everyone, didn’t want to sit down with Joyce, but did it anyway. Joyce asked her if her husband’s sickness was due to a curse set by Carlton. She immediately had a conniption claiming that she never uses magic negatively.

Yes. This was real argument they had. The 90210 is a strange, strange place.

And then there was dinner....Ya know, that meal that never goes along swimmingly for these broads (I mean, classy women).

Carlton FLIPPED on Kyle yet again over the nonsense she created in her dream. Remember last week when she dreamed that Kyle was talking shit on her? Yup, this nut job is still convinced of it.  Kyle snapped and said, "If you don't want to be treated like a witch, don't act like a witch”! BOOM! Carlton eventually stormed out of the party.

Ding, dong that little British witch is dead! Not really, but at least she’s quiet until next week!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs every Monday on Bravo—you can read my recap the very next day on Popdust.

On last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the women were armed and ready to fight (literally)!

Joyce Giraud and her hubby went to a gun range because their home was almost broken into.  Any robber would be scared shitless of a beautiful Puerto Rican supermodel with a gun, yeah?

Actually, judging by the way Joyce handles the gun, anyone in a one mile radius would be scared shitless….(see video clip below)


Anyhoo, Carlton Gebbia was busy interviewing women to pole dance at her family’s annual pool party……yes, pole dancers at a family pool party. Normal? Not so much.

Meanwhile, Brandi Glanville headed to Sacramento for an event promoting her book and decided to bring along Yolanda Foster for the ride. It was also Brandi’s father’s birthday, who she attempted to reconcile with during the trip.

Half of the problem between Brandi and her dad stems from the things that come out of her mouth (IMAGINE THAT?!) However, Yolanda turned out to be a valuable asset when it came to mending the father-daughter fractured relationship.

Back in the good old 90210, Kyle Richards and her gorgeous family were celebrating Shabbat in honor of daughter Sophia’s upcoming Bat Mitzvah, which Kyle claimed won’t be extravagant. Yeah, right... you live in Beverly Hills, honey…. you’re Kyle Richards….

The ladies then attended a self-defense class set up by new firearms aficionado, Joyce.

Note to Brandi- this could very well come in handy when your mouth isn’t enough to get you out of the trouble it probably just landed you in. Ironically, Glanville was the only one who got hurt during the class.

Lisa Vanderpump showed off her best Mike Tyson moves, Kyle and sister Kim Richards punched it out (see video clip below for the blow by blow action) and Joyce pretty much choked out the poor trainer dude….

Move along now.. nothing unusual to see here......

Despite a potentially broken hand, Brandi, Kyle, and Lisa sit down after their sweat session for a hard earned glass of wine.

Lisa kept yapping at Brandi to get her hand checked out by a doctor, to which Brandi snapped that she is sick of Lisa “momming her”.

Oooh, going by past form, we have a feeling this is just the beginning of a glorious new feud.

Stay tuned folks, these crazy Real Housewives are just heating up!