Actor Sam Shepard was busted for a DUI in Santa Fe, New Mexico on Monday night.

The Bloodline actor was leaving the La Choza restaurant when a security guard called the cops as he felt 'an intoxicated driver' was too drunk to drive. Shepard attempted to drive away but couldn't because he'd left the emergency brake on which gave the cops cause to pull him over.

The Pulitzer Prize winning playwright told the officer he had had two tequilas and was planning to drive home. However he failed the field sobriety tests and then refused to blow into the breathalyzer.  This resulted in him being charged with aggravated DUI, he posted bail Tuesday afternoon.

Santa Fe police Lt Andrea Dobyns said;

"Our officer could smell alcohol on his breath, and he had bloodshot, watery eyes."

Shepard, 71 has many film credits including The Notebook, Black Hawk Down and Baby Boom however, this is not his first charge of drunk driving.  In January 2009 he pleaded guilty to charges in Illinois and completed an alcohol treatment program as well as performing 100 hours of community service.

Shepard's agent's office had no comment as of Tuesday.

The first season finale of Better Call Saul was a tad lackluster, but the light at the end of the tunnel is that Slippin' Jimmy is now well on his way to becoming Saul Goodman.

Jimmy dropped off all his Sandpiper Crossing shit to Hamlin and collected a $20,000 check for his referral. Hamlin actually acted like a halfway decent person and told Jimmy he never wanted things to end up the way they did. Jimmy gave Hamlin a list of all the things Chuck needs delivered to him on a daily basis, then he takes off.

While Jimmy was leading a game of Bingo at the senior center, he lost his mind a bit while pulling numbers. He ended up telling the people about this one time in Chicago when he gave the guy who was sleeping with his wife the "Chicago Sunroof"—a delightful little move in which you climb to the top of a car and take a shit through the sunroof.

The only problem was that unbeknownst to Jimmy, the guy's young sons were in the backseat. The DA charged him with indecent exposure and labeled him a sex offender until Chuck came in and saved him.

“One little Chicago Sun Roof, and suddenly I’m Charles Manson!” he said. “And that’s where it all went off the rails. I’ve been paying for it ever since. That’s why I’m here.

Later, Jimmy pulled up in a cab to a Chicago bar and found his old scamming buddy Marco. The two catch up on life, and before you know it the two are on a week long scamming binge together. During their last scam, before Jimmy heads back to New Mexico, Marco had a heart attack and died.

After the funeral, Jimmy got a call from Kim who told him that a new law firm was impressed with his work on Sandpiper Crossing and wants to hire him. Jimmy headed back to New Mexico to meet with the firm, but as he entered the parking lot at the courthouse and saw Mike, he had a revelation.

Jimmy: Did I dream it? Or did I have $1,600,000 on my desk, in cash? When I close my eyes, I can still see it, burned into my retinas like I was staring into the sun. No one on God’s green earth knew we had it. We could have split it 50/50. We could have gone home with $800,000 each, tax-free! Why didn’t we? What stopped us?

Mike:  I remember you saying something about doing the right thing. You wanna know why I didn’t take that money? Me personally, I was hired to do a job, I did it, that’s as far as it goes.

Jimmy:  Yeah, well, I know what stopped me, and you know what? It’s never stopping me again.

And with that, he sped off in his car and bailed on the interview.

That's it, that's how it ended. No real cliff hanger except for the fact that Jimmy is done doing the right thing because it gets you nowhere. What did you think of the season finale? Let us know in the comments below!

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Well that was depressing. This week's episode of Better Call Saul took a dramatic and serious turn as it focuses on Mike Ehrmantraut's history and how the retired cop came to be a parking lot toll booth clerk in New Mexico.

Mike was a cop in Philadelphia who, along the the majority of the force, used to pocket money from their drug busts. Mike's son Matty was also a Philly cop, only he had moral objections to taking drug money and thinks he should file a bribery report with his superiors after his partner offers him a cut.

He asks his dad for advice and is shocked when Mike confesses that he's a dirty cop too and strongly discourages his son from turning anyone in. Well it works because not only does Matty not turn anyone in, but he decided to take the drug money too.

It was too little too late though, and his partner and a superior kill Matty and make it look like a drug bust gone bad. But Mike figured out the truth and he turned around and killed the cops that killed his son...then got the hell out of Philly. The most logical place to flee to is Albuquerque...said no one ever.

Flash back to Mike's present day with a couple of Philadelphia detectives pounding on his door, asking about his potential involvement in the murders. Mike then asks for his lawyer—Jimmy McGill.

Slipin' Jimmy is the perfect man for the job because Mike knows he can count on him to help him pinch the detectives notebook. Jimmy perfectly performs the "Juan Valdez Bump and Dump"—he "accidentally" spills coffee on the detective so Mike can lift the notebook.

Teamwork makes the dream work, kids.

What did you think of Better Call Saul? Sound off in the comments below!

Welcome, friends, to the premiere episode of Better Call Saul—the show who’s creation gave us Breaking Bad fans a reason for living. And if this episode is any indication of the amazingness that we’re in for, we made a good decision sticking around.

The show opens in black and white at a Cinnabon shop in Omaha. A guy named Gene with a creepy molester mustache is baking cinnamon rolls…but it’s not creepy molester Gene—it’s Saul in witness protection!!! His life is pretty shitty. So shitty that he sits at home drinking Drambuie and Dewar’s watching old videos of his Better Call Saul TV commercials. It’s so sad and pathetic you could cry.

Now we jump back who knows how many years to where it all began for Saul, or should we say Jimmy McGill. Before Saul was Saul, his real name was James M. McGill, and he was a broke ass public defender in New Mexico making $700 for an entire trial and driving a shitty yellow Esteem. Who even makes an Esteem?! (Google says Suzuki…who knew?!)

Anyway, he has zero clients and zero money. He’s running his practice out of a closet he rents in the back of a nail salon. He’s taking care of his brother Chuck who is a partner at one of the most prestigious law firms in New Mexico, but Chuck’s going through some shit. He’s not currently practicing law because he has some sort of electromagnetic disorder that he’s trying to beat. He’s literally living in his house with zero electricity, using lanterns for light and an Igloo cooler with melted ice as a fridge. It’s not really clear whether or not this is an actual illness or if Chuck is just bat shit crazy. Either way, Jimmy tries to convince Chuck that he needs to force his partners to buy him out of the practice. No dice. This guy’s probably just crazy.

While driving around, Jimmy “hits” a teenager on a skateboard—and the kid and his brother threaten to call the cops unless Jimmy pays them $500. Jimmy sees this scam coming from a mile away and tells the kids: 1. Screw off because he’s a lawyer and he knows every scam in the book, and 2. If you’re going to scam someone for money, don’t pick the guy driving the piece of shit yellow Esteem!! Duh.

Later, in an effort to trick a wealthy couple in need of legal representation to hire him, Jimmy enlists the teenagers to dive in front of the wife’s car near her kids’ school. Then he’ll pop out of nowhere and save the day for her, and she’ll be so grateful that she hires him to represent her husband! Sounds like a good plan right? Only the kid dives in front of the wrong car and the car takes off!

The guys call Jimmy and tell him that the car took off, and Jimmy (thinking that it’s the right car) scrambles to find them. The guys follow the car, and instead of the young yuppie wife getting out like they thought, it was a little old Hispanic lady.

They demand money for the hit and run, and the lady takes them inside to see her son. When Jimmy arrives and knocks on the door, the son opens it…with a gun pointed straight at Jimmy’s head.

Here we go!!!!!

What did you think of the premiere episode of Better Call Saul? Part 2 of the premiere airs Monday, February 9 on AMC.