In the United States and other developed nations, world leaders use taxpayer dollars to travel privately for vital conferences, international interventions, campaign events, and yes, even vacations.

A month ago, Prince Harry sat down with Jane Goodall to discuss issues that were important to the royal couple, including the environment and its conservation to combat climate change. Since then, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been vocal about their intent to only have two children in order to decrease their carbon footprint. Yet, on Monday, news broke that the pair went on a much needed holiday by traveling on not one, but two private jets. News outlets soon began shaming the pair.

With Meghan's birthday on the 4th, the couple began their festivities at Frogmore Cottage before jetting off in a private plane to Ibiza, Spain. After six days of relaxing in the sun by the sea, the family took a different private jet to Elton John's vacation home in Nice, France.

The general public called out the couple's supposed hypocrisy and even calculated the amount of carbon emissions from their travels. Elton John has since spoken out defending the couple. He noted that he'd paid for the jet in order to ensure their safety and utmost privacy on their way to his home. Knowing the Duke and Duchess care deeply about the environment, the singer made sure the flight was "carbon neutral." Carbon neutral flights make sure that the carbon emitted by planes will be redistributed to the earth through the carbon offset projects, such as planting trees.

Controversy surrounding celebrities who fly on private jets isn't anything new, but Meghan and Harry aren't just celebrities; they're royalty. Similar to world leaders, they contribute positively to the world with their activism and charity. And unlike former presidents of the United States, there is no expiration date to their public service. Remember, being a royal doesn't have term limits. On the other hand, our former presidents receive access to Secret Service for the rest of their lives after serving their term(s) as a civil servant. Plus, they're protected by the Former Presidents Act of 1958, which covers travel for former presidents and two of their designated staff members. For reference, in 1969, the General Services Administration cut back on spending to a million dollars per year, per former president. Even though former Presidents tend not to spend that much anyway, why shouldn't the royals be afforded a fraction of that same treatment and protection?

After all, the Duke and Duchess need privacy; their lives can depend on it. While the existence of royalty may feel unnecessary and frustrating to a portion of U.K. taxpayers, the couple's decision to dedicate themselves to that service entitles them to a certain amount of security, which includes private travel.

For those who accuse the pair of being hypocrites about combating climate change, then call your government officials hypocrites, too—Or worse, some of our elected officials (i.e. our current president) don't even believe in climate change.

It's been a busy week for the Royal Family.

Princess Charlotte turns one, Prince George met the Obamas, the Queen and Prince Harry starred in a hilarious promo for the upcoming Invictus Games, and Kate Middleton has appeared on her very first Vogue cover.


Prince Harry Makes Us Love Him Even More With Pro Women’s Rights Speech

To mark the occasion today of the first birthday of Princess Charlotte,  daughter of Prince William and his wife, a series of captivating official photographs have been released showing her in all her adorable cuteness.

The pics were taken by her mommy, The Duchess of Cambridge with baby Charlotte bearing a remarkable likeness to her older brother, Prince George and showing just how gorgeous she is.

Prince George himself has had something of a starring role too when he met Barack and Michelle Obama during their brief trip to London last week.

Obama Does Call Me At Home, Kanye Insists After Obama Denial

It was nearly George's bedtime when he was introduced to to the President and First Lady so he looked a little bemused in his fluffy dressing gown and slippers—something Obama referred to in his final White House Correspondents dinner speech over the weekend, joking that he doesn't get nearly as much respect now he is an outgoing President and that it was "a slap in the face".

Prince George discussing serious matters of state with President Obama.

Moving on to George & Charlotte's great grandmother, the Queen, who turned 90 last week.

Her grandson, Prince Harry (<swoon>) is an avid supporter of the military and has been a driving force behind the Invictus Games which is a bi-annual event for wounded soldiers. This year's games are being hosted in Florida from May 8-12 and are an inspiration for injured servicemen and women.

Prince Harry Desperate To Find A U.S. Wife Wins Best Fake Story Award

The Obamas tweeted Prince Harry using the Flotus Twitter account saying the US team, responding to his challenge, are going to "bring it" to the games.  Prince Harry's reply?  He sent his own video, enlisting his grandmother, who just happens to be the Queen to laugh off their trash talk.

After the Queen's memorable appearance in the James Bond sequence during the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony, she's certainly  showing her sense of humor as she gets older!

And finally Kate's Vogue shoot.

It's impossible to avoid comparison with the late Princess Diana's four Vogue covers, which were iconic, beautiful and just perfect. Kate may be following in Diana's footsteps, but she will never be able to fill her shoes and as such she is in an incredibly difficult position.



Apparently Kate had a lot of input into the styling of the photos and unfortunately the result is a bit.....meh.

Yes she's beautiful, but her blow dry is starting to look a little dated, her eyebrows are just too dark and thick and, while she was trying to go for understated, casual country she's ended up dressed in clothes that age her and she just looks boring.

Far from iconic.