This week's K-pop chart is a tough one for idol stars, with the majority of the top ten songs coming from non-idol acts. The No. 1 spot belongs to Postmen's "Can't Go To Shinchon," which was originally released eight months ago. The song's late-blooming success comes after a contestant performed it on the popular reality TV singing competition Superstar K6, bringing national attention to the little-known K-indie act and their music.

Rapper IRON follows at No. 2 with "Malice," followed by Yoon Mi Rae's "I Love You" at No. 3, and Bobby's "Bounce" at No. 4.

SISTAR's "I Swear" drops down to No. 5, while Ladies' Code's "I'm Fine Thank You" is down three spots to No. 6.

Outside of the top ten, Girls' Generation-TTS (TaeTiSeo) debuts at No. 11 with their slinky single, "Whisper." You can expect to see more of the talented trio on next week's chart now that their new album Holler has been released.

Much further down is T-ara, who make a disappointing debut with "Sugar Free" at No. 37. It's the group's worst performing lead single ever, which is a bit surprising considering that they just had a top five hit late last year with "No. 9." Hopefully the song will fare better in the clubs, where it's currently being promoted with a slew of dance remixes from high-profile DJs.

Last but not least is YG Entertainment's work-in-progress Team B, who arrive at No. 48 with "Wait For Me." The song was recently performed on the group's reality show Mix & Match, which is like a Korean version of MTV's Making The Band.

Check out this week's key K-pop hits below.

No. 1. Postmen - Can't Go To Shinchon

No. 6. Ladies' Code - I'm Fine Thank You

No. 11. Girls' Generation-TTS - Whisper

No. 37. T-ara - Sugar Free

No. 48. Team B - Wait For Me

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Ladies' Code have just premiered a music video for their track, "I'm Fine Thank You," which has been topping the K-pop charts ever since the Korean girl group's tragic car accident earlier this month.

The touching video pays tribute to 21-year-old Go Eunbi (EunB) and 23-year-old Kwon Risae (RiSe), both of whom died from injuries sustained from the car crash.

"Thank You I'm Fine" debuted at No. 3 on Korea's official weekly singles chart last week following an explosive sales surge immediately after Eunbi's death. It's still selling well on the various real-time digital charts, currently sitting at No. 18 on both Melon and the Instiz iChart.

The surviving Ladies' Code members are currently laying low after attending the funerals for their fallen bandmates. The most injured of the remaining three, 21-year-old Lee Sojung, is still in and out of hospital, and is estimated to require another six months of treatment.