2NE1's Park Bom gives plastic surgery in K-pop a bad name, but for every Bom there's ten celebrity plastic surgery success stories out there. Veteran girl group, Brown Eyed Girls, are a perfect example of one. Since debuting back in 2006 as homely ballad singers, the members' appearances have consistently changed, and they're now widely recognized as K-pop's sexiest girl group. They used to keep their surgery a secret, but in recent years the group's come clean and even made fun of it -- going as far as to record a parody version of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" for SNL Korea called "Plastic Face."

Unfortunately, even good plastic surgery can have its downside. This week, the group's rapper, Miryo, revealed that she's had so much work done now that people no longer recognize her.

After the girls' 5th album 'Black Box' was released, Miryo went on the internet to do a search and discovered a new topic: "Miryo has suddenly left the group." Kim Gu Ra then said people probably wondered where Miryo was because they did not recognize her. Miryo agreed with his theory, saying, "I evolved with each album." JeA added, "We went to a recording studio yesterday, and Kim Na Young thought Miryo was some other rookie singer, so she ignored Miryo and greeted only the rest of us."
Miryo had asked Kim Na Young, "You honestly didn't know I was Miryo, right," to which Kim Na Young responded in surprise, "You're Miryo?"
The rapper concluded, "I think I'm going to love me for me now. I'm satisfied with how I look. I won't be getting any more surgery." [Via allkpop]

Well, at least Miryo's honest now: Back in 2011, she attributed her altered appearance to simple exercise and weight loss!

Check out some photos of gorgeous Miryo's (and BEG's!) evolving beauty throughout the years, below.