ABC Family's Twisted seems to be coming to an end.  With just one season in, the show may not be renewed for another season.

However, it seems as if this is common with many shows that go on air.  If there's not enough views, the show gets cut, and a new show gets put on.

ABC Family did the same thing with another show titled, The Lying Game.

Twisted fans are not holding back and they are doing whatever it takes to convince ABC Family to bring back the show.

The show includes society's everyday problems and themes such as crimes - murder, mental illnesses, relationships, keeping secrets, adoption, and more.  The show allows viewers to see how society is.

Twisted is about three best friends, Danny, Jo, and Lacey who part ways, due to a crime that Danny commits when he was young.  The show starts off with Danny's return from juvenile.  The show explores the life Danny's father, Vikram and the people out to get Danny and the people in his life.  The show includes obstacles of everyday challenges.  There is no better way to describe the show, other than the name itself, it's twisted.

The show stars Avan Jogia from Nickelodeon's Victorious, Maddie Hasson from The Finder, Kylie Bunbury from Prom,  Denise Richards from Scary Movie 3, and more.

Popdust talks to a fan who spills all about the show, what her and other fans are trying to accomplish, and more.

Jenay is one of Twisted's biggest supporters.  Her and a group fans came together to start the Renew Twisted campaign.  The Renew Twisted campaign does their all to save the show.

Jenay shares, "Twisted is an amazing show that covers several issues many teens face today - bullying, being gay, and mental illnesses, as well as three best friends renewing their friendship."  She feels that concepts such as "bullying, being gay, and mental illnesses" matter.

She tells Popdust why she thinks the show should continue "we want another season because the finale was amazing.  We think that as the show continues it will find it's feet and gain more viewers.  We fans are working very hard to promote the show.  We gained over 40,000 likes on their official Facebook page and we started promoting over two weeks ago."  That's pretty impressive Twisted fans.  Great job, keep up the great work.

This isn't the first time fans come together to save a show.  Many fans have come together to save shows in the past and have succeeded.  Twisted fans only hope they succeed too.

Jenay opens up about what she's doing to save the show, "my group is called Renew Twisted Campaign and you can find us on Facebook and Twitter.  We are currently holding a charity event that we feel fits in with the theme of Twisted.  The charity is called NAMI - National Alliance for Mental Illness.  It's an amazing charity that Halle Barry supports as well.  We are asking fans to donate just $ 1.00 to the charity in honor of ABC Family and Twisted Season 2.  Shows that have been on the verge of cancellation have been saved by doing this before.  If they donate they will also get a gift from our artist Sherry."  Trying to save the show and support a foundation? That's awesome.

With no official announcement of the show coming to an end, not many of Twisted's viewers saw this coming.  Jenay tells Popdust about her hard work to promote the show, "I think that many fans didn't know they were on the verge of being cancelled due to low ratings.  When my group noticed that episode 18 had very low numbers we came together to promote it as much as possible.  We covered the official ABC Family Facebook page with posts to watch the show live and we tweeted and answered questions.  We posted articles and promo videos.  We have done so much to promote and now save the show."

There are over 2,200+ signs on the petition to save the show, see for yourself.

Popdust wishes all the best to the Renew Twisted campaign.  If you love Twisted as much as Jenay does, be sure to step up and say something!  Give ABC Family some feedback on their website, tweet @TwistedABCF and @ABCFamily, post on their Facebook wall, sign the petition, spread the word, and donate $1.00 to NAMI.

Special thanks to Jenay for speaking on behalf of the Renew Twisted campaign.

The four-note intro to "Twisted" sounds like the beginning to "I Gotta Feeling" played in the style of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy," which should be about enough to give pop fans that were alive for the second half of the '00s a heart attack. Turns out that "Twisted" is far closer to the style of the latter than the former, a Neptunes-produced R&B jam in the "Devil Woman done me wrong" style of a classic Stax crooner. Cee Lo will be the obvious reference point, but the raw soul production and anguished-but-winking vocals are actually closer to Lloyd's similarly retro "Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)," as Usher sings "You had me looking stupid / But I let it go that way / That booty substituted / I guess that made it OK."

It's a fine job from the Neptunes, who, along with their excellent work on Adam Lambert's Trespassing, have made a fine argument for a legitimate comeback year—though their songs on both are a little too mainstream-unfriendly to allow said comeback to poke its head too far over-ground. That's cool by us, though what's not cool is that Pharrell apparently hasn't learned his lesson from his celebrity days, still insisting on doing a guest verse on the song, to its decided detrement. Yeah, Skateboard P, rhyming "worser" with "Ursher" is cool and all, but generally speaking, we wish you'd just stick to the pointless spoken-word "All the girls! Make sure your skirt ain't too tight!"-type declarations.

Still, "Twisted" is a damn fun time, with the Neptunes' modern productions touches (the bass-only breakdowns on the verses) and Usher's playfully all-over-the-place vocals (wailing, growling, falsetto-ing) keeping things from ever getting too throwback-y. It's not a single, but it's a song that when you listen to Looking 4 Myself five years from now, you'll go "Oh right, that song! Always liked that song."

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