Taran Killam Auditions For The Role Of Robyn With "Call Your Girlfriend" Video


As the musical guest on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, Robyn treated the late-night audience to her spastic dance moves and bold style choices in between Katy Perry-helmed skits. But because certain individuals couldn't wait for her Saturday night performance, and because writing at 4:30 in the morning tends to make people a little loopy, the SNL staff recreated their own version of Robyn's beloved "Call Your Girlfriend" video—which happens to be playing on a nearby television—with Taran Killam sporting similar fashion and choreography as the Swede's original. Killam works with the tiny space he's given, while his fellow cast members Abby Elliott, Vanessa Bayer and Bobby Moynihan serve as his lighting technicians, proving that SNL is a fun, collaborative place to work and pretty much exactly like what's seen on 30 Rock.

While we loved Matt Damon and Val Kilmer's cameos in "Best Friends," this would have been a more than adequate digital short replacement had someone decided to give Andy Samberg a week off. We applaud Killam for putting what we're only comfortable doing from the safety of our bedroom out for public viewing pleasure. Compare the fruit of SNL's early morning labor to the original Robyn video below.

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