Not to be outdone by Donald Trump in the despicable piece of shit stakes, Tea Party asshole Michele Fiore is mouthing off about how she would like to shoot Syrian refugees “in the head.”

Actually, sorry, let’s get this straight—Tea Party asshole Michele Fiore apparently only wants to shoot SOME Syrian refugees in the head, well, through the eye, to be more specific.

Heartbreaking Story Behind That Photo Of A Dead Syrian Boy On A Turkish Beach

The 45-year-old Nevada-based Republican Assemblywoman spoke to local radio station KSNV this morning to clarify her shooting Syrian refugees in the head stance, following some truly despicable comments she made last month.

During an interview with KWDN on November 21 about why she was against the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Nevada, the self-professed “Catholic” mom-of-two, said:

The Syrian Refugees. I'm like, What–are you kidding me? I’m about to fly to Paris and shoot ‘em in the head myself! I am not OK with Syrian refugees. I’m not OK with terrorists. I’m OK with putting them down, blacking them out, just put a piece of brass in their ocular cavity and end their miserable life. I’m good with that.

Donald Trump Wants To Kill Families Too When He ‘Bombs The Shit’ Out Of Syria

Hmmm…. seems pretty clear to us….. she’s not OK with Syrian refugees, whom, she obviously equates with all being terrorists, and she wants to end their “miserable” lives by shooting them all in the head.

But not so, according to the shining example of humanity and Christian love—she’s now claiming that she was NOT talking about the refugees at all—all while insisting she is NOT “backing down” from her original comments…. God forbid!

Marco Rubio Really Wants A Beer With Malala Yousafzai (A Muslim Teenager)

“I’m not going to back down,” she told KSNV. “I never said I would shoot a Syrian refugee, period. What I said if it came down to a terrorist or myself I would not hesitate to kill a terrorist…period.”

Well, that clears that up then.

This Ben Carson Rap Ad Is Some Of The Craziest Shit You’ll Ever Hear

When it comes to shooting whoever the hell it is she actually wants to shoot in the head (which given her track record seems to be pretty much everyone and anyone she finds to be unsavory) Fiore has a particularly fine arsenal of weapons to chose from—as evidenced in her truly delightful family Christmas card:

Thankfully, for those of us who are less versed in the world of deadly firearms, Fiore captioned the photo, to help us all fully appreciate the might of her family firearms stockpile.

“From Left to Right, David: Beretta 92FS, Sheena: Glock 30 45 acp, Michele: Serbu Super Shorty 12ga, Lill: Extar EXP556, Savanah: Glock 19 9 mm, Kyle: Glock 30 45asp”

Donald Trump Is Truly The Most Amazing Troll Of Our Times

Meanwhile, Fiore appears to spend a lot of time thinking about people having their brains blown out—which is pretty much a given really for such a NRA loving, second amendment supporting fanatic.

She previously sponsored a bill pushing for guns to be carried on college campuses, in grade schools, and in day care facilities, so “hot little girls” can defend themselves against the recent spate of sexual assaults that have been occurring.

If Dr. Ben Carson Had A Hammer

"If these young, hot little girls on campus have a firearm, I wonder how many men will want to assault them,” she told The New York Times back in February.

“The sexual assaults that are occurring would go down once these sexual predators get a bullet in their head."

Oh, that’s genius Ms. Fiore!

A Bunch Of Things UK Politicians Consider Less ‘Luxurious’ Than Tampons

Or, here’s a really novel idea, how about instead, we work harder to educate young men so that they realize that sexual assault is never OK, and work to eradicate misogyny and so-called “rape culture” instead of just blowing their brains out?

Nah, that’s just crazy talk.

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donald trump kill families syria

Donald Trump has excelled himself when it comes to his seemingly never-ending bid to prove that he really is a truly despicable asshole, incapable of displaying even a shred of humanity.

Fully embracing the tried-and-tested totally fucked-up North Korean ideology of “three generations of punishment” Trump is espousing not only “bombing the shit” out of Syria in order to take out ISIS, but also, thinks we need to “take out their families.”

Heartbreaking Story Behind That Photo Of A Dead Syrian Boy On A Turkish Beach

Take out their families? Just kill thousands and thousands of innocent men, women, and children? What, as a means to achieve world peace?

Yeah, way to go genius… that’s really likely to solve the problem.

But, hey, let’s all face it right here—the very last thing people like Trump want is world peace… there’s no money to be made for his arms peddling buddies if we were ever to actually achieve world peace…. there would be all these terrible, horrible, brown people in the world if we were ever to actually achieve world peace.


Donald Trump Miraculously Appears In Missouri Woman’s Organic Butter

Let’s just bomb the fuck out of them and become a world packed full of Trump-looking beings! Truly the genetically blessed!

Oh, hold on though—don’t think it’s only my lefty liberal sensibilities that are disgusted by Trump’s latest verbal assault against humanity and mankind—even Fox news hosts displayed signs of discomfort when it came to the 69-year-old’s willingness to murder women and children at the drop of a hat, as part of his never-ending quest to prove how big his dick is.

Because, let’s face it, when it comes to war mongering and its very favorite bed partner, religion, it all comes down to the size of mens’ dicks—figuratively, of course.

Anyway, I digress. Back to the subject at hand.

Donald Trump Is Great In Bed, So That’s A Relief

This is how it all went down this morning, during a phone-in between Trump and the Fox & Friends hosts:

“If you’re gonna do your job, do your job. Don’t talk about it,” Trump mouthed off, criticizing President Obama’s unwillingness to just leap feet first down the same path we have already attempted to travel in recent history, in both Afghanistan and Iraq—with disastrous results and the death of over 8,321 U.S. and coalition soldiers at date of posting.

Oh, and let’s not forget the 210,000 civilians who are estimated to have been killed too, seriously destabilizing the region yet further and breeding yet more hatred for the U.S. and the west in general.

“We have a President that doesn’t know what he is doing,” Trump opined, going on to share his genius solution to ending terrorism.

“I would knock the hell out of ‘em...I would knock the hell out of ISIS. I would hit them so hard, like they’ve never been hit before” he said, downgrading his previous "bomb the shit" rhetoric to a more PG-friendly "bomb the hell."

Donald Trump Butt Plug Is Everything… Just…. Everything

Awesome! Shock and awe Donald! Shock and awe! Shock and awe tactics in a super complicated and multi-faceted civil war situation, where even the smartest of the smart appear to have no fucking clue what the fuck to do, without stirring up the already deadly and explosive hornets nest yet further.

So, how’s that tactic been working out for us in the Middle East so far? But, let’s not dwell on silly things like facts—let’s move on to the inevitable thousands upon thousands of civilian casualties and deaths associated with “bombing the shit” out of a country.

Donald Trump Is Truly The Most Amazing Troll Of Our Times

Well, Trump claimed that he would “try his best” to avoid them, before offering, “And the other thing with the terrorists — you have to take out their families.”

Rendering even the Fox news mouthpieces temporarily silent.

“When you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families!” Trump continued, clearly on a roll. “They care about their lives, don’t kid yourselves. They say they don’t care about their lives. But you have to take out their families.”

Donald Trump Hair Mystery—Combover, Toupee, Transplant, Follicle Faux Pas?

Cue Elisabeth Hasselbeck jumping in to promptly change the subject to the tried and tested Trump hate speech ground of immigration.

OK, fine Trump—If you so clearly believe that war and killing innocent people is the solution… how about you offer up one of your own children to the cause?

And, we’re not talking about them passively waiting out the war in some officers’ quarters… If you really believe in this “war” then how about you offer up one of your own kids to go fight on the front lines, to actually sacrifice their life for your “beliefs”.

Trump Dumps On John McCain’s War Record—”He’s Not A Hero!”

Well let's face it, that's highly unlikely from a man that dodged the draft back in the Vietnam war days, because of “bone spurs” in his feet.

You’re going to talk the talk? Then at least walk the walk Trump.

On a side note—is Trump even capable of understanding that he's advocating the murder of countless innocent elderly people, women and children? That these are real, human, people? People that cry, and bleed, and hurt, and feel, just like all of us?


Heartbreaking Story Behind That Photo Of A Dead Syrian Boy On A Turkish Beach

it's a tale of desperation, heartbreak and, ultimately, senseless tragedy....

It's the photo that's on the front page of newspapers all around the world today.

A 3-year-old Syrian boy, named Aylan Kurdi, pictured, laying face down, dead—his little body washed up on a Turkish beach.

The disturbing and horrifying photo has rocked even those who have previously felt indifferent to the plight of thousands of desperate Syrian refugees fleeing their war-torn home—prompting a surge in pressure on Western governments to step up and provide safe asylum to those seeking it.

Throughout the day details have surfaced regarding the story behind the photo—and, it's one of desperation, heartbreak and, ultimately, senseless tragedy.

Aylan's aunt, Teema Kurdi, who has lived in Vancouver for the past twenty years, told the National Post, that Aylan's father, mother and brother embarked on the treacherous boat trip from Turkey to the Greek island of Kos, in the hope of traveling on to Canada to join her.

The family originally hailed from Damascus, where Aylan's father, Abdullah, worked as a barber—the civil war forced them to flee north to Kobani however as fighting intensified—and then once again, over the Syrian border, into Turkey.

Abdullah dreamed of a peaceful and safe future for his family in Canada, and with that aim in mind, he borrowed $4,500 to pay human traffickers for four places on a five meter long dinghy that would set sail from Bodrum, Turkey, and land in Greece.

From there he planned to eventually travel on with his family to Canada.

Abdullah's hopes were destroyed however, after one hour into the journey the dinghy capsized in rough seas, and Alyan, Abdullah's wife, Rihan, and his other son, Galip, drowned, along with nine other refugees.

According to survivors, after the boat capsized, Abdullah tried desperately to hold on to his wife and two children as he clung to the side of the overturned boat, but, “one by one they were washed away by waves."

Kurdi offered yet more insight into her brother's traumatic ordeal, telling the National Post:

There's a terrible story he told about swimming from one [child] to the other, finding one [son] who seemed to be alright and then going to another, finding him drowned... and then going back to the first boy and finding him drowned.
He made it, but his wife didn't.

Clearly struggling to come to terms with the death of his wife and two sons, Abdullah spoke briefly to reporters, telling them, "I just want to see my children for the last time and stay forever with them."

Abdullah went on to say that his only wish now is to return his family's bodies to Kobani and then “be buried alongside them."

Over 4 million refugees have fled Syria since the breakout of war in 2011—with around 1.8 million landing in Turkey, 600,000 plus in Jordan, and 1 million in Lebanon.

As those countries struggle to absorb the huge influx, and temporary housing camps become more and more over populated and dire, desperate refugees are starting to turn to Europe in ever increasing numbers.

Germany has been shouldering the main brunt of the refugee influx into Europe—which, according to the UNHCR, totals in excess of 300,000 people so far this year—and is comprised mainly of Syrians, but also includes refugees from Afghanistan and Iraq.

German chancellor, Angela Merkel, announced earlier this week that her country is expected to take in up to 1 million asylum seekers by the end of the year, and called on other European countries to increase their intake quotas.

In contrast, over the past 12 months, between June 2014 and June 2015, Great Britain has accepted only 166 Syrian refugees—placing it behind Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Malta, Switzerland, and 13 other countries when it comes to the number of accepted refugees in proportion to its population.

David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, has steadfastly opposed Merkel's proposal for a quota system to be introduced to ensure that refugees are fairly distributed among all 28 European Union states.

When forced to comment on Britain's record regarding the current humanitarian crisis, Cameron has persistently downplayed the plight of refugees, describing them as a “swarm of people" and insisting that taking in more asylum seekers isn't the answer.

Cameron argues that instead, working on achieving peace in the Middle East, and meeting “big challenges" is the only way forward.

The majority of the British press, for their part, have been persistently and faithfully propping up Cameron's anti-refugee stance.

The UK's best selling daily newspaper, The Sun, has previously likened refugees crossing the Mediterranean to cockroaches, and run front page headlines such as, “Halt the Asylum Tide Now" “Draw a Red Line on Immigration or Else" and “Rescue Boats? I'd Rather Use Gunships To Stop Migrants"

Britain's second best-selling newspaper, The Daily Mail, has run a slew of their own anti-immigrant front page stories—including, “The True Toll Of Mass Migration" “The Swarm in Our Streets" and “Migrant Influx Fuels New Crisis in Schools."

However, the tide suddenly and mysteriously changed Thursday morning—due to a surge in readers' levels of concern for immigrant safety, following the emergence of Alyan's photo—leading to both The Sun and The Daily Mail performing a drastic 180.

The Sun's front page on Thursday featured the photo of Alyan, accompanied by the headline, "Mr. Cameron, Summer Is Over ... Now Deal With the Biggest Crisis Facing Europe Since WW2"

The Daily Mail's cover featured Alyan's photo alongside the headline, "Tiny victim of a human catastrophe"

Even Cameron was moved to change his stance, telling reporters, “Britain is a moral nation and we will fulfill our moral responsibilities.

“Anyone who saw those pictures overnight could not help but be moved and, as a father, I felt deeply moved by the sight of that young boy on a beach in Turkey."

Maybe, just maybe, something good can come from this unbelievable and sickening tragedy.

To find out how you can help the Syrian refugees, go to Concern Worldwide and Mercy Corps

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The season finale of Homeland opens with Carrie back in America, going through her father's possessions with her sister.

There's a ring at the door, and it's none other than Dar Adal. They talk about not knowing where the hell Quinn is, and Dar informs Carrie that Haqqani has returned to the tribal area of Pakistan and is being protected by the ISI. Ummm, didn't we see you in the car with Haqqani at the end of the last episode, Dar? Aren't you a traitorous bastard?

We find out later that Dar is determined to get Saul reinstated as Director of the CIA. Somehow, someway he got a hold of the only video footage of Saul in Haqqani's captivity, which apparently was a major road block in Saul's potential return to the CIA. In exchange for the video, Dar magically removed Haqqani from the CIA's kill list. This is all well and good, except for the fact that Saul doesn't want any part of the sneaky, backdoor way he'd return to the CIA. He also knows all about Dar in Haqqani's car, but of course Dar doesn't know that.

Back in Carrie's new reality, she's doing something that we've never really seen her do— she's being a good mother. Oh and speaking of mothers, Carrie's own mom is now randomly back in the picture after being estranged from her children for 15 years. Carrie's like, "Oh hell no" and wants nothing to do with this woman.

At her father's funeral, Carrie gives a very emotional eulogy. Randomly Quinn shows up, and after the funeral he ends up at Carrie's house for the reception. There's some alcohol involved, and when Carrie walks Quinn to his car they start making out. Quinn tells Carrie that he wants out of the CIA and he thinks she should leave too.

Umm, yeah, she's gonna to have to think about that one Quinn.

For whatever strange reason, Carrie decides that she does want to talk to her mom and tracks her down in some Missouri town. When she arrives she learns that she has a 15-year-old brother (hmm, hasn't her mom been gone for 15 years?), and she also learns that her mother was admittedly a serial cheater. The whole divorce was brought about by her adultery, not by her dad's bipolar disorder.

Meanwhile, a heartbroken Quinn decides to do what most people do when they're blown off by the person they love—take off to Syria on some top secret CIA mission.

When Carrie can't get a hold of Quinn, she shows up at Dar's house demanding to know where the hell he is. Dar's not willing to tells her a damn thing about Quinn, which naturally infuriates Carrie. She tries to force the information out of Dar by blackmailing him with the knowledge that he was in Haqqani's car—but no dice.

Dar tells Carrie that she really should talk to Saul before she goes making any threats, and Carrie tells him that Saul would spit in his face.

Ideally, yes.... Saul would spit in his face....but, this is the season finale so of course we're in for some bullshit cliff hangers, right?

Cut to Saul Berenson sitting on Dar's porch, presumably now very OK with the deception that went into him being reinstated Director of the CIA. Carrie is visibly devastated that she clearly does not know the man she thought she knew so well.

Wait, that's it??? That's how we're ending the season?? That's seriously it?!!! NOBODY DIES?!!!!!


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With Ebola fears dominating the American news these days it’s easy to forget the brutal battles happening on the other side of the world between ISIS militants and Kurdish battalions.

One group however has not—the No Surrender Banditos biker gang out of the Netherlands—who has seen three of its members jump into the fray.

According to the head of the group, Klass Otto, members of his motorcycle gang having been battling alongside the Kurds in the town of Kobane, where some of the heaviest fighting has been waged in recent days.

Several countries—including the U.S. and Great Britain—have banned citizens from fighting with ISIS, however, there’s no such restrictions against fighting alongside the Kurds as they are not seen as a terrorist organization.

In the Netherlands, the act was determined to be legal by prosecutors because the members of the gang are not fighting Dutch troops—however, any citizens fighting on the Kurdish side would of course be liable to prosecution if they committed such crimes as torture and rape.

Via MailOnline