Taylor Swift Achieves "State of Grace" on "X Factor" Results Show

We're not sure what kind of chances "State of Grace" has a single—it may have been our favorite song off Red, but it's a little stately and abstract for pop radio, and probably doesn't quite have the commercial potential of a "22" or "I Knew You Were Trouble." Still, it's good to see that Taylor seems to realize what a special song she was special song she has with it, as she debuted it on TV last night on the X Factor results show.

It's a strong performance, starting off gentle and acoustic and reaching full U2 take-off by the end, though Taylor might have caught a little hitch in her voice towards the end. Either way, she certainly looks styling in that hat and black-and-white ensemble, and the red mic is a nice touch. Hopefully the performance softened the blow for the eliminated Jennel Garcia and Lyric 145.

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