We're still a few weeks away from the season five reunion of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but it's already shaping up to be the most explosive reunion in the show's history.

Andy Cohen has called it "super dramatic and emotional" and revealed that a "smoking gun" was revealed at the 11th hour, while Kyle Richards recently told E! that it was "worse than Amsterdam."

Now Beverly Hills' most controversial Housewife Brandi Glanville has thrown in her two cents about the reunion—and as expected, it doesn't sound pretty.

"I have post traumatic reunion syndrome. I'm telling you, I don't think I was on my best behavior that day," Brandi told her friend and Celebrity Apprentice co-star Leeza Gibbons on the latest episode of her podcast.

"Isn't that when it would pay to be an actress, when you could just put on a character?" asked Gibbons.

"Well let's ask Lisa Rinna, because that's what she did," Brandi quipped back.

Brandi continued, "You want to fight the fight, and I went in there saying 'I'm going to be quiet the whole time. I'm not giving them anything,' and then I lost my temper. And it was craziness. Like crazy. But having said that, I've gotta own what I did and said."

Even Lisa Vanderpump has commented that Brandi came off badly on the reunion, tweeting last month: "She didn't do well at the reunion for sure."

Besides Brandi, the feuding Kim Richards and Lisa Rinna reportedly get into another "vicious" physical fight on the RHOBH finale and then in an "intense" shouting match at the reunion.

Andy has already revealed that the reunion taping was the first time that Kim and Kyle had spoken to each other in four months, while TMZ is reporting that there's "little hope" of a reconciliation between the two sisters.

Holy cow. This reunion is going to be horrible amazing!

Celebrity Apprentice winner Leeza Gibbons is being inundated with work offers since Donald Trump refrained from telling her "you’re fired," last month.

Not only are she and Brandi Glanville—the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star who bonded with Gibbons during the show—in talks to do a project of their own, word on the New York streets is Leeza is also being wooed by both the Today Show and The View!

“Leeza and Brandi are talking about working together," a source tells Popdust exclusively, “if Brandi is allowed to take on another project. She’s still on Real Housewives, despite rumors she’s been fired, but before Brandi can take on additional work, she would have to get Bravo’s permission.”

In the meantime, there are rumors that the Today Show would love to have 57-year-old Leeza fill Katie Couric’s Gucci shoes, and there are even rumblings about her being offered a seat on The View.

“Leeza is overwhelmed by the reaction to her winning Celebrity Apprentice,” says the source. “Even Donald Trump was surprised she outwitted and out—played her competition.

“But having to pick up and move to New York would be a huge decision for her to make, especially when most of her friends and family are all living in LA.”