Target Removes Gender Labels From Kids Departments

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Target Corp. is removing gender labels from most of its children’s departments, citing customer complaints about signs specifying items for girls or boys.

God forbid children named Jagger or North be forced to identify as one gender or another!

The University of California system now has six different choices for gender on its application forms, so why should Target cling to the old stereotypes, eh?

Target says that its kids bedding and toy departments will no longer have boy's and girl's signs or shelves with pink or blue gender indicators. However, clothing will still be labeled by gender, because ...

Where there are fit and sizing differences, it makes sense.

You bet it makes sense, Target, I'm amazed you can see that!

Want to know what started this gender-free revolution at Target? An Ohio mom got mad about a building set called Goldiebox that was being marketed to girls. She tweeted photos of the offending signs that said Girls’ Building Sets next to regular Building Sets.   The resulting outrage persuaded Target to change its horrible genderist ways.

Target's pandering statement about these changes has generated more that 1,250 comments at the time of this writing. Here's a personal favorite:

I think grocery stores need to stop labeling meats by chicken, pork and beef. It's not fair to the chickens that feel like they were born to be a cow.

To be fair, many of the comments are positive and supportive. How do you feel about Target's decision? Weigh in below!


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