The Know Drops Lush Single "143"

A silky soundscape infused with warm colors.

The Know

Joe Rubinstein

Meet The Know.

They recently released their new single, "143," a song from their forthcoming EP, slated for early 2020 release. Inspired by Tom Waits' "(Looking for) the Heart of Saturday Night" and rich with velvety textures, "143" infuses a silky soundscape with warm colors and imaginative, flashes of memory.

The Know - "143" (Official Video) - Weekends Are All I Ever Wanna Do

Made up of guitarist Daniel Knowles and his wife, Jennifer Farmer, who handles vocals and bass, "143" is Farmer's first project as lead vocalist, revealing her exquisite luminous tones. She's a radiant tour de force as she sings: "Babe, we gotta see it through / Day's spent drowning in a melody / Weekends are all I ever wanna do / Hold hands, kiss, love, can't even move."

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