Taylor Swift sure does move fast with her celebrity relationships, doesn't she? Barely a week into her and One Directioner Harry Styles' public romance, and they're already going on sickeningly cute karaoke dates. It's not just that Taylor and Harry went karaokeing (karaoking?) together at the Hudson Hotel in New York two nights ago after Harry's triumphant gig at Madison Square Garden—it's the songs they sang together, just about the most gut-wrechingly adorable puppy-love selection possible.

Check out this setlist, summarized from the AZ Central account of the date:

"Islands in the Stream" (Taylor & Harry)

"I Want It That Way" (One Direction full-band)

"Ice Ice Baby" (Taylor & 1D)

"Don't Go Breaking My Heart" (Taylor & Harry)

Yuck. "Islands in the Stream" and "Don't Go Breaking My Heart"? What, was "Summer Nights" not available? Couples that have been married for decades should still be at least a little embarrassed to break out those corny classics, kids like Taylor and Harry who have just gotten this thing going should be downright ashamed.

Take it slow, guys. Maybe ease into the male-female karaoke duets with a "Take Care" or a "Need You Now," get to know each other as karaoke performers, before you go straight for the Elton/Kikki or Kenny/Dolly. That's how you make a karaoke relationship last.