mark salling child porn

What do former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle and Glee star Mark Salling have in common?

They both like kids…and not in same way Angelina Jolie likes kids…TMZ is reporting that the actor has just been arrested for possessing child porn.

Jared Fogle Child Sex Abuse Scandal Is Even More Disgusting Than You Imagined

Salling’s ex-girlfriend tipped off cops who thoroughly investigated her allegations to ensure it wasn’t just an elaborate plot for revenge. When incriminating evidence came to light, they raided his Sunland home and seized his personal computer, which turned up hundreds of images. Authorities hauled Salling to the police station for booking.

LAPD's Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force obtained a warrant and served it Tuesday morning. Police revealed that the images they captured from Salling's computer were of children significantly younger than 15 and 16 year olds.

Jared Fogle’s Lawyer Blames ‘Mild Pedophilia’ On Subway Diet Weight Loss

According to TMZ, cops claim there were more than a thousand images of "child sexual exploitation" found—they also seized Salling's other electronic devises to analyze.

Sadly, this is not the 33-year-old’s first brush with the law.

As Popdust previously reported, back in 2013, Salling was sued by ex-girlfriend Roxanne Gorzela, who said he committed sexual battery against her by forcing sex without a condom—Salling denied the allegation—the case was eventually settled for $2.7 million.

A Glee Goodbye—Final Note On The Show That Rocked My World

Salling who played bad boy Noah "Puck" Puckerman on the hit Fox show for six seasons, was  most recently linked to Disney star Denyse Tontz.

The young and talented cast of Glee has already suffered its share of heartache.

In 2013, Cory Monteith, who played Finn Hudson in the musical series, was found dead in a room at the Fairmont Pacific Hotel in Vancouver, Canada.

Glee’s 50 Best Musical Performances

A coroner ruled that he died accidentally after drinking and overdosing on heroin. He was only 31-years old and was dating his Glee co-star Lea Michele at the time of his death.

mark salling sexual battery settlement

Mark Salling has just agreed to pay Roxanne Gorzela more than $2.7 million for knocking her to the ground and banging up her knees.

But just what lead to the act of aggression? Why, sexy time, of course.

Glee Star Mark Salling Arrested For Possessing Child Porn

TMZ is reporting that in 2011 Roxanna met Mark, sparks flew and they wound up naked and horizontal. In her lawsuit she claims that she consented to having protected sex with the Glee actor, but he refused and forced his unsheathed sword on her.

Terrified that she may have contracted something, she turned up at Mark’s apartment a few days later with fighting words for the 32-year-old actor. She alleges that thing escalated quickly and culminated with Mark throwing her to the ground, injuring her knees.

The case settled Monday, mid- trial. Legally, Mark made out on the deal. Gorzela's sexual battery claim was dropped and the only charge that stuck was that he negligently caused her to fall and get hurt.

Roxanne gets:

Past medicals  $64,155

Future medicals $666,000

Past non-economic damages $180,000

Future non-economic damages (pain and suffering) $1.8 million

Grand total:  $2,710,155

Luckily for Salling though, this wont affect his wallet.

Roxanne agreed to ONLY go after Mark's insurance for the money.

State Farm, Mark’s insurance company, had rejected the claim, but now a judge has signed the settlement.

Now for the twist: under the settlement, Salling gets a cut of whatever Gorzela gets from State Farm because he believes State Farm owes him something for rejecting his initial claim in the first place….


Only in Hollywood.

As Glee shuts the door to McKinley High for good this week, the cast has shared their most memorable moments within that choir room.

Yes, there will be tears.

"Literally all of them. It's every moment," shares Naya Rivera to The Hollywood Reporter. "The moments off-camera, when we're hanging out at lunch at base camp and talking. The moments on tour, in the hotels on tour or in each other's cars on the weekend, it's everything."

Chris Colfer, with the show being his first big acting gig ever, weighs in, "It was my first gig ever and getting the call that I was a part of it was the biggest memory for me."

Speaking of Colfer, he is set to pen this season's 19th episode. He discusses that experience so far,  "I've been pretty successful with the song choices -- everything I've wanted to do for my character has been chosen as of now. They still have to clear all the rights but they all approved them in the writers' room."

Mark Salling, who has portrayed the pool-cleaning hunky side-kick, offers his thoughts, too, on his favorite moment: "I always think back to when we did the Beatles number with the deaf choir but there are so many moments. Harry Shum Jr. did a 100-second video on Facebook and that almost brought me to tears. It's overwhelming."

Way to rip our heats from our chest there, Puck!

Amber Riley also sang her way into our lives as one of the original six glee club members. "There are so many, it's hard to pick one," she says of whittling it  down to one memory. "When we did 'Somebody to Love,' that was the first time I felt we were really a group in a weird way. When we sang that song together, it was my very first solo in the show and it was really special."

And, of course, how could we forget the epic dance skills of Harry Shum, Jr., or how we'll forever remember him, Mike Chang. "We did 'Somebody to Love' millions of times but I remember we performed it at the Upfronts and this moment that [choreographer] Zach Woodlee told us: 'This is a song that Freddie Mercury talked about when he was dying. This was his last moment and treat it as that.' It made the show feel a lot more special and we realized that outside of 'Don't Stop Believin',' this was a whole other level and it wasn't about us, it was about this message."

Darren Criss, who did not join the comedy-musical until Season 2, adds his adorable two cents. "[My favorite moment was] shooting the 100th episode. Having everybody around was really special. There was one night when we were shooting at this club in L.A. singing 'Party All the Time' with Gwyneth Paltrow. It was so nice seeing everybody together. It's one of thoseGlee moments when you think that you probably won't get to do something like this ever again."

As far as the rest of the season and what looks to be the final season next year, co-creator and executive producer Ian Brennan explains the reasoning behind the move. "The more familiar faces, the better we're going to be able to tell that last season of the story," he says. "Everybody is everywhere, which is crazy and it's good because everyone is successful and it's a sign of a good show. I want all of them around all the time and to never leave."

My favorite moment? Sitting on my couch in the summer of '09 and witnessing the pilot episode and getting those chills on my arms. I just knew we were onto something life-changing, and I was right. Leave your favorite moment in the comments, Gleeks!

And as the show comes full circle in tonight's second-half of the 100th episode celebration, I leave you with this:


Don't forget to tune into Glee tonight on FOX at 8/7c and have those tissues handy!

From week to week, we’ll be critiquing the Glee players in each episode through a highly qualified, totally partial and uber judgmental lens, providing you with the necessary knowledge about who’s a total waste of time, who it’s OK to Google into the wee hours of the morning, and most importantly, who is totally deserving of the infinite attention and praise he or she receives on a regular basis. Once they’ve been dealt the dreaded Popdust Loser crown, we’re done with them forever, or at least until next season. In Lima, Ohio some people are more expendable than others. It’s Popdust’s duty to separate the entertaining from the nauseating. Welcome to Glee: Who is The Biggest Loser?

Sigh. Remember when Tina Cohen-Chang was a regular on this show? *crickets* We know, we know, we know. We're hanging on to something that's long gone, but for those that are still out there, can you please indulge us by acknowledging that "I Kissed A Girl" was the audition song of Tina—yes, goth-supporting, fake-lisp-speaking, crushing-on-Artie Tina—during episode one. Is nothing sacred anymore? The original Katy Perry track, and the fifth in Glee's nearly two and half season history, if you count Coach Sylvester's "California Gurls" routine—and we always do—was used as a way for Santana to come to terms with the public outing, at the hands of Finn within the McKinley halls, and sleazy Washington hopeful in Lima and beyond.

But Santana wasn't the only victim in Benny The Sauce's smear campaign. In order to stand a chance in her Congressional election, Sue needed to reassert her heterosexuality, and fast. This was clearly no job for needy, trainwreck-y cry babies. But thanks for playing Dan Quayle, Matt Lauer and Stephen Baldwin! No, of all the past conquests from her Book of Booty Calls, she had to choose the most handsome alpha male, in the closest square mile radius. There's something about those football coaches. All of these political effects plagued New Directions' march for Sectionals—because when does it not?—but they also unearthed some smart feminist theory and mathematical formulas from Noah Puckerman. But that doesn't mean he won't go raw dog on a beehive if not respected. He has to keep up some of his old reputation.

For the wise and fabulous, click NEXT.


KURT: Candidate Hummel worked so hard to run a true and honest campaign, that the thought of pulling a JFK in Chicago (we welcome your alternative theories in the comments) risked to make him no better than the egomaniacal BFF slash former competitor he ignored just weeks ago. Chiseled Kennedy resemblance aside, that Hummel work ethic kicked in, as did his compassionate tendencies, lending musical support by way of his own Driving in Cars With Boys moment on Pink's "Fuckin' Perfect." We don't know the correct name for that half sweater  he wore (bias-cut?) but it was and is amazing.

SUGAR MOTTA: The talented Daddy's Girl has finally found her place in The Troubletones, McKinely High School and our hearts, thanks to her ludicrous array of accessories. Yes, we understand this week's joint glee club meetings were intended to help Santana through a tough time, but that doesn't mean that Sugar can't look stylish. She effortlessly revisited the '70s with colorful headscarves and even gave a nod to the gracefully aging diva she hopes to become with her fur stole. Forget Mercedes, we'll give you a hug!

SANTANA: No breezy catch-up reel was needed to remind us that "I Kissed A Girl" was all about Ms. Lopez, that slap and the secret she's been hiding for a while now. Finn may have thought her sexuality was common knowledge and therefore his to share with fellow students, but Santana still needed to deal with things herself. Armed with her biting wit and comedic timing, she resisted at first (i.e. when Finn was being preachy) but finally let her guard down so those around her could show their support. Opening up to her family members proved to be the most difficult, yet Santana—and Naya Rivera, you can't tell but we're standing up on the other side of this screen and starting the slow clap—handled the conversation with grace, even when met with the resistant face of her Abuelita. Glee has a knack for making Perry covers better than the originals, and the Santana-led "I Kissed A Girl" transformed the song from a tired, attention-seeking party anthem into an empowering celebration of ladydom.

For those who resemble the guy from A Beautiful Mind, minus all the crazy, click NEXT.


COACH BEISTE: Poor Shannon is just trying to understand confusing feelings and come to terms with the fact that weight lifting is not always exclusive. While we appreciate a woman with no qualms about ordering that much food for take-out, it wouldn't hurt Coach to employ her own football strategy off the field: be aggressive and head straight for your goal! Hesitation will lead to...turnovers? Eh, what do we know? We only order delivery.

RACHEL: The prospect of failure—even when it doesn't pertain to her—is simply too much for Ms. Berry to stand. In a perfect world, duets in the cafeteria would solve every problem, but at least Rachel got to have a little fun with her girls before she made good on her democratic no-no by confessing to Figgins and accepting her non-Sectionals fate. And generated another cliffhanger ending that won't end in tears. We hope.


BRITTANY: Congratulations, Madame President! Pixy Stix for everyone! We're assuming McKinley students will have off for Unicorn Day next year?



EMMA: We don't know what disgusted her more: Coach Beiste's turducken, or her own initial thoughts as to what is keeping Shannon so busy on weeknights. Neuroses still a work in progress, she encouraged the jilted woman to live out her country music fantasy, gifting us with the surprisingly wonderful "Jolene."


BLAINE: Every JFK needs a Jackie O. And this one raps!




JACOB BEN ISRAEL: Even in the midst of a potentially headline-stealing scandal, McKinley's media mogul never lost sight of his election coverage.



ARTIE: Hear that, girls? Artie wants you to have fun.




MIKE CHANG: And so does Mike Chang. Couldn't he have at least prepared a dance to help Santana work through her feelings?



RORY: "Dear Mum, I love Ohio and I'm never coming home. Bye!"




TINA: Obviously the fact that she previously performed "I Kissed A Girl" without her own girl group did not bother the one-time loner who used a fake lisp to combat her crippling shyness. Unlike us.



MERCEDES: If we couldn't have Santana defend us with her verbal artillery, we'd still feel more than safe behind the attitude of President Troubletone.



BECKY: Regardless of Sue's slanderous campaigning or life-ruining decisions, Becky is nothing if not loyal.




BURT:Proof that good, honest, hardworking Americans can still get elected to office without going negative. We only hope that traveling back and forth to Washington will give Kurt a chance to meet President Obama, or at least practice his Heartburn-era Meryl Streep looks.



For those as unnecessary as the glee club's back-up violinists, click NEXT.


FINN: We struggled with how we felt about Finn's personal redemption mission masked as a school-wide coming out day. Yes, he could truly feel awful about what he did last week, but whining that he'll miss Santana because he lost his virginity to her and singing a creepy, whisper-heavy version of "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" while sitting AC Slater-style, missed the mark for us. But his preaching did open the door for his peers to uncover some Melissa Etheridge and k.d. lang, so: wash.

PUCK: Oh, Puckerman! You were doing so well now weren't you? Acing quadratic formulas, pinpointing the exact reasons as to why Quinn is a psycho bitch and recommending plastic surgery so that your genetically gifted daughter doesn't get ridiculed for her funky scar. So why did you go and make things more complicated with Shelby—lady is not stable, so who's to say the angry sex wouldn't happen again?—by telling Quinn, McKinley's Crazy Bitch Number One, a secret that could potentially ignite a PTA nightmare, not to mention a lawsuit? Guess you're more book smart after all.

WILL: First he tried to reprimand Santana for slapping Finn, and then he allows his kids to take the focus off Sectionals for an entire week? This is why you'll never make it to Broadway, Schuester.



COOTER: It must be hard to reject the shiny glow of Sue's many championship rings, but Shannon Beiste is just as successful! And since when did a little love punch stop a real man from making the first move? Beiste may have been sending him mixed signals, but admitting to actually liking Sue and flaunting it in Beiste's face, on her home turf, is unnecessary roughness.



SUE: Skank, skank, skaaaaank. Now that that's out of our system, c'mon, Sue! Can't you and your notebook of bountiful booty calls remember what it first felt like to really like a guy? And can't you revisit that feeling whenever you're tempted to ruin the lives of one of your peers? No? OK. Thanks for saying something sweet about Becky then.


For the person worthy of an infinite suspension, click NEXT.


ABUELA: It takes a lot for Santana to conduct a conversation without sarcasm, eye rolls or insulting people as a defense mechanism, so watching her own grandmother cast her aside after she opened her heart and unselfishly shared something was truly tough. Maybe you don't want to stay in Ohio much longer, Rory.


Are we being too hard on Finn's attempt to get in touch with his feminine side? Debate that, as well as whether or not Puck or Coach Beiste has a brighter future in country music, in the comments below. And as always: rule wisely, rule fabulously.


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From week to week, we’ll be critiquing the Glee players in each episode through a highly qualified, totally partial and uber judgmental lens, providing you with the necessary knowledge about who’s a total waste of time, who it’s OK to Google into the wee hours of the morning, and most importantly, who is totally deserving of the infinite attention and praise he or she receives on a regular basis. Once they’ve been dealt the dreaded Popdust Loser crown, we’re done with them forever, or at least until next season. In Lima, Ohio some people are more expendable than others. It’s Popdust’s duty to separate the entertaining from the nauseating. Welcome to Glee: Who is The Biggest Loser?

That slap. Violence is never the answer, Gleeks, but after trading insults back and forth—can someone first explain when "Finn Hudson is fat" and "Burt Hummel has a baboon heart" became halfway believable things?—the entire Greater Lima area was a hotbed of hurt feelings and defense mechanisms last night. Santana served up the greatest verbal smackdown, with her relentless remarks on Finn's weight and lack of talent, all in an attempt to derail her competitor's focus before Sectionals. While her quips are hilarious and rarely allow for her opponent to get a word in themselves, they were largely unprovoked and just plain nasty after the third or fourth laugh. Of course we all know why she's crafted such a hard exterior for herself, and now thanks to small-minded Ohio and its cold-blooded politicians, it seems most of town will, too. Those awaiting resolution to Santana and Brittany's Lebanese relationship have chosen a good time to tune in.

When the rest of the school wasn't deflecting Santana's own insecurities, they were prepping for impending competition in the form of a schoolwide "Mash Off." Puckerman continued go heavy with his pool-cleaning charm in hopes of winning the heart of his personal choice for Teacher of the Year, while Rachel made strides towards being a Real Person instead of just raw, uncontrollable ambition with boobs. Forgive us for not recognizing this as McKinley's mash-up season, we only hope our positive reaction to every performance—Adele in particular—will make up for it. How can you not love authentic Hall & Oates 'staches, slightly creepy student-teacher singalongs to Lady Gaga or introducing a new generation to the lovely Crystal Gayle?

For those who sound like sweet melodies of a singing banana cream pie, click NEXT.


PUCK: It's true, the Puckfasa can't be tamed. While some might be hung up on the age issue between Puckerman and the object of his desires, this high school student knows how to pile on the compliments. His "Hot For Teacher" fantasy sequence took a literal approach to his feelings for Ms. Corcoran, but it was his understated comments about Beth and those daydreams of taking Hanukkah photos and driving to Coachella —car seat in tow—that won us over. As he said, it's not a matter of if Shelby will give in to his advances (again), but when.

RACHEL: Finally, Queen Berry abandoned her borderline sociopathic climb to the top to focus on cultivating relationships with those other than herself. And she didn't even have a Barbra Streisand solo to help her do so! Along with playing supportive girlfriend and cheering on Finn's quest to squash the New Directions-Troubletones feud, she opened the door for future bonding with Shelby and appropriately stepped down from McKinley's presidential race, directing her support to the deserving candidate Kurt Hummel. Her thoughtful speech about all of her friend's most lovely attributes were most appreciated by Blaine and Finn, who looked on like the two supportive boyfriends they are, and like two boyfriends who got laid last week. (Sorry, but it's true.)

MERCEDES: After feeling underappreciated led to some poorly executed Dreamgirls scenarios this season, her place in The Troubletones seems to be agreeing with her. She brought the focus back to the music without resorting to negative trash talking to win over the approval of her fellow 3Fs and earn the respect of Santana. Also doesn't hurt that she contributed to the Adele mash-up of "Rumour Has It/Someone Like You," easily one of the best performances of the season, and potentially the series.

For those who didn't put enough posters up for our liking, click NEXT.


KURT: A thoughtful campaign against obesity, bullying and generally malicious behavior at McKinley High is an important political platform, even if it's not the most flashy or jaw-dropping. Drawing from his own experience, he identified situations where others might feel like targets—dodgeball or otherwise—and proceeded to act accordingly. We're also happy he finally decided to stop scowling. But he should enjoy it while he can: if his wishes to ban the timeless high school sport come true, we're looking at a all-out jock revolt.


BLAINE: We thought there was going to be some strange spotlight-stealing subplot between Blaine and the newer newcomer Rory, but it turns out the ex-Warbler really is just that encouraging and sweet to his groupmates. Last week must have been a fluke.


ARTIE: We think we saw a small smirk move across his face when Brittany announced her plan for Topless Tuesdays. His fire for her still burns!



RORY: He took a hard, rubber one to the face for his team, which ultimately inspired Kurt's election platform. His unconditional support for Finn—his first "friend"—and misunderstanding of American expressions continue to be appealing and hilarious. But he should go easy on the weight-related insults; even if he's are more concerned with the family farming consequences, Americans will probably take it the wrong way.


SUGAR MOTTA: Sure, go ahead and keep thinking you sing like Adele. As long as you wave your cell piece in the air during any and all Will Schuester-Shelby Corcoran duets.



BURT: To his credit, he could have taken the "married to a donkey" thing a lot worse.




MIKE CHANG: The best John Oates impersonator there ever, ever was.




TINA: At least with more of the girls jumping ship for The Troubletones, Ms. Cohen-Chang can get some solos lined up before Sectionals.



WILL: With Sectionals quickly approaching, Schue was unwilling to launch a smear campaign on behalf of his pal Burt and completely oblivious to the fact that he and Puck might soon cross swords. Rock out to some Van Halen, bro. You've earned it.


EMMA: Wearing a yellow nightgown like that should help Will deal with the mounting stress he'll continue to face in the coming weeks.



For those as destructive as those annoying tornadoes we keep hearing about, click NEXT.


BRITTANY: The people's choice for class president got the negative campaign approach rolling with her claims that Kurt is the face of Hasbro's My Little Pony and Rachel is—gasp—still on MySpace. Obviously she's more of a BSB fan than 'N Sync devotee. Yes, she vowed to outlaw tornadoes, but Topless Tuesdays? You're better than that, Britt.


RICK THE STICK: The proud inhabitant of one of the more grotesque mullets we've ever seen, built his McKinley presidential campaign around the spoiled, sheltered viewpoint of someone who's never been slushied or met a locker head-on.


BECKY: We worry that such a close proximity to Coach Sylvester will ultimately lead her into the wrong end of a baboon den.



SANTANA: Quick wits (human fat + menorah candles = win) and strong vocals aside, her hurtful remarks to those who used to consider themselves her friends were excessive and took a large amount of the fun out of her outrageously dark humor—although making culturally insensitive insults is never really acceptable. She certainly didn't deserve a public outing from Finn, and a minor should never be used as the punchline in a political smear campaign. We're already familiar with her family history, but her slap heard round the auditorium should provide a gateway to the real Lima Heights Abuela within.


SUE: Building herself up on her opponents' imaginary weaknesses does not seem like strategy needed by the daughter of Nazi hunters. She's Sue Freaking Sylvester! After being implicated in Reggie The Sauce's accusations, she was surprisingly maternal and genuine in her approach to dealing with her Head Cheerios' feelings, but that doesn't change the fact that her initial zoo-related campaign digs probably sent things there.


FINN: All of his hard work to focus on groups who've overcome obstacles and stayed together through it all was lost when he revealed Santana's long hidden secret in the hallways. Maybe her relationship with Brittany and flirtation with Lebanese culture was something he felt everyone in New Directions was well aware of, but it's high school. Just because his words didn't stop pedestrian traffic and cause McKinley servers to crash on account of too many visit to Jacob Ben-Israel's blog, doesn't mean many powerful ears haven't taken notice.

For the person we'd like to ban along with dodgeball, click NEXT.


QUINN: Lest you had any doubt, Quinn really doesn't care about Puck, New Directions, Sectionals or anything other than her own self-pity and newfound desire to lie her way back into getting custody of Beth. Her request to join The Troubletones—only so she could continue to schedule an impromptu visit by Child Protective Services to Shelby's house—was completely transparent, and hurt both Beth's adoptive mother and her teammates in the process. Blonde hair and invisible piercings do not a trustworthy person make. At least when she was a Skank she owned up to her general horribleness.

Did “Mash Off” give you that perfect mix of snappy quips, raw emotion and musical greatness? Was Finn in the wrong to out Santana to the whole school? Should Mr. Schuester always refrain from singing about his feelings? Let us know who you think is the biggest Glee loser, in the comments.

From week to week, we’ll be critiquing the Glee players in each episode through a highly qualified, totally partial and uber judgmental lens, providing you with the necessary knowledge about who’s a total waste of time, who it’s OK to Google into the wee hours of the morning, and most importantly, who is totally deserving of the infinite attention and praise he or she receives on a regular basis. Once they’ve been dealt the dreaded Popdust Loser crown, we’re done with them forever, or at least until next season. In Lima, Ohio some people are more expendable than others. It’s Popdust’s duty to separate the entertaining from the nauseating. Welcome to Glee: Who is The Biggest Loser?

Glee is back! And with it comes some covers of song you may or may not already be sick of, questionable baby storylines and stinging pop culture-related one-liners from McKinley's baddest, hottest, messiest bitch, Santana Lopez. Last night's "Pot O' Gold" didn't prove to exactly be worth the lengthy wait, which was either made a little better or much, much worse, depending on who you were rooting for in the World Series. Once again the glee club faced annihilation from an especially curmudgeonly Sue Sylvester, who has moved on to spit-balling her trademark insults at glee club parents–luckily Burt Hummel actually has the cajones to go toe-to-toe with Lima's biggest bully, bum heart and all. Ohio is also apparently a prime locale for Irish exchange students, and Rory Flanagan (The Glee Project's Damian McGinty) plays up being green in his new surroundings by pretending to be a leprechaun frolicking through the marshmallow world of Brittany S. Pierce.

Last night gave us a surprising look at supportive parents, a great departure from those guardians who either set unrealistic expectations for their children or served discouraging insults with their dinner, and a reminder that not everyone outside of the choir room believes that mullet-sporting hockey players have a right to incorporate slushies and locker beatings into the school's orientation program. But does being new automatically put one on the defensive? Read on for our breakdown of those who rose to various challenges and those who strung together something more ridiculous than any good reality show could ever serve up.

For those who we want to see do it all again, click NEXT.


BURT: "Glee club saved my kids' life," was a bit dramatic, but probably true. But Mr. Hummel is not only out to support his son by signing a few checks that also work to boost his own auto shop sales, while funding Kurt's pit stop on the way to NYADA, he's willing to launch a Congressional campaign with a platform that fights to keep arts in schools across the state. And with his blue collar, baboon heart and all, he's not afraid to go head-to-head with Sue Sylvester. Your food, clothing and hair-related insults mean nothing to him, Sue. Time to start the Emmy campaign up again; we love this man.

FINN: Gumby finally awoke from his silly stupor to realize that glee club Means Something to him. And since he was always the self-appointed leader of the group, even with the questionable voice and bad dance moves, it's his job to fix things, remember? After checking up on the status of potential defectors, he ultimately acted like the bigger person (in more ways than one) and apologized to New Directions' departing divas, for both losing his temper and calling Brittany the dreaded "I" word.

PUCK: The local entrepreneur continued his pool cleaning business, thanks to some timely climate change troubles which allows him more time to appreciate the toned bodies of local cougars. He reluctantly adhered to Quinn's bizarre, maniacal Plan Get Baby Beth Back before quickly removing the planted hot sauce in Shelby's home. Yes, the final moments of the show were a little ridiculous: Shelby and Puckerman kiss—leaving only Tina, Emma, Coach Sylvester & Coach Beiste (?) as females he has not at one point gone after—but we can't help but sort of like it? Shelby's already been given the Big L from us, so we can't judge her for going all Mary Kay Letourneau on McKinley's resident mohawk sporter. Plus, there's no way The Puckerman is under 18.

BLAINE: Trying to use the foolproof Dalton Warbler tactics to keep the group morale up didn't resonate with every New Directions member. And although he's in a new school, he didn't stoop to Finn's level after his dig, but realized that the true way to win people over is by revisiting a Katy Perry son. His real life alter ego knows something about that, too.


For those who made the best with what color they were given in life, click NEXT.


KURT: We should have known Kurt would be the first to buy up the entire contents of the Banana Republic Mad Men collection when it first hit the racks. His dedication to raise extra funding for glee club and the musical probably have something to do with bulking up his application resume and presidential platform, but we love that he wasn't afraid to go to his dad for help, and not simply ask him to foot the bill entirely.


TINA: Tougher than a hangnail, she sheds tears for the original members of glee club. At least she remembers she's been there since day one!



ARTIE: Wheels is not willing to compromise his artistic integrity as musical director, even if it means losing one of New Directions' best members. That conviction might cost him a few friends, too blinded by the current week's disaster to look at the Bigger Picture, but it will help to formulate his ideals and beliefs once he leaves Lima.


MIKE CHANG: Always the first to jump up and dance when anyone needs help performing an emotional song filled with double entendres about the state of the glee club, plus The Other Asian is nice to look at.



MERCEDES: Planting the seed of jumping ship to join The Troubletones in the Santana's head was a bit devious, but recruiting has to start somewhere. Consider it preparation when different labels and agents both propose meetings begging her to sign them, which will obviously be set to the sounds of Janet Jackson.


RACHEL: Sure, a couple of defections from New Directions were not what "Maria" had envisioned for her senior year, but she kept the freakoutery in check and even managed to get a smile from Kurt after twisting a knife in his back two or three times over. But hold tight, cynics. The year has just begun!


WILL: For all his huffing and puffing about Booty Camp and taking glee club seriously this year, Mr. Schuester sure was enjoying "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)." A little too much, maybe? Aww, because even mop heads need to let off a little steam every now and then. And we know he's certainly not getting any tension release at home.


BRITTANY: Obviously ordering shrimp constitutes a date, and obviously Free Beer is a superior name for an all-girl group. We appreciated her deep concern for her presidential campaign and determination not to be seen as a quitter, and while we feel equally sad about her leaving New Directions as we do at the fact that she is not fazed by eating what she thinks are pieces of her cat's crispy candy bar-like feces, watching her stand up for herself is evidence that she's more of a Rain Man than one might think. Now if only she could do that to Santana.

SUGAR MOTTA: That's right, when blessed with the presence of Santana Lopez, you shut up, curtsey and make your way to the back of the stage.



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RORY: We understand being met with a rounding chorus of culturally insensitive hallway insults and interrogations about the quality of U2 music is no fun, but McKinley's exchange student all too willingly threw out borrowed American ideals for Lima's version of Victoria's Secret models and his overwhelming desire to get into her pot of gold. Once he caught on to the power of Brittany's child-like interest in him, he used it to his advantage and somewhat disastrous effects for the friends he was so hoping to make. He's sightly hard to understand while speaking, but we swooned while watching his solo serenade of "It's Not Easy Being Green," reminiscent of Artie's past hallway numbers like "Dancing With Myself" and "Never Going Back Again."


SUE: Stop killing the arts. Just stop. You had a lot of good insults this episode, and probably found some new fans in your vow to go after Tom Bergeron, but you're becoming so one-note it's boring. We're actually more concerned with the bubbling inter-school rivalry than the chances that glee club will no longer exist at all. Because that's not happening.


SANTANA: McKinley's bad, hot, messy bitch was more looking to direct Brittany in the direction she wanted her to go to in rather than just help her cross the street. She's manipulated her way into Brittany's heart, pants and extracurricular activities before, most recently causing the demise of her relationship with Artie. And now, even though she wants the stardom and spotlight that's promised to come with The Troubletones, she still needs Brittany to go with her. Her feelings for her are sweet but somewhat tainted given her consistent willingness to take advantage of Brittany's unicorn-like qualities.

QUINN: The ex-skank continued to bide her time in glee club while reading up on bad parenting cases and planting weird objects in Shelby's home. She's also willing to implicate poor, dumb Puck with Plan Get Baby Beth Back scheme but not willing to accept the potential in his burgeoning pool cleaning business. Because she's a perfectionist with a truck load of issues, aren't these the kind of struggles that need to be dealt with within herself instead of taken out on others?

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PRINCIPAL FIGGINS: McKinley's resident pushover was stuck between "a rock and a difficult yet equally hard rock," but we'd be more understanding if he simply applied any additional budget money to some school security. Do they let anyone in parking lots these days? We're really tired of hearing "my hands are tied, Schue" and really can't believe he's even let Sue stick around after that fake sex scandal in season one. You're an insult to your profession, sir.

Have a different opinion about last night’s events? Can Burt really take on The Sylvester in the polls? Does Blaine's version of "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" put you in a better mood? Is Rory a good fit with New Directions? Let us know who you think is the biggest Glee loser, in the comments.