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Popdust Monday Mix #5: April Showers

Music writers E.R. and Vanessa have curated a playlist of music for the incoming spring rain

Vanessa Bermudez

The saying goes "April showers bring May flowers," but you're still getting soaked.

"Who loves the sun?" croons Lou Reed, on the track of the same name off The Velvet Underground's Loaded. "Who loves the rain? Who cares that it makes flowers, who cares that it makes showers since you broke my heart?"

Music is a powerful thing. It has the power to brighten up the dullest, rainest of days, the type of days where you stare out of your window and contemplate everything you would be doing had the sun woken up that morning. One of my favorite things to do as a kid was blast "Riders On The Storm" by The Doors as I ran outside and jumped in every puddle I could find. Somehow, it made miles of a difference in how the time turned out; it no longer felt like a day wasted, because I had made it my own.

With rain comes peace of mind, May flowers and a sort of introspect that's hard to capture otherwise. Here at Popdust, our music staff has curated a #MondayMix that's meant to lighten a few of these gloomy days, with a little help from Billie Holiday, Little Joy and Bob Dylan. Sit back, hit play and ~let the rain fall down and wake your dreams~ (thanks, H. Duff!)

Stay dry, and tune in next week for another #MondayMix.

Zelda Williams

This weekend, Eric Trump gleefully shared a video of the late Robin Williams making fun of presidential candidate Joe Biden that bore the caption, "Robin Williams Savages Joe Biden."

Zelda Williams tweeted in response, "While we're 'reminiscing' (to further your political agenda), you should look up what he said about your Dad. I did. Promise you, it's much more 'savage.' Gentle reminder that the dead can't vote, but the living can."

Robin Williams, who would have turned 69 last month, had certainly poked fun at Joe Biden. In the clip shared by the younger Trump, Williams quips, "We still have great comedy out there, there's always rambling Joe Biden, what the f***... Joe says s*** that even people with Tourette's go, 'No. What is going on?'" He continued, "Joe is like your uncle who is on a new drug and hasn't got the dosage right...I'm proud to work with Barack America — 'He's not a superhero, you idiot — come here!'"

His comments about the current president were far more incisive and far-reaching. For example, in 2012, he referred to Trump as "a scary man" and "the Wizard of Oz" because "he plays monopoly with real f***ing buildings."

Of course, these jokes are based in very real calamities. Many of Trump's real estate projects and business ventures have notoriously fallen through or crash-landed completely, landing him in massive debt. Yet time and time again he was bailed out by his father, Fred Trump, who paid millions to keep his son's delusions of glory alive. He was also bailed out by a variety of banks (and still owes Deutsche Bank an outstanding $350 million). In some ways, it's no surprise that Trump will leave America sick, in debt, and in crisis.

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50 Cent and K-pop superstar Rain have both had chequered acting careers. Fiddy's starred in roughly 20 movies, but you probably won't be able to name one outside of his big screen debut in Get Rich or Die Tryin', while Rain's had considerable success back home in Korea, but has failed to crossover to Hollywood with starring roles in box office bombs like Speed Racer and Ninja Assassin. Come August, the pair will both be seen in supporting roles in the upcoming Bruce Willis action flick, The Prince.

The trailer was released today, and so far it looks like The Prince is just a cooler version of Taken. Considering what an unexpected hit Taken was, maybe The Prince will turn out the same? Either that, or it'll be yet another one of 50 Cent's many unmemorable action flops.

I'll pray for a blockbuster. Now only for Rain and Fiddy's sake, but also for Bruce Willis because he was fired from Expendables 3.