Kris Jenner has made sure she is the only 'Momager' in Hollywood—by trademarking the name!

The name, which is not always used in a positive way, has been locked down legally by Kris, TMZ are reporting.

According to legal documents filed by Kris, the term has been trademarked to describe her personal management services and for use in her reality show.

Kris has managed Kim's career since the start of KUWTK and then moved into managing her other children's careers. Since Kendall Jenner's modelling career has taken off she has moved away from mommy dearest and there have been rumors that Kim has tried to distance herself following her marriage to Kanye West.

Other moms who manage like Dina Lohan and Tina Knowles will just have to think of another word to describe themselves (we can think of a few).


tina knowles paparazzi blue ivy

Tina Knowles isn't exactly known for being all warm and cuddly, so it's no surprise that the failed fashion designer went all protective mama bear on a member of the paparazzi who was trying to snap pictures of baby Blue Ivy.

Class and consideration tina knowles paparazzi blue ivy

Miss Tina confronted the paparazzo during a shopping trip with Beyonce on Melrose Avenue... and, in typical Tina Knowles style, she did NOT hold back!

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The Knowles family matriarch was caught on camera sternly telling the offending paparazzo not to take photos and to have some "class and consideration—you can watch the video right here on Popdust.

"You can't film a baybee," lectured Tina. "How would you like for somebody to take a picture of your baybee? You would care! DATS A BAYBEE!"

"Have some class about you," she added before sauntering off. "Have a little class and a little consideration."

Legally right tina knowles paparazzi blue ivy

As Fox News reports, legally, paparazzi in the state of California aren't even supposed to be filming celebrity children, so Miss Tina had every right to drag this stalker like she did.

She's just a kid folks! She didn't chose to be in the spotlight, and, or, to be followed twenty-four-seven, and have a camera stuck in her face at her every move.

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Now, despite the meltdown, when you think about it, this dude is just lucky that it was Tina who confronted him and not Solange.

As we all know only too well by now—elevator smack down anyone?!!—Solange would've whooped his ass worse than Jay-Z's!

Hell knows no fury like a Knowles woman scorned!

Just because Tina Knowles fancies herself a fashionista, doesn't mean she actually is one.

Beyoncé's mother is responsible for the garish Miss Tina Walmart clothing line, the disastrous and now-defunct House of Dereon, and of course, who can forget the matching stripper couture she used to adorn Destiny's Child in?

Miss Tina's a walking fashion disaster, but in her mind, she's the black Anna Wintour.

In a new interview with Yahoo, Mama Knowles was asked to cycle through a selection of 'classic' looks she's created over the years and to label them either "timeless," "time warp" (meaning they looked good at the time, but not today), or "time to hide" (meaning they were a hot ass mess, both then and now).

Just like her daughter, Miss Tina has a big ego -- so big that she couldn't name a single look she's ever created as style no-no. The 60-year-old referred to a pair of bedazzled jeans with the waistband cut off as timeless ("I love doing that and I can still do that today," she remarked proudly), then called some skanky matching studded leather corsets timeless again ("It may be a little risque, but I think you could put that on now," she mused). And worst of all, she used the T-word yet again to describe bright blue studded cowgirl outfits with fringes, buckles, and matching hats that she'd forced Destiny's Child to wear for an old TRL appearance.

When faced with an outfit that she was unable to rationalize as timeless, Tina simply referred to it as "indicative of the time" rather than "an atrocious piece of hoochie horror that not even a homeless person would wear."

Seriously, who told this woman that she knows fashion? And who told her eldest daughter the same thing? The only Knowles with any real sense of style is Solange -- the rest of the fam should be kept at least 10 meters from a clothing rack, sewing kit, and closet at all times.

Beyoncé and Jay Z are not heading for divorce and their relationship is “perfect,” according to B’s mom Tina Knowles.

The former hairdresser squashed rumors that Mr. and Mrs. Carter are splitting up when approached by a paparazzo earlier this week.

TMZ ran the video, which showed Tina responding to the following direct question:

“There’s been a lot of back and forth in the media about Beyoncé and Jay’s relationship and I wanted to give you an opportunity to…set the record straight…shut the haters up.”

Mama Knowles then takes the ball and runs with it, giving the pap a feisty response. Blue Ivy’s grandma said:

“Haters are gone be haters and there’s nothing we can do about that.”

While walking in Beverly Hills with former Destiny’s Child Kelly Rowland – who kept silent – she turned to the camera again, held her fingers in the “OK” sign, smiled and said: “Everything’s perfect.”

As previously reported, Us Weekly quoted a source who even said that Beyoncé had “sought Gwyneth Paltrow’s advice as she plans her split.”

Rumors that there is trouble with the Carters have been incessant this summer.

But like her famous son-in-law, Mama Knowles just brushed the dirt off her shoulder by saying: “I just don’t ever read the bull.”