kate gosselin Stepford Wife Kate Gosselin Finds Old Kate Gosselin ‘Cringeworthy’

The shiny new, semi-emotionless, Stepford Wife Kate Gosselin finds the old Kate Gosselin ‘cringeworthy.’

In tonight’s episode of Kate Plus 8, the 40-year-old watches footage of herself parenting her then-toddler sextuplets and slightly older twin girls, and gives advice to her old self—you can watch sneak peek footage right here on Popdust.

KateGosselin Goes On A Blind Date—Takes All Her Baggage Along With Her

Before she became Stepford Wife Kate Gosselin, with the frozen face and a tight leash on her feelings and emotions, the old Kate Gosselin wasn’t one to hold back—just the slightest transgression could tip her over-the-edge and bring out her inner screaming harpy.

And, quite frankly, in Kate’s defense, you can hardly blame her—even though she was still married to now ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, at the time, as anyone who watched Jon & Kate Plus 8, knows, the vast majority of parenting fell firmly on her shoulders day-in-day-out.

Kate Gosselin Turns Four-Oh—Wants Y’All To Know She’s Single And VERY Happy

It’s tough enough parenting one small child pretty much on your own—so, try and times that by eight. It’s enough to make your head spin—as Kate’s did, figuratively, very regularly.

Case in point—Doorknob-gate

One of the old clips Gosselin watches is about her trying to get to the bottom of which of the kids removed a doorknob. The kids, being kids, refuse to own up to who’s responsible for the “property destruction” and as Kate’s frustration grows, so does the level of her voice.

Kate Gosselin Accused Of Being Grade A Bitch, Snooping On Ex Hubby Jon

She explains:

I am clearly fit to be tied. Ooh. My voice sounds like it is booming to Texas. And the truth is, yes I was yelling, and I’m not proud of that and I’m not excusing it, but it sounds a lot louder than in real life…. A…

B, I’m cringing because it is a knob—which I’m never going to condone property destruction, it’s very close to the tippy top of rules you just don’t break in this house.

And they already knew that was a bad thing, because they were trying to blame it on other people.

The Inquisition

In true Kate Gosselin style, the mom-of-eight was not going to just let it lie. She’s determined to uncover the culprit, busting out with the thumbscrews and waterboard, in her bid to get the truth.

Jon Gosselin Seeks Custody Of Just ONE Daughter

Well, not really—obviously—but, the clearly frustrated mom starts firing questions at her boys. Who? Why? When? Where were you? Where were they?

However, all she receives in response is a string of lies and blame-passing—adding yet further to the harried mom’s frustration.

So, has anything changed with time?

Those boys… every day… to this day…some don’t answer…. nobody did it…he did it.. it wasn’t me.. i didn’t see anything.. i don’t know what happened… she did it.. i don’t know… wasn’t there…and that is probably in every household, and that is one of the most difficult things to handle, because now it’s not just about the property destruction….now there’s lying going on.

Jon Gosselin Evicted For Not Paying Rent—Friends Won’t Loan Him Money!

How does Kate figure things out?

I rarely do…unless there was an eye witness….and its exhausting.

Exhaustion and parenting go hand in hand, and it’s a shame because exhaustion makes you miss a lot of amazing memories and makes you react differently.

I’ve lived most of my life exhausted most parents would probably agree. I mean at that timeframe, or now, I don’t know how to fix that.

Sleep when you can, eat when you can, exercise when you can and make a memory when you can, but man, its just…. its a job….

Love her or loathe her, you’ve really got to feel for Kate Gosselin..... come on now.... at least a little bit?!!!

Kate Gosselin Attempt To Show How Happy Kids Are Results In Cringeworthy TV

You can watch the new episode of Kate Plus 8, tonight at 10/9c on TLC

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Aaaaahhh... sleep... glorious sleep.....

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kate gosselin blind date Kate Gosselin Goes On Blind Date—Takes All Her Baggage Along With Her

In tonight's episode of Kate Plus 8, the formidable Kate Gosselin goes on a blind date, and takes all her baggage along with her.

Anyone who is aware of Gosselin, likely has a strong opinion about her—but, whether you love her or loathe her, you’ve got to give her props for pulling no punches, and always putting it all out there—warts and all.

Kate Gosselin’s Heartbreaking Confession—Watch the Video!

As Popdust previously reported, the reality star mom has been outspoken about her disdain for now ex-husband and father of her eight kids, Jon Gosselin.

And it’s little wonder Kate lacks respect for her 38-year-old ex—in their divorce filing, Jon admitted to making poor decisions leading to financial issues, he also admitted to using “poor judgment in publicly socializing with other women so soon”, has flitted from job to job, working as a waiter, before deciding to pursue his dream of becoming a DJ.—and leaves the vast majority of his children’s care, and financial support, solely to Kate.

Kate Gosselin’s Attempt To Show How Happy Kids Are Results In Utterly Cringeworthy TV

So, it’s no surprise she’s carrying more than the average amount of baggage—not to mention the fact she’s a single mom raising eight friggin’ kids on her own.

During a TLC special last year, celebrating Gosselin turning the big 4-0, she shared how sick-to-death she is of everyone always asking her if she’s dating, and claimed that the five years since her divorce had been “the happiest of [her] life” (all while looking like she is about to jump under a bus).

Jon Gosselin Seeks Custody Of Just ONE Daughter

But, it appears she’s now ready once again to dip her toe in the romance pool, so when her best friend Deanna suggests setting her up on a blind date with a hunky single friend of hers, Gosselin agrees (all while looking like she is about to jump under a bus).

One thing she insists on however, is that Deanna pre-warn the guy that she has eight kids—because, and for once we totally agree with Gosselin, it’s a pretty important thing to be aware of when considering a potential love interest.

Jon Gosselin Evicted For Not Paying Rent—Friends Won’t Loan Him Money!

The guy in question, a dishy-looking and very sweet seeming dude named Vann, clearly isn’t deterred by the news, because sure enough, there he is, in a restaurant, sitting opposite the formidable Kate Gosselin for an interview dinner.

Old Vann is a braver man than most...

Dinner with Kate Gosselin looks to be every bit as fun as you imagine dinner with Kate Gosselin would be—and, that’s not much fun at all.

And, in true Kate Gosselin style, she wastes no time informing the dude of her expectations when it comes to any future partners—all while managing to get in a few jabs at the expense of her ne’er-do-well ex.

Case in point:

I think my experience from what I’ve been through, my main message to my kids is never settle…and do be comfortable with yourself.

Enough so that you’re not just marrying and being with the first person that comes along…. I think that that’s a big mistake that a lot of people make.

And, you know, this time around I have to be extra choosy, not only for myself, but the bar is set very much higher because it matters… so much more even [for my family]

I do know that the person who comes along, that sticks around….if you’re willing to take on someone with eight kids you have to be pretty darn tough..like, from the get go. And so I think that in itself will be, like, the ready made test.

That Kate Gosselin does love her “tests” doesn't she?!!

Bizarrely, old Vann manages to still remain undeterred, and even claims he had “fun” during the interview dinner date.

He tells the camera:

I don’t think I had any clue of what to expect as someone who has actually never seen the show…I walked in blind. She’s just a really engaging person, I’m having a great time, so, it’s been fun.

Well, one thing's for sure—he’s a braver man than most.

You can watch the new episode of Kate Plus 8 tonight at 10/9 c on TLC

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