Is it sleazy to say that the absolute only reason to watch this Taylor Momsen clip is that she gets naked at the end? Maybe, but it's almost certainly true. "Under the Water," the latest music video from Taylor's band The Pretty Reckless, barely even counts as a music video, since it's only 75 seconds long and it has no actual music in it—just the sound of Momsen reading a spoken-word verse from the song in question, under shots of her face and body in black and white. (Sample "lyric": "It’s not a time for being younger and all my friends are enemies / And if I cried unto my mother, she wasn’t there for me.")

Then, boom.

Not a particularly titillating image of Momsen, and if you're a big Gossip Girl fan then it has a chance to ruin either your afternoon or your whole childhood. Still, if ol' Jenny Humphrey wanted to check off the "got naked in an artsy black-and-white thing" item in her Transition to Taken-Seriously Adulthood handbook, then, well, yahtzee.