Journey guitarist Neal Schon, pictured in full snog with "Real Housewife" Michaele Salahi. Salahi's husband filed for divorce after learning of his wife's affair with Schon.

Scientific investigation has proven that reality stars have the genetic predisposition to suck when it comes to music, but this is really, really atrocious. There is nothing redeemable about infamous White House party crashed turn Real Housewives of DC star Michaele Salahi's debut performance of "Bump It," even when you ignore the fact that it was filmed on a local Miami morning show. Teetering around on nose bleed-high stilettos—not to mention wearing a dress that barely covers her babymaker—Salahi looks lost amidst her back-up dancers and part-time hype man. Where's your stage presence? We thought you were a Redskins cheerleader! With such a competitive pool of reality-based suckage, we will not rest until Bravo throws us a solid and launches Reality Pop Star Deathmatch.

Meanwhile, Countess LuAnn of The Real Housewives of New York City apparently sang sans autotune last night. Progress!