Ready to to be showered in praise by her fellow country stars, Taylor Swift performed Red closer, "Begin Again," at last night's Country Music Awards in Nashville. "Stay, Stay, Stay" or "Holy Ground" might have sounded more appropriate on the Southern stage but Swifty was dead-set on recreating the Parisian set of her music video. She was also performing this ode to wonderful Wednesdays on a Thursday, so we really should't be surprised by her boldness.

Wearing a lovely dress in what's become her signature color, with an accompanying red lip, Taylor walked around the city while hired cafe customers chattered away, oblivious to the fact that she's having a major Moment and potential romantic breakthrough. A full band of strings assembled in front of the Metro entrance and fake Eiffel Tower backdrop as Taylor stared off into the distance oh-so-poignantly, reserving her surprise face for only when those fluffy, white snowflakes started to fall. Snow? In Paris by way of Tennessee? Life is so crazy.

Do you think Conor watched from his Deerfield dorm? We hope Taylor understands we'll need a hopeful song for Thursdays—and every other day of the week—very soon. Check it out below.