Whatever you may think about Nik Richie’s public persona you have to cut him some slack as he goes through what can only be the most devastating and traumatic period of his life—yeah?

Apparently no—at least when it comes to some haters out there—as a source close to the Lamas family tells Popdust exclusively that the controversial TheDirty.com founder has been inundated with hate mail following wife Shayne Lamas’ tragic miscarriage and ongoing medical drama.

As previously reported, Richie’s world was rocked to the core just over a week ago after Shayne was placed in a medical coma following pregnancy complications that resulted in her miscarrying the couple’s second child.

After a tense few days it seemed the worst was over and that Shayne was on the mend as Richie announced that the 28-year-old was out of her coma and awake.

But, things soon took a dramatic turn for the worse in the early hours of Valentine’s Day after Shayne’s heart gave out and she was rushed to the ICU once again—where she remains under observation.

Richie has been a constant at his wife’s bedside throughout the drama, along with Shayne’s father, Lorenzo Lamas—who, our source says, has started seeing his son-in-law in a whole new light.

However, despite seemingly winning over Lorenzo—whom Richie has very publicly feuded with over the years—it seems there are plenty of anonymous trolls out there who are actually deriving pleasure from the tragedy.

“Lorenzo never warmed to Nik,” the source says. “He thought he wasn’t good enough for Shayne and believed she could do better.

“He never hid his animosity towards Nik and there was no love lost between them, to say the least. But, the past week has really helped change Lorenzo’s mind—Nik is clearly, utterly devastated by what’s happened and it’s apparent how much he loves and values Shayne.

“Nik has literally not left Shayne’s side throughout the whole ordeal and it’s been impossible not to see how genuinely devoted he is to her.

“He’s received some unbelievably vile hate mail though from total strangers, gleefully telling him ‘Karma’s a bitch’ and that he and Shayne ‘deserve everything that’s happened and more.’

“These people don’t know Nik or Shayne personally—they have no idea what kind of people they are away from the spotlight—and regardless of that, Nik and Shayne lost a child, Shayne nearly died…. how can that be cause for celebration.. even by the most twisted of people?

“If Lorenzo, of all people, has managed to put their differences aside and see Nik in a different light, then there has to be something good there, as much as we all doubted it before.

“And, at the end of the day, what the fuck is wrong with these people? What do they hope to achieve by sending a total stranger hate mail over the loss of his baby and near loss of his wife?

“If they really do believe in ‘karma’ I guess they better watch out for themselves in the future because that’s some fucked up shit.”