Human Barbie Lacey Wildd has lost 20lbs on a scary new diet in just six weeks as she attempts to mold her body into “Extreme Barbie” some more.

As Popdust previously reported, Wildd, 46, is currently planning a THIRTY SEVENTH plastic surgery (her 13th boob job), but is struggling to find a surgeon to carry out the procedure.

The mother of six and star of My Strange Addiction, was doing what she does best on a packed Florida beach this week—showing off those LLL boobies—and spoke about her bid to slim down to a tiny size 0.

Wildd told Cosmo,

“I want to have the most extreme body in the world. I want to be a walking cartoon character. But I know I have to be careful.”

She has been living off a controversial diet of just an apple, lemon juice and water each day for the past six weeks in a bid to lose the pounds.

Lacey, whose children are not supportive of further surgery, has spent over $250,000 on procedures which have left her with 21lb breasts that need supporting when she sleeps or drives.

Oh Lacey honey! You’re thin enough, they’re big enough- listen to your Doctors and your children!



Lacey Wildd turns heads wherever she goes with her far from conventional, plastic fantastic appearance, but the mom-of-six begs people to “look beneath the skin.”

Lacey, 44, opens up about her multiple plastic surgery procedures, people's reactions, critics, what she still wants done and what she would never, ever get altered in an exclusive interview with Popdust.

As previously reported, Lacey has had at least 30 plastic surgeries and spent more than $250,000 building the most extreme body in the world.

And she’s not done yet!

Lacey is about to go under the knife once again— to increase her already humungous breasts (an eye watering LLL) up to an unbelievable QQQ.

But, she is eager for people to see beyond her surgically enhanced appearance.

“One thing no one really ever wants to do is see beneath the skin,” Lacey tells Popdust. “My heart’s bigger than my boobs.”

How has her life changed since surgery? Do people treat her differently?

Back in the day Lacey was a AA cup

“Women treat me very differently than they did before I had surgery. I think I am a shock at first,” Lacey says. “But if they give me the chance they see I am a mother just like them. And actually humble and down to earth.

“Men have always been attracted to me. But they 100 percent treat me differently post surgery. Now men are intimidated. But some are not. I have no problem with men.”

And what about those who slam her for her over-the-top appearance?

“I’ve learned to ignore people’s reactions to me. And realize I’d be more worried if they didn’t have something to say,” Lacey says.

“When I dream I dream big. I live with no regrets. Love me, hate me or love to hate me. I am living my life the way I want. I suggest [my critics] do the same.

“I mean you may think I am obsessed with my look. But it made me famous and wealthy. And that makes the world obsessed with it too. The world made Lacey Wildd… I just gave them what they ask for!!”

What about claims she is suffering from a mental illness such as body dysmorphic disorder?

“I do not have BDD I am only doing this as a career move,” Lacey insists. “I know what I look like I’m not doing it because I have body or mental disorders… it’s for the money. I am a single mom of six… Yes six. I support them alone.”

In fact, Lacey says that if she were to win the lottery she would quit having surgeries, retire and look forward to  becoming a grandma!

That said, if she did win the lottery and was forced to have more surgery she would have, “a brow lift, my eyes made bigger, cheekbone and chin implants, boobs enlarged, abs sculptured, butt implants, Botox, fillers, oh and fix a few scars.”

However, there are “many” surgeries Lacey will NEVER consider….

“There are many surgeries I wouldn’t have done,” Lacey says. “Like vaginal rejuvenation. My vagina is beautiful. I'm very blessed in that department.”

So, what is up next up surgery wise?

“I want my entire face done,” Lacey says. “I’d like to have larger butt implants and of course my breasts increased.”

And, what’s up career wise?

“I am shopping for a book deal,” Lacey says. “And starting a blog for mothers and for celebs and it’s about life.

“It will help people who have had botched surgery and people with life issues… kids….hubby….sex…you name it. I look forward to helping others stay safe and to live their dreams not just dream.”

When is big ever big enough?

Never if you are Lacey Wildd, who is about to go under the knife yet again, this time to increase her already humungous breasts to an eye-watering QQQ—Popdust has video and photos of the plastic surgery addict.

My Strange Addiction Proud To Be Plastic—TLC


Tonight’s all new episode of TLC’s My Strange Addiction, documents the 44-year-old’s plastic surgery obsession and it makes for compelling viewing.

Lacey is “proud to be plastic” and has spent more than a whopping $250k and undergone 30 procedures to attain the most extreme body in the world—which includes an “internal pig skin corset.”

My Strange Addiction Proud To Be Plastic—TLC


WTFF is an internal pig skin corset? I hear you squeal…. yeah, me too….you can find out by watching the clip below.

And, trust me, that’s just the start of the freakiness…

My Strange Addiction Proud To Be Plastic—TLC

According to the TLC press release:

"Twenty years ago, 44-year-old Lacey discovered the power of beauty with her first breast enhancement.

"Since then, the mother of six has had at least 30 plastic surgeries and spent more than $250,000 building the most extreme body in the world.

My Strange Addiction Proud To Be Plastic—TLC


"But Lacey still isn’t happy with her cartoon-like curves. Soon, she plans to go under the knife yet again to double the size of her breasts to a shocking QQQ.

"Will Lacey’s children be able to convince her to give up her addiction to augmentation or will she undergo another procedure in her quest to build the most 'perfect' body?

My Strange Addiction Proud To Be Plastic—TLC


You can watch the full episode of My Strange Addiction Proud to be Plastic tonight at 10/9c on TLC