SISTAR have hung onto the No. 1 spot for a second week with their latest single, "Touch Your Body." The song is still sitting comfortably at No. 1 on the Melon digital music chart, too, so we could potentially see the quartet spend a third week at the top of the Gaon chart. If that happens, then "Touch My Body" will become the longest-running No. 1 in almost two years.

Overall, "Touch My Body" is SISTAR's fifth No. 1 as a full group, and their 11th if you include their subunit, solos, and collaborations. It's this kind of success that's helped them become Korea's second biggest girl group -- after Girls' Generation, of course.

In second place is Block B's "Her," which climbs one spot to No. 2 this week. It's the highest-charting song of Block B's career, and its success is pretty impressive by boy band standards. Male artists generally tend to fare better with physical album sales, while the digital market is dominated by girl groups and OST ballads.

HyunA's racy "Red" debuts at a solid No. 3, matching the position of her signature hit, "Bubble Pop!," but failing to reach the No. 1 and No. 2 peak of both "Ice Cream" and "Change."

INFINITE's flawless "Back" slips two spots to No. 4, followed by Girl's Day's "Darling" at No. 5.

JYJ's new single "Back Seat" debuts at No. 6, while all the songs from their latest album, Just Us, are scattered throughout the rest of the top 100.

Further down, Wonder Girls' Yenny, who now goes by the bizarre and confusing name of HA:TFELT, enters at a respectable No. 16 with her first solo single, "Ain't Nobody." The position pales in comparison to her ex-bandmate Sunmi, but is relatively decent by solo female standards, putting her on par with T-ara's Jiyeon and Hyomin.

The new HIGH4 single with Lim Kim, "A Little Close," enters at No. 29, while Sunny Hill's "Once In Summer" arrives at No. 47 to become their lowest-charting single ever.

Speaking of flops, BESTie's "Hot Baby" debuts at a disappointing No. 53. Although this matches "Thank U Very Much" as their highest-charting single, it's still a let down for the group, who should be doing much better at this point.

Check out this week's key K-pop hits, below.

No. 1. SISTAR - Touch My Body

No. 3. HyunA - Red

No. 4. INFINITE - Back

No. 6. JYJ - Back Seat

No. 16. HA:TFELT - Ain't Nobody

No. 53. BESTie - Hot Baby

JYJ's Junsu has had his eye on the global music market for a long time. Last year, he released an English-language pop ballad called "Uncommitted," and before that, JYJ teamed up with Kanye West and Darkchild for an English-language album called The Beginning. For his new single, "Incredible," Junsu's hooked back up with "Uncommitted" producer, Bruce Vanderveer, and somewhat hilariously roped in Diddy's son, Quincy, as a guest rapper.

Unlike last year's edgy, gender-bending pop hit, "TARANTALLEGRA," "Incredible" is just straightforward dance-pop designed to provide a good time and nothing more. It sounds like it's aimed more towards foreign music fans than Koreans, but given the recent success of formulaic-but-fun fare like Shinhwa's "This Love," it'll work for either audience.

The song might be pretty safe, but it's good to see that Junsu hasn't lost his flamboyant flair in the song's official music video. The concept is simple: Everyone's dancing at a summer house party while wearing the most colorful clothing possible. Junsu appears to be the only Asian in attendance, which again lets you know who "Incredible" is really aimed at, but who cares when he's having this much fun?

Earlier this month, Instiz posted a list of the female K-pop idols who have written or composed the most songs. Brown Eyed Girls' songstresses, Miryo and Jea, came in first and second place, surprisingly followed by SECRET's Zinger at No. 3. Instiz has now released a male version of the list, but the results aren't quite as unexpected as the ladies list was.

G-Dragon predictably came out on top with 128 tracks. Not only has he co-written and/or co-produced the majority of BIGBANG's chart-topping discography, he's also worked on most of BIGBANG's solo projects, which of course, includes his own albums.

Coming in second is Moon Hee-Joon of the legendary Korean boy band, H.O.T.. Moon was best known for choreographing a lot of H.O.T.'s famous dance routines during the band's heyday, but he later showcased his skills as a songwriter by launching a solo career and co-writing a lot of his own material over the course of nine albums.

Moon's H.O.T. bandmate, Kangta, comes in third with 77 songs. Kangta has also forged a successful solo career, but a lot of his composition credits come from crafting songs for H.O.T., as well as other artists like NRG and Fly to the Sky.

Fourth place is Shinwa's Minwoo, who not only composed songs for himself and his band, but also for other artists -- including writing the lyrics for Jewelry's "One More Time," which was the highest-selling K-pop single of 2008.

Finishing off the top five is B2ST's Junhyung, who continues the trend of boy band members who compose music for themselves, their group, and other artists. His most notable achievements to date are co-writing the lyrics of B2ST's "Fiction," which won Song of the Year at the 2011 Gayo Daejun Awards, as well as producing bandmate Yoseob's mega hit, "Caffeine."

Some other notable entries on the list include Block B's Zico at No. 6, former 2PM star Jay Park at No. 10, and all three members of JYJ --Jaejoong, Junsu, and Yoochun-- at No. 11, No. 13, and No. 14, respectively. Also, B1A4's Jinyoung just scraped in at No. 15 on the list, having composed big B1A4 hits like "Baby I'm Sorry," and "Tried to Walk." With the group's popularity climbing with every album, Jinyoung is definitely one to watch as far as future K-pop hitmakers go.

Check out some key hits from these talented writers and producers, below.

No. 1. BIGBANG - Monster (G-Dragon)

No. 4. Jewelry - One More Time (Minwoo)

No. 5. Yoseob - Caffeine (Junhyung)

No. 6. D-Unit - Talk to My Face (Zico)

No. 15. B1A4 - Tried to Walk (Jinyoung)

[Via Netizen Buzz]