Congratulations are in order for Lindsay Lohan who got engaged to her Russian boyfriend over the weekend.

Or maybe not.

TMZ claimed yesterday that La Lohan's boyfriend of seven months, Russian heir Egor Tarabasov proposed to her over the weekend and that Lindsay delightedly accepted.

However, a rep for the 29 year old actress, Hunter Frederick, denies the engagement and telling Page Six that the report is "not true and holds no merit".

Gasp!  TMZ are wrong? But they had an exclusive and everything!

Family Approval

Lindsay and Egor have been dating since being introduced by mutual friends at a party, and the 22 year old real estate agent has certainly got the approval of Mama Lohan which is hardly surprising given his apparent financial status.

Lindsay Lohan Airs Her Dina Dirty Laundry—Slams Mom On Instagram

In shocking news it seems that Daddy dearest Michael Lohan also approves!  Hold on!  Are the trainwreck parents of the century actually aware that they are agreeing on something? Michael said last month;

"He has a lot of strong connections in Russia—these are big people and they're very supportive.  He wants things to be in the right place for Lindsay and he's wise beyond his years."

There have been murmurings however that Egor's family isn't quite as rich and well connected as the Lohan's would like to believe.  Yes he's rich, but TheHollywoodGossip reckon that while his family own a chain of home repair stores, they're worth millions, not billions, which as they say is;

"Not bad, but not "buy your way back into Hollywood" rubles."

Kate Major And Michael Lohan Lose Custody Of Kids — Anyone Surprised?

Living Together

Well whether or not they are engaged it does seem that Lindsay is finally in a good place in her life with her London based businessmen beau, and she recently revealed on Instagram that they have moved in together.

Moving in and "How To Get Your Man To Help" #HTGYMTH 1. Organising Hangers : A happy closet is a happy mind

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She's Got Her Life Back On Track

Lindsay has kept a lower profile since moving to the UK in 2012 with only a few minor mishaps—nowhere near the car crash her life was previously.  A friend told People;

"She's not partying as much like she used to. She's doing really well and she is taking cooking classes with some girlfriends ... She has been happy staying out of the public eye. She likes staying in and flying under the radar and staying out of trouble."

What? Dina And Michael In The Same Room?

Lindsay was with both her parents and her sister as well as her boyfriend/fiance last night at a Duran Duran concert in New York.

Rather amazingly, there were not reports of any police intervention needed and they were all pictured having a good evening—Lindsay even went up on stage at one point and gave a shout out to sister Ali. Cheeky Lindsay did sport a MASSIVE emerald and diamond ring on the all important finger and looked pretty amazing in an ivory jumpsuit giving it lots of cleavage.  She was seemed really happy, dancing away with her 55 year old dad and 53 year old mom and posing for selfies with Ali.

Egor seemed happy to stay in the background, always close by, so I guess we'll have to wait to find out if Lindsay will be changing her name to Mrs Tarabasov in the future.  

Thank you New York! #duranduran #nyc @duranduran A photo posted by Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) on

Lindsay Lohan Denies Engagement

kate major and michael lohan lose custody of kids

In a move that has surprised no-one, news has emerged that Michael Lohan and his current wife Kate Major have lost custody of their small sons.

Last week the Florida Department of Children and Families swooped in to save the poor little boys, 2-year-old Landon and 10-month-old Logan, after they got a copy of a video (from who knows where) of their fucked-up parents fighting in front of them.

Presumably it was pretty crazy, as the DCF hothoofed it to Kate's apartment in Boca Raton immediately and pulled the kids out there and then.

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The boys spent the night in foster care before their grandmother, Marilyn Lohan, flew in from Long Island to be their temporary guardian.

After they'd come calmed down, Mi-Lo and K-Maj went to court to try to get their kids back, but, thank god the DCF had the sense not to fall for their bullshit and awarded custody to Mrs Lohan senior.

Kate and Michael can now only visit their kids with a DCF monitor present (we would suggest after a breathalyzer and drug screen too), plus they have to go to anger management classes.

Lindsay Lohan Rant Seems To Indicate She’s Fallen Off The Wagon—Again

The 55-year-old father of seven (including of course Lindsay-she-never-stood-a-chance-Lohan), who surely must be a contender for Dad Of The Century, has been married to Kate Major for a year, and boy do they seem a good match.

Lohan told Page Six and TMZ before the hearing that his darling wife is a violent coked-up lying drunk and that he has videos proving she's an abusive bullshitter. The marriage is going well then.

Proud Papa Lohan Says Lindsay Is Back On Track, Reached Turning Point!

As Popdust previously reported, Mommie Dearest Major checked into rehab in June following her arrest for a drunken attack on her devoted husband, and she was also arrested in 2013  after he called the police following another drunken row.

Apparently, Michael is now seeking an annulment of their marriage, after Major (according the him) had an affair with another patient at her California-based rehab facility.

Can't you just hear the chant "Jerry, Jerry, Jerry" ringing in your ears?

Lindsay Lohan’s Mom Dina Is Selling Her Daughter’s Stuff Online!

Showing that he really has been drinking the Kool-Aid (drinking, snorting, injecting—who knows), Lohan also shared, "Dina said if anything happens she would be more than happy to take care of my kids for me."

Are you fucking kidding me??? Dina Lohan isn't capable of caring for a hibernating tortoise, let alone a child.

It remains to be seen whether Grandma Lohan is a good choice to bring up these poor bubbas (she did after all spawn Michael).

Lindsay Lohan Makes Total Ass Of Herself With ’Inspirational’ Arabic Instagram Quote

What is seriously scary is that once this loathsome media whore deadbeat dad is done with Major he will no doubt find some other dumbass fame-crazy desperado willing to jump on the train wreck and give birth to a few more fucked-up children.

Can the judge order a vasectomy?

kate major and michael lohan lose custody of kids


kate major and michael lohan lose custody of kids

kate major and michael lohan lose custody of kids

Lindsay Lohan is a free woman.

After 7 long years of being on probation, the former is wild child can finally free to live her life out of the watchful eye of Johnny Law. Fortunately for us however, the watchful eye of the paparazzi is still on her 24/7.

Lilo, who turns 29 on July 2, celebrated in Venice, Italy with hunky new boy toy Mathia Milani, with whom she’s been keeping company since April.


Lindsay’s proud papa, Michael Lohan opened up to Popdust about this milestone:

"After my conversations with Lindsay, I truly believe this wasn't only a turning point for her personally, but one which should prove to the industry that she is back on track and dedicated to finishing what she starts without a glitch," Michael says.

"I hope all the Doubting Toms who were so negative about her completing her community service realize how wrong they were to open their mouth and judge her to begin with. I'm so very proud of her."


While Lindsay Lohan’s mom, Dina, is busy selling off all her possessions on the internet, her dad is busy getting his ass kicked again by his drunk wife.

TMZ reports that Thursday evening, Kate Major fell off the wagon—hard—and directed all of her drunken rage at baby daddy, and hubby of six-months, Michael Lohan—who called the po po after she lunged at him and scratched his neck.

Kate was cuffed, again....and hauled off to jail.....again....

Another to add to the Lohan family mug shot album....

According to the police report, Kate was wasted and reeked of booze. She was slurring her words and her eyes were glassy and blood shot.

She confessed that she had been hitting the bottle and the fight erupted because Michael had accused her of cheating.

She also alleged that her 54-year-old husband grabbed her by the throat, but an officer noted she had no visible injuries. That’s when, according to the police report, Kate "scratched her throat area in an attempt to create red marks."

Officers threw Major in the Palm Beach County Jail and booked her for battery.

Michael told TMZ, "At the end of the day, this is all because of what Dina is doing in court ... It affects Kate too, and like anyone with a drug or alcohol problem, when they can't handle the stress, they resort to drinking."

Kate and Michael, who have two kids together, tied the knot in November 2014—and her rap sheet is already coming to rival that of her infamous daughter-in-law.

As Popdust previously reported, this is the second time the 31-year-old has landed behind bars following a domestic with Papa Lohan. Last year, Major copped a DUI after fighting with her then-fiance and storming out of the house. The DUI triggered a probation violation stemming from a 2012 battery case in which she allegedly attacked a cop.

Major appeared before the judge this morning and has since been released on her own recognizance.

Michael Lohan’s pregnant fiancée Kate Major has been released from solitary confinement in a Palm Beach county jail, but her plea to complete the rest of her jail sentence under house arrest has been denied.

Lindsay Lohan’s dad has been working tirelessly to get Kate, whose pregnancy is considered “high risk,” into better living conditions while she’s behind bars. Major had been held in a medical ward solitary room but has since been relocated to the general population.

“I was contacted by Kate’s attorney and she informed me that Undersheriff of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department was kind enough to agree move Kate to a general population,” Michael tells RadarOnline.

“They are doing this for Kate to get the medical attention she wants. She will be in a better living environment and so she will be around people in case see has a seizure or another medical problem.

“After a conference call between Kate’s lawyer, the prosecutor and the judge, it’s very sad to say, but Kate is not going to come home and have the baby and then go back and finish her jail time."

Major’s attorney had filed a request to modify his client's remaining time behind bars to house arrest, but withdrew it as it “wasn’t in Kate’s best interest to argue the motion."

Not surprisingly, Michael is sorely disappointed by the turn of events.

“Frankly it’s disgusting and beyond comprehension that [the judge and prosecutor] would put Kate and the baby’s life at risk, after knowing all the facts of how very high risk pregnancy is,” he says.

Major, 31, has a history of legal issues—including past arrests for causing a disruption on a plane and for attacking her neighbors. She became a convicted felon back in May after pleading guilty to violation of probation and was sentenced to eight months behind bars

Her latest conviction stems from a domestic violence incident when she allegedly attempted to attack Lohan and then drove away from their home drunk. Lohan was the one who turned in his baby mama—calling 911 to report her actions—she was found to be three times over the legal limit when stopped by cops.

The expectant couple already has one child together, son Landon, who was born January 2013.

Oprah Winfrey has come under fire for her upcoming Lindsay Lohan docu-series—with accusations it’s exploitative and potentially harmful to Lindsay’s post-rehab recovery.

However, in an exclusive interview with Popdust, Michael Lohan defends the project, insisting Lindsay “loves” Oprah and views her as a parent figure—and that his daughter is staying sober and doing better than ever.

On Wednesday, Jamison Monroe, Jr., CEO of Newport Academy treatment center, claimed that, “in order for Lindsay to maintain a normal lifestyle and get herself back on track, she should be out of the limelight.

“Holding anyone in early sobriety under a microscope, with constant media attention could trigger another relapse.”

Papa Lohan shoots down Monroe’s comments though, insisting HE’S the one that’s actually guilty of exploitation—not Oprah!

“Jamison said he thought the show was exploitative to Lindsay but he’s the one being exploitative because he’s saying all this, and using Lindsay’s celebrity, purely to try and get publicity for his treatment center,” Lohan charges.

“There is absolutely nothing that is exploitative about this show. Oprah is giving Lindsay a chance to prove herself… she’s actually providing the perfect opportunity for Lindsay to do so—as she’s under all this intense scrutiny and has cameras on her all the time so she can’t mess up.

“Oprah believes in Lindsay and that’s why she is giving her the chance to show the world she’s not this mess that everyone thinks she is….she’s capable and intelligent and articulate.”

The father-of-six goes on to say he’s always believed the project would be a positive experience for Lindsay and that rather than hinder, it would actually help, with her newly won sobriety.

“I was excited for Lindsay. I thought it would help keep her together, and keep her focused,” Michael tells Popdust. “The fact that she had to function under scrutiny of a production company and the cameras would give her just enough pressure to keep her in line.”

He also addresses Oprah’s “cut the bullshit” comment which rounds off the dramatic recently released trailer for the show, insisting it’s been misconstrued and bears no relation to Lindsay falling off the wagon.

“When Oprah told her to ‘Cut the bullshit’ she was referring to Lindsay keeping her appointments and being on time, stuff like that,” Lohan explains. “People will deduce from that that Lindsay is still using, but Lindsay is used to people deducing what they want."

In fact, Michael swears that she is sober and coping just fine—even going so far as to insist she’s “always been fine.”

“Don’t believe all the bad press and stories that are out there, Lindsay has always been fine! She's going very well. I don’t agree with her staying out late and putting herself in the party scene, but that's not my call, it's hers.," Lohan says.

“If Lindsay wasn't sober, I'm sure she'd admit it,” he asserts.

Michael is no stranger himself to dealing with emotionally draining situations on camera—so, how did this experience compare?

“Well, this was as real as reality gets, but it wasn't nearly as draining as Celebrity Rehab,” he says. “That was a harrowing experience. Most reality is staged, but Celebrity Rehab and Oprah' s documentary are not staged at all. They show everything- the good, the bad and the ugly.”

At one point in the short trailer, it appears Lindsay turns on her father, accusing him of being a toxic influence and not there for her—but not so, insists Michael!

“In that scene Lindsay was referring to the 21-months I had to spend away from her while I was in jail,” he says. “She wrote a song, Confessions of a Broken Heart about that time in her life—she sings in it, ‘Dad, I miss you, I love you I wear your clothes. It's so painful to be away from you.’ I think that speaks for itself."

So, how does Lindsay feel about Oprah?

“She loves her!” Michael says. “She just said to me today, ‘Dad, I love that lady.’”

Does she look to her as a mother figure?

“A parent figure. I don't wanna take anything away from Dina because she is Lindsay's mother, but Lindsay adores Oprah too,” he says.

Finally, how are things looking for Lindsay going forward, in terms of her career?

“Awesome,” Michael says. “She is doing a movie called Inconceivable with the producers of Broken City, Two Guns, Lone Survivor. She is going to blow everyone away.”

We’ve got our fingers crossed for you Linds!

The first episode of Lindsay premieres Sunday at 10 PM (ET/PT) on OWN