With all the fuss about Renee Zellweger's face, has anyone stopped to wonder how Hugh Grant has aged?

Zellweger's Bridget Jones co-star was a legendary loverboy back in the day, but no one is giving him shit for looking like a saggy old couch in 2014.

If there's one place that sexism can't be overstated, it's showbiz. Women are not allowed to show their age, while men are only criticized for a truly egregious facelift. Women are said to have 'aged gracefully' if their facial procedures are top-notch, like Demi Moore or Cindy Crawford.

If their plastic surgery is a mess, women are mercilessly ridiculed. Kim Novak, Cher, Meg Ryan, Lil' Kim, ugh, how dare they try to look young and beautiful instead of allowing nature to take its course?

But when an actress does accept the natural process of aging, she's ridiculed for that choice as well. Jamie Lee Curtis, Diane Keaton, Brigitte Bardot...they had the temerity to grow old naturally, and most of us are offended by the grey hair and wrinkles. We can't handle the truth!

Male entertainers can look their age or even older, and they won't make headlines like poor Renee Zellweger. Mick Jagger, Clint Eastwood, Robert Redford, Bruce Willis, Sting, even Matt Damon looks a little weathered, but it's viewed as their right. It's a male right.

And that's wrong.

Kim Novak is slamming Donald Trump for bullying her with his cruel jibes over her appearance.

The actress sparked plastic surgery speculation after stepping out at the Oscars with a decidedly different looking face—but the 81-year-old denies going under the knife, explaining what’s behind her new look and opening up about how hurt she was by spiteful comments.

Novak took to Facebook Thursday to explain her hurt feelings—posting an open letter in response to the multitude of “attacks” she has received.

“I will no longer hold myself back from speaking out against bullies. We can't let people get away with affecting our lives,” she wrote before going on to name and shame Trump, who tweeted during the Oscars that Novak should “sue her plastic surgeon.”

Seriously, Trump? Ever heard that expression about people who live in glass houses? But then, I guess when you are living, breathing physical perfection like the real life Adonis, Trump, you’re in a position to judge others.

“For days I didn't leave the house, and it got to me like it gets kids and teenagers [who are bullied],” Novak explained. “I’m not going to deny that I had fat injections in my face. They seemed far less invasive than a face lift.

“In my opinion, a person has a right to look as good as they can, and I feel better when I look better.”

“I realized that I had to stand up not only for myself but for other people that don't have the courage to do so,” Novak concluded. “I feel like I have a mission.”