Access Hollywood goes behind-the-scenes at the Nashville shoot of B.o.B and Taylor Swift's "Both of Us" video, set to premiere June 27 on MTV. Despite out list of scenarios more likely to bring these strange bedfellows together, the two performers appear to get along swimmingly on set, thus broadening Tay's list of connections and admirers once again. In between takes, director Jake Nava describes his goal of creating a "collage of different aspects of humanity" through scenes shot in both a picturesque field and at the local bar—in the latter, Taylor is prominently perched on the edge of a pool table while B.o.B raps from atop the kegs. But it's not just Nava who sees the upcoming video as an astute social commentary, thanks to Taylor Swift's striking work ethic. "This is bigger than just B.o.B and Taylor Swift, this is about all walks of life," says the man Taylor calls "Bob," before throwing around phrases like "society" and saying such a pop-meets-rap tune is about "everybody," not just the two professionals looking to cash in off the collaboration. A few hours on set with her and he's increased his depth tenfold.

But that's what happens when you work with Taylor Swift. She has the ability to get an entire cast and crew on the same uber-efficient schedule, while also charming the fleas off the most hyper of animals. "This is the quickest moving video I've ever done in my life," he adds. Of course it is! Because Taylor is a goddamn PROFESSIONAL. Now move to the right so Taylor can shoo away a potentially deadly arachnid who threatens to shut down the operation entirely. "I saved his life by pointing [a giant spider] out. I'll point that out," Taylor tells the camera. Better start figuring out ways to make it up to her, Bob. Watch below.