t.A.T.u. Member Lena Katina Is Pregnant With Her First Child

If you needed yet another reason as to why a t.A.T.u. comeback just isn't gonna happen any time soon, then here you go: Lena Katina pregnant.

The red-headed half of the faux-lesbian pop duo revealed the happy news during a solo concert in Rome, telling the crowd, "I'm not gonna be jumping around like crazy on stage tonight because I'm three-and-a-half months pregnant."

The 30-year-old is expecting with her husband, Slovenian musician Sasha Kuzmanović. The couple married last year in Moscow.

Katina's bandmate, Yulia Volkova, already has two children. She gave birth to a daughter back in 2004 while t.A.T.u. were still active and pretending to be lesbians, and then had a son in late 2007.

Check out Katina's announcing her pregnancy below.

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