Ginta Lapina, was duped! And then some!

The Latvian-born model claims her agency, Women Management, tricked her into believing she would be posing for couture giant Karl Lagerfeld.

The 25-year-old, who has previously starred in campaigns for Anna Sui, DKNY and Jill Stuart, boarded a jet to Paris in July 2013 for what, she claims she was told, was a photo shoot for Mr. Lagerfeld that would accompany an interview with the legendary designer.

But, Ginta was later horrified to discover that her photos were not used in the way she was told at all!

Gasp! Did they land up in Penthouse?? Hustler?? A furry/ tickle-fetish site???

Oh no! Even worse!

The images were actually used in an advertisement for Schwarzkopf hair care!!!! Oh, the shame!

The #FirstWorldProblems victim is now demanding more than $1 million in damages, as well as a court order prohibiting Schwarzkopf from using her pictures.

Poor, poor baby. Our prayers are with you.

Madonna has never been shy when it comes to showing off her God given assets.

The whole world has already seen every inch of Ms Ciccone thanks to her penchant for stage flashing and her best selling 1992 coffee table book Sex—and now we get to see her buck naked as a teenager.

Oh, joy.

Madonna Naked Teenage Photos—Guccione Collection

Way back in 1977 an 18-year-old Madge posed for photographer Herman Kulkens—and The Huffington Post has a selection of the NSFW pics.

The photos were owned by Penthouse founder Bob Guccione, but are now part of Jeremy Frommer's collection after he purchased Guccione's entire estate from creditors following the publisher’s death from cancer in 2010.

55 Photos Of Rihanna Naked, Like Actually

The pics are set to go under the hammer November 9 through