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Tafari Anthony Talks Escaping Negative Patterns and Embracing Pop

Tafari Anthony's new single "No Good" is about starting over.

Tafari Anthony

"That's why I had to leave," sings Tafari Anthony in the chorus of his euphoric new single, "No Good." "Cause you're no good for me."

That realization—so simple, yet so difficult—is the beginning of a shift that so many of us need to undergo. After all, healing and change can't happen without leaving behind everything that holds us back.

"No Good" is ecstatic, a pop jam for the ages and for our moment. It feels like the perfect song to blast from our rooftops as we hopefully slide towards a 2021 that's better than 2020, or as we finally leave the unpleasant quarantine situation we've been stagnating in for...well, hopefully for another quarantine in a different place.

Hailing from Toronto, Anthony is known for his awe-inspiring vocals (his name, Tafari, means "He who inspires awe"). In 2020, he released two anthemic pop tracks—"Centerfold" and "Live In a Dream." Now he's lent his talents to yet another extraordinary single: the magnetic "No Good."

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Tafari Anthony

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Toronto LGBTQA+ artist Tafari Anthony drops his new single, "Live in a Dream," a song about the universal search for contentment.

Tafari explains, "We are constantly trying to strive for more, and I know personally I feel a great deal of failure or shame if I don't live up to expectations. But I had to slow down and stop worrying about what I don't have, and who I don't know and be happy to live my own personal journey." Pulsing with pop, reggae, and Afro-beat elements, "Live in a Dream" allows Tafari to showcase his cashmere, dynamo voice.

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