In addition to their upcoming J-pop single, "Bunny Style," and Hyomin's Japanese horror flick, Jinx, T-ara are further upping their Japanese promotions with the release of a new photobook. A few snaps from the set, titled Private Book, have made their way online ahead of the photobook's official release on February 28th. It shows an edgier look for T-ara, who previously went for a fresh, girl next door approach in their Sparkle photobook, and a more fashion-forward, scenic style in their Free Time in Paris photobook.

Although T-ara have a lot of promo in Japan coming up, they've been making an effort to ease back into the Korean scene this year following an extended post-scandal break. Eunjung is currently hosting MBC's newly-revamped music program, Show Champion, Hyomin returned to the variety show circuit this week, and a few members just made a small appearance on MBC's Idol Star Athletics Championships. Baby steps, yes, but progress is progress.

Check out some snaps from T-ara's Private Book, below.


[Via TiaraDiadem]