And on the eighth day, God put his matchmaking skills to the test. Two of the Lord's favorite performers, Taylor Swift and Tim Tebow, broke bread together on Monday night, furthering the pop-country star's potential for bitter breakup songs and the fourth quarter hero's attempts to stay relevant in the off-season. The New York Post's Page Six reports that the couple dined together at Toscanova in Century City, Calif. on Monday, following their meeting at a pre-Oscar party Friday night. High-fiving a million angels! A source claims Tebow walked Swift out after their meal, and that each could be seen heading back towards a group of people, believed to be agents or managers. So that's how these things work.

While naysayers could assume that Timmy is just trying to break into the country music world, if this truly marks the beginning of a new "relationship," the 24-year-old quarterback is a much more age-appropriate gentleman caller for Swift. In the past, the 22-year-old has found herself stuck on 30-something bachelors with commitment issues to both women and facial hair, not that her record sales are complaining. The possibility of these two sharing an order of bruschetta brings us all one step closer to that 2013 hit single "Tim," and the implosion of the Broncos offense, thanks to the curse of celebrity girlfriends (just ask Tony Romo). Katy Perry is going to be so pissed.