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The Sexiest Songs of 2020 (So Far...)

While most of us are isolated at home, here are some bedroom jams to keep in mind for when the time is finally right

It's safe to say we're not living in the sexiest of times right now.

While mass disease lurks around every corner, the revolting actions of white supremacists and misogynists continue to make headlines around the country. We watch all this transpire from our dark, cramped apartment, where we sit on our coaches and gorge ourselves on Doritos while ghostly pale, unbathed, and clammy thanks to AC units being deemed unsafe by the CDC. We're told repeatedly that to engage in human touch means certain death, and that if we are going to have sex, it will require consulting the most awkward government-issued list of guidelines for how we can "safely" engage in coitus.

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Music Lists

Calming Voices to Help Ease Our Stress

Everything is so heightened right now, let these artists soothe you

Everything is especially chaotic right now.

Tensions are undoubtedly higher than ever in America, and to feel an emotion other than rage and frustration seems downright impossible. But even in these extreme moments, it pays to have if but a few moments of calm. While artists like Chief Keef and Pop Smoke continue to soundtrack the protests for Black Lives Matter taking place all over the world, the soothing baritone of Giveon can help take the edge off. While Run The Jewels 4 exhilarates the masses and raises blood pressure, the funk and jazz coalescence presented by Eryn Allen Kane and Kyle Dion instead put a smile on your face as you dance up to the picket line. Here are a slew of calming voices to help reinvigorate and inspire you to do your part.

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Interview: Norman Perry Talks His Long Journey to Self-Acceptance and New Album, "Way Darker This Time"

The singer's new album "Way Darker This Time" was released last week

Norman Perry has learned a lot of hard lessons this year.

Last week, the ethereal R&B Connecticut crooner released his latest project, Way Darker This Time, an ode to a J. Cole verse as well as the fact that, well, his sound is much denser than before. His path to stardom started when he was 16 and has been riddled with trials and tribulations. Born in New Haven, or what Perry calls "the city of greed," the artist grew up in a single-family apartment on Orchard St. in a working-class neighborhood near Yale's main campus. "A lot of people think it's super nice here cause of Yale," says Perry. "Not to long ago, we had one of the highest murder rates in the US." His childhood was filled with "good and bad moments," but his father pulled him towards music. He had been in a jazz band called "Tre Soul," and Perry remembers drawing on piano keys so he could better learn the notes. Then at 16, he ventured out on his own, performing mostly at a local concert venue called Toad's Place.

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