Despite reportedly trying to have her baby on Christmas Day, Kim Kardashian happily delivered unto us a son on Saturday morning, three weeks early.

The arrival of Kanye and Kim's bundle of joy was announced on her website on Saturday morning, just a day after  Kim posted a selfie of her nine month pregnancy belly on Instagram (as you do).

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Mother and child have remained in hospital for a couple of nights and there has been no announcement of baby West's name yet—although Kimmy has apparently been telling staff at Cedars Sinai that the baby's middle name will be Robert, after her late father.

The 35 year old reality star underwent a procedure (External Cephalic  Version) to turn the baby into the correct position for her to give birth naturally—she was worried that she would have to have a C-section. When talking about the ECV she wrote on her website that whilst the procedure had been successful, it had hurt more than giving birth!

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Kim's sister Khloe has been spotted visiting the happy family at Cedars Sinai (where she's spent a lot of time recently visiting recovering husband Lamar Odom), but she remained tight lipped about the baby, as has Kylie Jenner.  Kylie was asked about the Kimye arrival when walking into a restaurant in Miami but was stony faced and ignored the question—how ridiculous!

According to HollywoodLife, Kim had an easier birth than when she had North West, a source said;

"Kim is overjoyed with the birth of her perfect baby boy.  She gave birth naturally, her preferred way, and she must be a pro because this time around Kim felt it was a lot easier giving birth."

The main thing Kardashian fans will be waiting for now is.....the name.  They will have to go a long way to top the North West announcement of their first born, and there have been strong rumors they will name the child, Easton.   They have denied this rumor however, with Kim saying that whilst she wants a strong name for their son, they will not name him anything compass related.

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The source tells HL;

"They're not panicking about it.  Soon enough they know a name will fit.  For the moment, they're just calling him 'Little Man'."

We agree with one Twitter user who suggested Wild Wild.

Well in honour of Music Monday and the Kardashian's happy news—we've put together a playlist of songs about Kim Kardashian.....enjoy!

Kim Kardashian Baby

Kim Kardashian Baby

Kim Kardashian Baby

Happy Birthday Miley Cyrus!

Can it be that our favorite naked-obsessed-weed-loving-strap-on-wearing gal is still at the tender young age of only 23?!

Music Monday — Perfect Songs For A Little Slow Dance

Smiley Miley has certainly had one hell of a year—a major feud with Nicki Minaj, coming out as pansexual, controversial hosting of VMA's and now forming a new act (Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz) and releasing a surprise new album!  Busy girl!

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However Miley is also a lot more than just a performer who loves to shock.  She's also a humanitarian, a vegan and a feminist who has done a lot of good in the world this year. She donated $500k to AIDS research, opened a non-profit organisation to help homeless LGBTQ youth, rescued numerous pets and gave away her album for free.

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She doesn't care what people say—she lets the haters do their thing and she gets on with doing her thing.  Miley is so much more than her latest shock tactic and she will keep helping the under-privileged, helping animals and releasing great music regardless of the judgement.

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Keep on being you Miley—we love you and Happy Birthday!

Birthday Miley Cyrus

Birthday Miley Cyrus

Whether you love her or hate her, you sure as hell can't ignore her!

The endearingly unfiltered Brandi Glanville keeps those Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on their toes.  She tells it like it is, calls them out on their bullshit and does not lie.

Brandi Glanville Is Putting Joanna Krupa’s ‘Fishy’ Vagina On The Stand

Sure her delivery is sometimes a little brutal, and when she's had a couple of glasses too many her behavior can be a tad outrageous (just a tad)�—but hey, if she crosses a line at least owns it, which is more than can be said for most of them.

She's been spotted filming scenes recently for upcoming Season 6, as thankfully Bravo saw the error of their ways and realized that they needed the audacious Ms Glanville on the show to keep things lively.  Brandi is fiercely protective of her friends and her kids and not afraid to tell the truth, Andy Cohen clearly just couldn't face her not being around.

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Well today we are honoring the drama-bringing-bullshit-cutting-fun-filled-fabulous Brandi as it is her birthday.  Here are not only our top three favorite Brandi RHOBH moments, but also (as it's Music Monday) a Housewives themed playlist.

Have a great day Brandi and an even better night!

happy birthday brandi glanville

1.  When She Slapped Lisa Vanderpump

It was a joke!  Ok it was a joke that went a little too far (thank the wine for that), but boy did Lisa take it to heart.  She was first stunned, then furious and hasn't forgiven Brandi yet.

Lisa Vanderpump was just ever so slightly put out by Brandi's slap.

2.  When she offered to take Kyle Richards outside

Kyle does not like one little bit Brandi being close friends with her sister Kim.  She especially doesn't like it when Brandi calls her out on not being there for her sister when the chips are really down.  There was a confrontation and Brandi (towering over tiny Kyle) threatened to knock her teeth out.  Thankfully Kyle backed off before Brandi had to follow through.

Brandi goes street on Kyle.

3.  When She Threw A Drink In Eileen's Face

Brandi admits that she was a little starstruck when Days of Our Lives actress Eileen Davidson joined the Beverly Hills ladies. She was a self-confessed superfan and got a bit carried away when at a dinner with her and Lisa Rinna (the wine helped). She begged the soap actress to reenact a scene from Days, even offering her cash.  Davidson was clearly uncomfortable, but Brandi wouldn't quit, joking "I'll throw a drink on you", which she then did.  Davidson was left "confused, angry, humiliated", viewers were left in hysterics.

Apparently Eileen had never had a drink thrown on her before.

happy birthday brandi glanville

happy birthday brandi glanville

Whether its in your kitchen or spinning about on the dance floor, we all love a cheeky little slow dance.

So many memories are associated with music and nothing evokes misty eyed reminiscing more than the cheesy slowies.

I know for a fact I had my first proper kiss to Spandau Ballet's True back in the day. My mate and I would go to the church hall disco and at the end of the night, us girls would take our gum out and hope the boy we had a crush on had got the message and ask us to shuffle around.  Of course we couldn't even entertain the idea of being the one doing the asking—that would have been just too embarrassing!

I always wanted someone to feel inspired enough by my presence in their life to write something like Wonderful Tonight—maybe I should have taken Eric Clapton up on that date...I'm glad I didn't though, as then I would never have met my husband and literally fallen in love listening to I Can't Help Falling In Love With You, courtesy of Mr Elvis Presley.

Aaaah happy memories.  We've put together a playlist for the perfect slow dance....enjoy.


Coming next week on Music Monday....a playlist in honor of our favorite Real Housewife Brandi Glanville's birthday!

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greatest bond theme songs

Can you name your favorite Jame Bond theme song?

Spectre, the 24th film in the James Bond franchise has broken pretty much every all time box office record so far after it's release in the UK this week , beating Daniel Craig's last appearance as the ever cool 007 in Skyfall in 2012.

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At the end of the first week release across six territories, Spectre has raked in $80.4m vs Skyfall's $77.7m across 25 markets.

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Set to release in the US on November 6, the fourth outing for Craig's Bond has some way to go to beat the biggest opening weekend ever.  That record is held by Jurassic World which when it opened earlier this year raked in a staggering £208.8 million dollars over it's opening weekend.

James Bond Author Apologizes For Saying Idris Elba Is Too ‘Street’ To Play 007

Here are Popdust's top 10 Greatest Bond Theme Songs—I am hard pushed to pick my all time personal favorite out of these. When compiling this list (and singing delightfully at the top of my voice) I immediately thought each song that came on was my favorite...until the next one started!

Music Monday — Happy Birthday Miley Cyrus!

Gun to my head—I'd have to go with The Spy Who Loved Me, Carly Simon.

 greatest bond theme songs

No wait!  I meant Live And Let Die!

greatest bond theme songs

It's Monday morning and that must mean it's time for Music Monday!

We all know Monday's aren't great—trying to drag yourself back into work mode after your weekend downright sucks.

But wait!  Monday doesn't have to be filled with gloom and doom!  We've put together a Music Monday playlist for you to try to give you a little nudge in the right direction—only four more days until Friday!

From the nostalgia inducing Manic Monday by The Bangles to what is hands down one of the best songs ever, Blue Monday by New Order (boy does that invoke some happy memories), sit back, sing along and enjoy.