RaNia have been talking about cracking the American market since before they even debuted in Korea back in 2011, and now it looks like it's finally going to happen. The group has managed to score Britney's puppet masters, Larry Rudolph and Adam Leber, to manage them in the States, on top of a reality TV show deal with MTV.

Check out an official statement (via allkpop) below.

“Larry Rudolph and Adam Leber, two of Britney Spears’ managers, decided to be RaNia’s managers throughout their U.S. promotions. Larry Rudolph asked this and that about [RaNia]. After requesting various resources, he contacted us saying that he wants to bring us under his management. This is good news for us and we are aware that this kind of partnership cannot be obtained easily."

“Starting May 21st, RaNia will begin filming for their MTV reality show ‘Road to Fame’ in LA, San Diego, and other cities across the U.S. The show will feature the group’s preparations for their U.S. debut and will air for three months… As we worked with notable artists in the American music industry, there has been good word of mouth spreading about us. Through the growing popularity of K-pop through YouTube and more, we were also able to cross paths with acquaintances we never expected to work with before.”

No release date for RaNia's American album has been announced yet, but it has been confirmed that it'll feature collaborations with both Snoop Dogg and 2 Chainz. Not that slapping a rapper on a K-pop track guarantees even a sliver of Stadeside success (just ask Wonder Girls, BoA, Se7en, and Girls' Generation), but it's nice to see that RaNia's already got some big features in the works.

It'll be interesting to see how RaNia's American advancement unfolds. Unlike most of the other K-pop acts that have tried to crack the States, RaNia aren't particularly big names back home in Korea. But what they do have going for them is that they were actually created with a Western audience in mind. While most K-pop acts are initially built to appeal primarily to Korea and other parts of Asia, RaNia's goal from the beginning was to become a global girl group. All their music is crafted by producers outside of Asia, and their image mirrors the Western raunch of acts like the Pussycat Dolls and Beyonce. They even record alternate English-language versions of all their main singles, complete with decent pronunciation and minimal Engrish.

All they need now is their own Funny or Die skit, and they'll be good to go.

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As fans of the Netflix docuseries Tiger King will know, her long-standing legal feud with Joe Exotic (AKA Joseph Maldonado-Passage, né Shreibvogel) over his violation of the Big Cat Rescue trademark resulted in a million dollar settlement in her favor. But for the most part Exotic managed to dodge paying Baskin through a series of illegal property transfers that temporarily protected his animal park from seizure.

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Vocal duo, Davichi, have bagged themselves another No. 1 hit, this time with their new buzz single, "Turtle." The emotional midtempo track debuts at the top of this week's official GAON singles chart, making it Davichi's fourth No. 1 since the creation of the chart in 2010.

Two spots lower is boy band, 2AM, whose new seasonal single, "One Spring Day," debuts at No. 3, making it their first lead single to miss the top two.

Just below 2AM is Lee Hi, whose latest offering, "It's Over," comes in at No. 4 this week. The song started off with huge sales on the digital charts shortly after its release, but sales quickly dropped after the first few days, eventually allowing 2AM and Davichi to chart higher. Considering the huge success of last year's "" and all the effort that YG Entertainment has put into promoting Lee Hi, the results for "It's Over" are a little disappointing, but hopefully the song will have some longevity and end up winning in the long run.

The next biggest debut of the week is Zion.T, whose new single, "Two Melodies," arrives at No. 17. Zion first came to fame with a string of high-profile features on hits by the likes of Simon D and Primary, but now he's flying solo and finding a lot of success on his own.

RaNia, who we previously reported were doing well on the digital charts with their new single, "Just Go," debuts at a solid No. 26 this week. It's their highest-charting song to date, and continues the group's streak of continually charting higher with each new single that they release.

Rookie girl group, D-Unit, also reach a new personal peak this week, with their latest single, "Talk To My Face," debuting at No. 54.

Last but not least is newcomers, Ladies' Code. They're a brand new act, having only just hit the K-pop scene last week with the release of their first single, "Bad Girl." The song checks in at No. 72, which doesn't seem like a whole lot, but it's okay for a rookie girl group from a small agency. Hopefully the song will climb even higher next week and establish the talented Ladies' Code as one of 2013's star rookies.

Check out this week's key debuts, below.

No. 1 - Davichi - Turtle

No. 3 - 2AM - One Spring Day

No. 4 - Lee Hi - It's Over

No. 17 - Zion.T - Two Melodies

No. 26 - RaNia - Just Go

No. 56 - D-Unit - Talk To My Face

No. 72 - Ladies' Code - Bad Girl