This week's episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars was the season finale, and after two weeks of hell the reality stars had to decide if they were going to stick it out in their relationships or move on without their other half.

At the end of last week, the couples were separated for a night to really think about the state of their relationships and decide if they were going to give their spouse back their wedding ring at the ring ceremony. Well everyone except for Tyson, because that prick never gave Rachel a ring in the first place.

Tyson was literally still second guessing what to do with Rachel, and all the other guys were getting seriously pissed off at him because he's such a pig.

"If Tyson was my sister’s boyfriend, I definitely would’ve told him he needed to propose  or get lost a long time ago," Spencer said.

Back on the women's side of the house, Aviva was questioning whether or not slimy Reid would give her back her ring at the ceremony.

"I think Reid and I have a great relationship and he’s an amazing guy," Aviva confessed. "BUT if I have done something ever to piss Reid off, it’s not beneath Reid to get me up there and to not give me a ring." That sounds about right.

Spencer was freaking out a bit because until recently, he didn't realize how serious Heidi was about starting a family with him.

"I did not realize how serious this baby shit was," he said. "But now this is life or death type shit. I thought this was marriage boot camp, not baby boot camp."

When Spencer met with Jim before the ring ceremony, Jim told him flat out that he needed to man up and make the right decision.

"If you’re just playing her along and you’re never going to have kids with her, then you’re a horrible person and you need to let her go," Jim said.

"I’m definitely debating not giving Heidi the ring because I feel like I’ve not treated her right and I don’t deserve to be wearing a wedding ring that’s connected to her," Spencer confessed."

Finally came the ring ceremony, and what a flop that was! Literally every single couple did the respectable thing and gave their spouses their rings back!! Even Heidi and Spencer, who actually decided to start trying for a baby in September.

The only couple that was left was Tyson and Rachel...surely they'll give us some drama, right?! WRONG! Rachel had made up her mind that if Tyson didn't propose at the ring ceremony she was going to leave him for good, but the pig actually got down on one knee and asked Rachel to marry him. Boooooring.

So does this mean they live happily ever after? Yeah right!

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On this week’s episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, everyone gets hooked up to a lie detector and asked questions not only about themselves and their relationships, but about other couples in the group. Yikes.

Everyone is extremely honest on the lie detector tests, even admitting their own faults and f*ck ups. Everyone, that is, except Aviva and Reid. The two of them literally are deceptive on every single question, which shocks no one.

When asked if she came to boot camp to work on her marriage, Aviva lies and said yes. Of course you didn’t come to boot camp to work on your marriage! You came for an extra 15 minutes of fame. You don’t even like your husband!

After the lie detector exercise, the couples were told that the have a hall pass for their last night in the house to reflect on their relationships and make their final decision of whether or not they still want to be with their significant others.

The guys and girls split up and go in different party buses to different clubs. The guys are actually having fun and being really good. That is until Reid’s bright idea to invite a bunch of girls over do dance with them at the club. All the other guys are like WTF dude? Then he gets drunk and starts in with the LAMEST game you’ve ever heard in your life. He’s even offering $60 to some random girl to give Tyson a blowjob and he thinks he’s hilarious. No one’s amused.

The girls are having a great time, especially Heidi who is dancing her surgically enhanced ass off at that club.

“Heidi has been lying to us,” Syleena said. “Apparently she used to be a stripper.”

Guys are hitting on Rachel left and right and Heidi is drunk dancing like a slore, yet tells every guys who comes over to watch to f*ck off! On the party bus ride home, Heidi and Aviva get into a screaming match that leaves Heidi crying in a corner. Aviva of course plays the victim, which makes everybody hate her even more.

When they get back to the house and meet back up with the guys, everyone gets filled in on what happened with their significant others. Rachel is pissed when she finds out that Reid tried to buy Tyson a blowjob. As the night winds down, Reid and Aviva are on everyone shit list and everyone goes to bed knowing that they all have to make a huge decision the next day.

Who’s brilliant idea was this drunken hall pass?? Oh yeah, these quack TV counselors.

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Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars may be winding down, but things in that crazy house are just heating up.

Aviva Drescher and her husband Reid have been getting on everyone’s nerves pretty much since the beginning, but things escalated this weeks when yet again Aviva and Reid only half-ass participated with the group.

It just so happens that this particular drill included food…lots and lots of food. And the only natural thing for Natalie Nunn to do to vent her frustrations with Aviva is to start a food fight!

Hotdogs and cupcakes started flying between the two women, but in the end absolutely nothing got resolved.

“If you guys can’t participate, we will all gladly help you pack you bags and leave,” Natalie said.

Even the counselor Liz agreed that Aviva and Reid were being bullshit participants.

“As long as Aviva and Reid skirt the rules of our exercises, they wont only hurt their own development,” she said. “They’ll also be a distraction to the other couples.”

Aviva of course took zero blame and had the nerve to accuse Natalie of hitting her.

“I tried in good fun actually to get them back on her, and at one point she came and actually her fist hit my face,” Aviva said. “I mean that’s assault. We’re dealing with people here who are at best barbaric.”

Shocking how in a room full of about 14 people, NO ONE saw this alleged assault. Later, Natalie went to sort things out with Aviva. When she heard that Aviva thought she hit her, Natalie actually apologized that Aviva felt afraid. This sent the entire group into a tailspin because literally no one saw Natalie hit Aviva and they were pissed that Natalie apologized to that nutcase.

For once, it was Tyson Apostol who had some words of wisdom.

“Aviva is just here to get a little bit more famous and Reid is here to support her getting a little more famous,” he said.

But Tyson was in hot water later when in the final drill, the couples had to choose between two doors – the Selfless door or the Selfish door. Rachel Foulger (rightfully) chose the selfish door marked marriage because after 6 years of being pulled along on a string by Tyson, she deserves a real commitment. Tyson did what he does best…he chose the selfish door of Rachel with no marriage. Of course they choose opposite doors because they suck as a couple!

“You’re still choosing Tyson’s way,” Rachel cried. “You just don’t get it. We’re not on the same path and I’m losing hope.”

Tyson responds with, “I would prefer that you be maximum happy, even if it’s not with me.”

Aww, how romantic. Can we just stick a fork in them already?!?

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This week’s episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars is all about forgiving and forgetting, but that is much easier said than done for most of the trainwrecks in that house.

For the first drill, the boot campers have to identify traumatic moments from their past that have left them scarred and with baggage. Jim and Elizabeth Carroll use childhood photos of each of the celebrities to hopefully trigger the emotions and memories they need to heal.

Syleena Johnson admits that she was molested as a child, and that rather than protect her, her father was like a useless shadow living in her house. Heidi Montag opens up about being molested several times as a very young child and breaks down talking to the childhood photo of herself.

Aviva Drescher talks about the accident that occurred when she was six years old that resulted in her losing her leg. Her story is heartbreaking, but instead of feeling the raw emotion of her past like the others are doing, she is a stone cold robot that may as well be telling you a story about her last summer vacay in the Hamptons. She's SUCH a robot.

The other houseguests are understandably pissed that they were so open and so vulnerable, but Aviva refused to go there. In a therapeutic environment, they don't feel like Aviva is participating at all.

After that, Spencer Pratt sits down with Jim who has concerns that he's not fully committing to the process either. Spencer admits that he's not, and it's because he got so burned by a former reality TV producer who cast him as the "villain" in The Hills.

"I have to be extra guarded now because I got so played out and manipulated by reality TV producers," Spencer says.

"Do you think the producers here want to do that?" Jim asks.

"I have suspicions," Spencer replies.

For the final drill, the celebrities are forced to admit who in their life has hurt them the most and must choose between two doors, Forgive or Forget. Syleena chooses to forgive her father, and when she walks through the door he is standing on the other side. What a piece of shit this guy is. She cries her heart out to him, and he takes zero responsibility for anything. Why did you even go on the show then, dick?

Heidi admits that the person she's angriest at in her life is none other than Lauren Conrad. A therapist stands in to act as 'Lauren' and Heidi forgives her for treating her like an indentured servant and being a shitty friend.

Lastly, Spencer decides to forgive the reality TV producer that he says destroyed his life, past and future. Jim stands in as the 'Producer' and eggs Spencer on to get him to really deal with his hatred for this man. It's at this point we start feeling like Spencer has lost touch with reality and might actually knock Jim the f*ck out! It's just pretend Spencer! Security!!! He finally forgives the producer and everyone breathes a sigh of relief...especially Jim.

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Are you ready for you weekly recap of the trainwreck that is Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars? Well buckle up because this train is choo-chooing all the way to Crazytown!

This week, the couples’ objective is to try to break down the barriers that they have in the bedroom. Their first drill is to play a harmless game of spin the bottle. When the bottle lands on a person, they have to draw a card and truthfully answer the question on it. Most of the couples are honest with their answers, until the bottle gets to Reid and Aviva Drescher. Reid’s question is ‘What do you want more of in bed?’ Bj’s? Anal? Nope, Reid wants more cuddles. Cue mass ridicule. Seriously, Reid? Every other person in that circle is being honest and vulnerable, and you come at us with cuddles? You’re full of shit.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Aviva gets the question ‘What’s your pet name for your partner in bed?’ You would’ve thought the damn card asked her to blow her husband right there in front of everybody! After a good five minutes of pearl clutching, she finally answers the question. Are you ready for this? Monster…she calls Reid monster in bed. You, Aviva, are also full of shit. The only thing monstrous about Reid is his hairy ass chest. Period.

For the next drill, the couples are asked to make a sex tape…with puppets. #BonerKiller. The object of the drill is to get them to act out how their sex life actually is versus how they would like it to be.

Natalie Nunn and Jacob use the puppets to talk about the fact that Jacob is a 24 year old horndog who wants to bang all day, everyday.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, however, have the opposite problem. Apparently Heidi is the one who is always trying to initiate sex but Spencer rarely wants to. He says he’s always being chased so therefore he never has to reciprocate the initiation. He’s also deathly afraid of getting Heidi pregnant, so there’s that.

Aviva and Reid are next, and their discomfort with the whole situation is so freaking satisfying as a viewer. Aviva wants no part of the puppet sex because she doesn’t want her children to watch it on TV. Are you kidding me lady? You’re a REALITY STAR. Oh, so it’s okay for your kids to watch you chuck your fake leg at another woman’s face? She just doesn’t think that any of this is “for public consumption.” Well then honey, you need a new career path.

After the therapists evaluate all the couples’ progress, they ask Heidi and Spencer to stay after class. Here, Spencer comes clean about his utter disgust at the current state of their lives and careers.

“We were operating at such a euphoric high of life and it just crashed so hard,” he said. “I invested most of our money in room service and high end hotels and clothes and bodyguards. I don’t want to be a reality star but now I’ve been doing this so long I don’t know what career I want to do.”

Heidi is just as miserable. “It’s hard to forgive yourself,” she cries. “I thought I was to be the biggest pop star ever. Now, it’s like I just don’t feel like I have a purpose.”

Well one thing’s for damn sure. A baby is not going to fix your problems. Also, pop star?!? HA!

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Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars—where married D-listers air their dirty laundry for a paycheck, and more importantly, for our Friday night entertainment.

The first drill the couples have is a blindfolded driving challenge. Absolutely brilliant. One person has to direct the other blindfolded person through an obstacle course…in other words, COMMUNICATE.

As you can probably imagine, the couple that is by far the worst here is Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. Heidi drives, Spencer navigates. WHAT a disaster! They literally hit every single obstacle and destroy everything in their path, essentially mirroring their shitty everyday life.

Believe it or not, the winners are actually Natalie Nunn and Jacob Payne. They communicate better than they have in a long time and got through the course without much damage.

The losers? Heidi and Spencer…shocking. That means Heidi and Spencer have to serve the winners lunch, which of course they purposely fuck up because they’re childish, sore losers. That causes the shit to hit the fan and Natalie loses her mind, mainly because Spencer threw water at her and messed up her weave.  Oh, helllll no! “This ain’t the fuckin’ hills no mo’!”

In the final drill, the couples have to role play fighting in the Shock-tagon. Each person stands barefoot on electrically charged metal plates and when they start to fight dirty, they get shocked so that the couples feel how their words can hurt their partner. Basically aversion therapy for assholes.

Natalie and Jacob fight about their main problem, Instagram and social media. Rachel and Tyson fight about getting married and Syleena and Kiwane fight about business before family.

Things really get going when Aviva Drescher and her husband Reid enter the Shock-tagon with their fight about public opinion.

Reid (as Aviva) goes on and on about her need to be a role model. “I’m speaking to the amputees, they need me!” This guy is a piece of work. At one point, Reid (as Aviva) gets so frustrated he pulls off his fake prosthetic leg and throws it on the ground, clearly making fun of when Aviva did that on an episode of the Real Housewives of New York.


Heidi and Spencer get in the ring and fight about their baby issue, and this shit is hilarious. Heidi’s impression of Spencer is whiny and pathetic and so spot on. But things go from funny to sad when Heidi (as Spencer) lets out how unhappy and miserable Spencer thinks his life is.

Later,  Spencer says that the only reason Heidi wants a baby is because Kristin Cavallari has one. “You should’ve married a quarterback if you want babies,” he says. “Not a fucking loser with no job.” That’s probably true.

“The pressure Heidi puts on me to have kids is causing extra zits, acne, I’m gaining weight, I’m having heat rashes, I’m peeing in the bed…” Tell us how you really feel Spencer.

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