As much the cyphers at last night's BET Awards were about the new faces—everyone from Childish Gambino to Joey Bada$$ to Iggy Azalea represented, and most of them well—it was really the rappers from the early '00s that stole the show. DMX, Eve and Mystikal all performed superbly in their respective crews, and the line of the night belonged to Black Star and "Get By" rapper Talib Kweli. His entire verse was solid, but he saved his best line for last, tying together current events from both the R&B and fast-food industries:

I stay open 'coz I'm better with words / I'm Frank Ocean at a Chik-Fil-A, I'll never get served

Boom. The Atlanta crowd was properly appreciative, giving Kweli the biggest "OH SHIT" gasp of the night, rivaled only by the time Mike Epps called out Chris Brown's neck tattoo. ("It's Rihanna.")

Check out the video below, with Kweli coming up last. Also, it is us, or does Ab-Soul look like he's auditioning to be one of the Bone Thugs n Harmony?