TC Chandler has released its annual independent critics list of the year's most beautiful faces, and it's filled with K-pop stars! Now, I don't know how official this thing is, but last year's list (which was uploaded onto YouTube) got 5.2 million views, and this year's already has 500,000 in just 24 hours, so it looks like people are paying attention to it.

Popular K-pop beauties like Girls' Generation's Taeyeon (No. 9) and miss A's Suzy (No. 15) all made the list, but it was After School's Nana who stole the show at No. 2 -- right behind this year's winner, Marion Cotillard.

This is a bit of a shock considering that Nana isn't really considered that great of a beauty back home in Korea, but she's mighty popular overseas -- as this list proves. International fans regularly select Nana as one of K-pop's top hotties, and the 22-year-old is a favourite for fashion shows and magazine spreads in China and Japan.

Other stars that made TC Chandler's list this year include Monica Belluci, Amanda Seyfried, Mila Kunis, Kate Upton, Ayumi Hamasaki, Kerry Washington, and Freida Pinto.

Anyway, here's a few photos of Nana looking like a total babe. You're welcome.

As expected, Hyorin's solo single, "One Way Love," has taken the top spot on the Gaon chart in its first week out. The SISTAR superstar dethrones last week's chart-topper, 2NE1's "Missing You," which slips one spot to No. 2. The point difference between the two songs is minimal, proving that 2NE1 are actually showing some real staying power with "Missing You" -- something that their last two singles didn't do.

Anyway, with "One Way Love" topping the charts, SISTAR's total career No. 1s now stands at seven: four as a group, two as soloists, and one as the SISTAR19 subunit.

San E's "Break Up Dinner" climbs two spots to No. 3, while Hyorin's other solo single, "Lonely," debuts at No. 4.

In even better news, VIXX's "Voodoo Doll" enters the charts at No. 7 to become the group's first top ten hit and highest-charting single of their career. Their previous best was "G.R.8.U.," which reached No. 14 back in October. The boys also debut at No. 1 on the album chart with their first full-length album, Voodoo, solidifying their status as one of K-pop's hottest rising stars right now.

A few spots down, Younha's "It's Okay" arrives at No. 9, while miss A's "Hush" slips to No. 11 after two weeks in the top ten.

2AM's new single, "Regret," debuts at No. 18, making it their lowest-charting lead single by a fairly large margin, while Crayon Pop's "Lonely Christmas" enters at No. 35 to become the group's third top forty entry after "Bar Bar Bar" and "Dancing Queen 2.0".

Check out this week's key K-pop hits, below!

No. 1. Hyorin - One Way Love

No. 4. Hyorin - Lonely

No. 7. VIXX - Voodoo Doll

No. 18. 2AM - Regret

No. 35. Crayon Pop - Lonely Christmas

2NE1's popularity ain't what it used to be, but the group's still capable of topping the K-pop charts with ease. Their new single, "Missing You," enters the Gaon chart at No. 1 this week, becoming the tenth chart-topper of their career.

Last week's No. 1, Davichi's "Letter," falls to No. 3, while Lee Juck's "Lies Lies Lies" rises 14 spots to No. 2.

As expected, T.O.P's "Doom Dada" has risen this week, climbing six spots to No. 4, while Taeyang's "RINGA LINGA" is down to No. 14.

San E's new single, "Break Up Dinner," enters at No. 5, pushing miss A's "Hush" down to No. 8.

2AM's new promo single, "Just Stay," debuts at No. 11, followed closely by Lim Kim's latest, "Goodbye 20," at No. 12.

There's really not much else interesting going on in the charts this week, but next week will be better with the debut of Hyorin's solo album.

Check out this week's key K-pop hits, below!

No. 1. 2NE1 - Missing You

No. 5. San E - Break Up Dinner

No. 11. 2AM - Just Stay

No. 12. Lim Kim - Goodbye 20

No. 115. Wa$$up - Nom Nom Nom

That Davichi reign just won't let up! The duo's new power ballad, "The Letter," enters the Gaon singles chart at No. 1 this week, making it their fifth hit single this year alone. The pair previously reached No. 1 with "Turtle" and "Be Warmed," while "Just The Two Of Us" and "Because I Miss You Today" both peaked at No. 2. Judging by the charts, there's no question that Davichi is one of the biggest female acts in K-pop today.

A few spots down is miss A's "Hush," which rises six spots to No. 5. Despite not topping the charts, the sexy single's been able to place first on two music programs so far, making this a fairly successful comeback for the somewhat struggling girl group. It also shows the importance of timing: T-ara's "No. 9" fared the same --if not better-- than "Hush," but was blocked on music programs by blockbuster acts like SHINee, IU, and K.Will.

Anyway, just below miss A is BIGBANG's Taeyang, who climbs 10 spots with "RINGA LINGA" to No. 6. This will likely be the peak for the single, which is another sign that BIGBANG's solo projects outside of G-Dragon just aren't doing the numbers that that they used to. Seungri's "Gotta Talk To U" peaked briefly at No. 3 back in August, whereas a few years ago Taeyang was reaching No. 1 with songs like "I Need a Girl" and Seungri was sweeping music programs with "What Can I Do."

Speaking of BIGBANG, T.O.P's "Doom Dada" enters at No. 10 this week. This isn't too bad considering that T.O.P's main activities outside of BIGBANG are either acting or as part of the GD&TOP unit, and "Doom Dada" still has a chance to rise a bit next week like "RINGA LINGA" did.

Trouble Maker's "Now" is already down to No. 13, which is a little surprising considering the NINE music program trophies the song has picked up. But again, this just shows how important timing is when it comes to winning Mutizens.

Miryo & Narsha (otherwise known as M&N) debut at No. 19 with their subunit single, "Tonight," while T-ara's "No. 9" remains in the top forty more than a month after its release at No. 37.

Check out this week's key K-pop hits, below!

No. 1. Davichi - The Letter

No. 5. miss A - Hush

No. 6. Taeyang - RINGA LINGA

No. 10. T.O.P - Doom Dada

No. 19. M&N - Tonight

miss A are currently promoting their amazing comeback single, "Hush," and were asked during a routine interview to choose the group's sexiest member. While Suzy is widely recognized as K-pop's top beauty, the girls surprisingly chose Fei as the sexiest member and the one that matches their current seductive concept the best.

We have to agree. The 26-year-old Fei is on fire this era, and is easily the hottest thing about "Hush." If you need more proof of Fei's supreme sexiness, just check out some photos of the Chinese beauty below.


After toning down the sex appeal on last year's "I Don't Need a Man," miss A have returned to their signature sexy style for their new single, "Hush." We've been in love with the sensual dance-pop jam since it dropped earlier this week, but we're also just as infatuated with the live performances.

miss A are seriously hot stuff, and they've never looked better than they do right now. Also, seeing them perform reminds us that they're actually a group of real dancers, as opposed to simply singers that also happen to dance. The sharp way that they execute their moves on stage puts them head and shoulders above many other Korean girl groups when it comes to choreography. The only weak spot is Suzy --the member with the least amount of training-- but considering that she's probably the most popular female idol in Korea today and is generally also considered to be the most beautiful, she can get away with being less refined than her bandmates.

"Hush" is currently performing decently on the K-pop digital charts, but the new Taeyang single, "RINGA LINGA," recently overtook it. Hopefully that's just a temporary glitch, because there's really no doubt about who has the better song between miss A's sophisticated dance-pop and Taeyang's heard-it-all-before YG hip-pop.