Double Standards Are Still Alive in Bachelor Nation: Demi Bernett vs. Jed Wyatt

Demi is coming for necks, y'all.


On Tuesday night, Tanner Tolbert took to Twitter to air his opinions about fellow Bachelor in Paradise contestant, Demi Burnett.

In the since-deleted tweet, he insinuated that Demi coming onto the show while in an open relationship is just as bad as what Jed Wyatt did to recent Bachelorette, Hannah Brown. Jed Wyatt, the bane of the Bachelor production's existence, came onto the show despite having an monogamous girlfriend. Months later, when he was actually engaged to Hannah, the news broke that he'd lied straight to her face; he claimed that he didn't know what he was getting into when he signed up for the show. This came months after he admitted that he'd joined the cast as an opportunity for his "music" career.

Cut-to Demi Burnett. The night Demi came out as bisexual on television, Tanner took the moment to shed light on what he saw as a double standard that condemned Jed but condoned Demi. However, in Demi's case, her relationship is non-exclusive, and she was upfront about wanting to explore her options with the bachelor only a few days into her season on Bachelor in Paradise. In contrast, Jed took six months.

Understandably, Demi did not take kindly to Tanner's assertion. She clapped back on Twitter to shut down the absurd comparison.

Obviously, the blunt response received mixed reviews, due to its explicit language and content. Some praised Demi for shutting down Tanner's criticism, while others questioned her intentions and her lack of tact.

After her notifications were flooded with both critics and members of Bachelor Nation, Demi chose to respond to one tweet. She proclaimed that she's "not a role model" and doesn't owe the public anything, especially not an apology.

Unfortunately, this is not the first, nor will it likely be the last, time in the Bachelor universe that a woman is faced with harsher criticism based on society's double standard about personal, sexual, and romantic relationships . As much as the show would like to claim it's progressive, a portion of their fans are lagging far behind in the times and in sense of humor.

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